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How To Name A Entertainment Business

Entertainment businesses offer a variety of services, from music production and event planning to streaming platforms and gaming studios. These types of companies aim to create experiences that entertain people and give them something fun to do.

Coming up with the perfect name for an entertainment business is essential since it will be the first impression customers get when they see your brand. To get started, you need to think about what makes your business unique and draw inspiration from that.

You also want to make sure the name is memorable, relevant, and speaks directly to your target audience. With these tips in mind, here are some creative entertainment business name ideas that will help get you inspired!

Entertainment Business Names Ideas

If you’re looking to create a buzz around your entertainment business, come up with a name that reflects the fun and excitement of the industry:

Catchy Entertainment Business Names

With so much competition in the entertainment industry, you need to make sure your business name is catchy. Here are some of our favorites:

  • The Entertainment Experts
  • Fun-Lovers Unlimited
  • Dream Entertainers
  • Celebrations Corner
  • Showtime Spectaculars.

Cool Entertainment Business Names

Keep things cool and use words like ‘awesome’, ‘epic’, and ‘glamorous’ to come up with a name for your entertainment business:

  1. Epic Entertainment Co.
  2. Glamour Spectaculars
  3. Awesome Adventures
  4. Party Panache
  5. Fun-Lovers Unlimited.

Modern Entertainment Business Names

Choose words like ‘revolution’, ‘progress’, and ‘innovate’ to create a modern name for your entertainment business:

  1. Revolution Entertain
  2. Progress Glamour Co.
  3. Innovative Events
  4. Spectacular Solutions
  5. Progress & Fun Co.

Clever Entertainment Business Names

Come up with a clever and witty business name that reflects the creativity and fun-loving nature of your business:

  1. The Spectacle Slayers
  2. Fun Factory Frenzy
  3. Event Extravaganza
  4. Creative Parties Plus
  5. The Entertainers’ Emporium. ​

Creative Entertainment Business Names

Let your creative juices flow and come up with a name that is uniquely imaginative:

  1. The Imagination Station
  2. Entertaining Excitement Co.
  3. Creative Celebrations
  4. Party Panache
  5. Fun Times Ahead. ​

How to Name Different Types of Entertainment Businesses

Movie Theater

Movie theaters provide patrons with the opportunity to watch films on the big screen. Descriptive words like ‘Showtime’ and ‘Motion’ can be used to create an exciting name for a movie theater such as:

  1. ShowtimeCinema
  2. MotionMajestic
  3. SilverScreens
  4. ScreenVue
  5. Picture Palace
  6. BigScreenz
  7. MovieMania.

Live Music Venue

Live music venues offer fans the chance to connect with their favorite artist or band in person. Words such as ‘Rock’, ‘Jam’, and ‘Live’ can be combined with other descriptors to create a great name for this type of venue like:

  1. RockHouse
  2. LiveJamz
  3. GrooveParty
  4. JamVibez
  5. NoteStage
  6. MusicMania
  7. RockFest.

Gaming Arcade

Gaming arcades provide entertainment for all ages with classic games and modern consoles. Words such as ‘Extreme’, ‘Epic’, and ‘Adventure’ can help create an exciting name for your gaming arcade-like:

  1. ExtremeAdventures
  2. EpicGameWorlds
  3. FunZoneArcade
  4. ThrillCity Gaming
  5. AdventurePlaygrounds
  6. JoyStickNation
  7. PowerPlayers.

Comedy Club

Comedy clubs offer a night of laughter and entertainment for patrons. Adjectives such as ‘Hilarious’, ‘Funny’, and ‘Entertaining’ are great for creating a unique name for your comedy club like:

  1. FunnyTown Comedy
  2. HilarityRoomz
  3. EntertainingLaughter
  4. Laugh-a-Mania
  5. GigglesPalace
  6. FunHouse Comedy
  7. ChuckleCafe.

Real-World Entertainment Business Names

These businesses have made a name for themselves in the entertainment space, whether it’s TV shows, music labels or video games.

Here are six of the most memorable entertainment business names to get your creative juices flowing.


An iconic brand that has become synonymous with streaming entertainment content. It’s an effective example of how you can be descriptive and memorable at the same time.


This business has a distinct name that conveys the idea of audio streaming. It’s also catchy and stands out from the competition.


This company is known for its award winning television series and movies, so their name communicates exactly what they provide to customers. It speaks to their level of quality and expertise in the industry.


This business name is whimsical and evokes a feeling of magic and possibility. It also communicates their mission to create content that inspires viewers.

Electronic Arts (EA)

This company’s name speaks directly to what they do – provide electronic entertainment. It’s a great example of how you can be descriptive with your business name and still stand out from the crowd.


This name is effective in conveying what they do – provide interactive gaming experiences to customers. It’s also unique, memorable, and stands out amongst other entertainment businesses.

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Tips for Naming Your Entertainment Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Entertainment-related words, such as “fun”, “party” and “game” can be a great starting point when coming up with a name for your entertainment business. Think about the type of activities you offer and consider any unique characteristics associated with them.

Keep it simple.

When picking a name for your entertainment business, simplicity is key. Avoid long or complex names that will be difficult for customers to remember or find online.

Be unique.

Standing out in the entertainment industry requires creativity; generic names like “Party People” won’t do. Come up with unique words or phrases that highlight what you offer, so your business can take precedence over other companies vying for attention.

Consider your target audience.

When brainstorming a name for your entertainment business, think about who it’s directed towards – is it aimed at a younger demographic or an older one? Also consider what makes your services special or different from others in the industry. Choose a name that speaks to your target audience and helps draw in their attention.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Once you have come up with a name for your entertainment business, it is important to make sure that the domain for your website is available. To do so, simply type it into a search engine and make sure that no one has taken it yet.

Make Sure Your Domain is Secure

Finally, it’s important to secure the domain you have chosen for your entertainment business. This can be done via a hosting provider or registrar, and the process is quite straightforward.