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How to Name a Beauty Business

Beauty is more than skin deep—it’s a feeling that radiates from the inside out. A beauty business is any company focused on helping clients look and feel their absolute best. From spas to salons, makeup brands to skincare retailers, these companies strive to make those around them feel beautiful.

Finding the perfect name for a beauty business can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be daunting. All it takes is some creative thinking, research, and this guide filled with helpful tips and inspiring name ideas.

With a great name, you’ll be well on your way to building something truly special that will help people look and feel fabulous!

Beauty Business Name Ideas

A gorgeous business name can be the perfect calling card for your beauty company. It should give off an air of sophistication and glamour, but also capture the imagination of potential customers. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Unique Beauty Business Names

Beauty is a creative and ever-evolving industry, so it’s important to find a unique business name that reflects its spirit. Here are some ideas:

  • Beauty Impressions
  • BeautySpotz
  • GlamZone Pro
  • Blissful Reflections
  • Total Image Co.
  • Majestic Treatments Ltd.
  • The Makeup Parlor
  • Cosmetic Curators LLC
  • Pretty Drops Inc.
  • Lush Retreats

Elegant Beauty Business Names

Elegance is key in the beauty industry. Here are some ideas for a sophisticated business name:

  1. The Beauty Atelier
  2. The Art of Beauty
  3. Glam StudioX
  4. Perfect Finish Salon
  5. Lushy Luxury Treatments
  6. Alluring Reflections
  7. Ethereal Glowz Inc.
  8. Divine Makeup Creations

Clever Beauty Business Names

If you’re looking for a name that is creative and witty, check out these clever beauty business names:

  1. The Powder Room
  2. Stardust Beauty Boutique
  3. Fuzzy Wuzzies Hair Salon
  4. La Petite Beautique
  5. Creative Cosmetixs Inc.
  6. Flawless Visage Co

How to Name Different Types of Beauty Business

Cosmetic Line Names:

Cosmetics lines need to be creative and fun, while also conveying luxury. Words like “Glam”, “Luxe” and “Vibe” can make for a great cosmetics line name. Here are a few examples:

  1. GlamEssence
  2. LuxeCouture
  3. VibeBeauty
  4. GlamElegance
  5. PrimPosh.

Salon Names:

Salons should focus on words that evoke relaxation and serenity. Words like “Zen”, “Tranquil” and “Calm” make the perfect name for a salon. Here are a few ideas:

  1. ZenHair
  2. TranquilSpa
  3. CalmBeauty
  4. BlissCut
  5. ZenEscape.

Beauty Supply Store Names:

Shelves full of product require a name that invokes excitement and curiosity. Words like “Look”, “Shop” and “Style” make for great beauty supply store names. Here are a few ideas:

  1. LookFashion
  2. ShopBeauty
  3. StyleMania
  4. GlamLuxe
  5. BeautyHub.

Makeup Artist Studio Names:

Makeup artist studios should focus on words that are creative, yet professional. Words like “Glow”, “Flawless” and “Vivid” can create a great name for a makeup artist studio. Here are a few of ideas:

  1. GlowFaces
  2. FlawlessGlam
  3. VividBeauty
  4. GlamVibe
  5. Beauteous.

Makeup Brand Names:

Makeup brands require a name that conveys glamour and luxury. Words like “Glow”, “Lux” and “Shine” are perfect for makeup brand names. Here are some examples:

  1. GlowLuxe
  2. LuxCouture
  3. ShineVibe
  4. GlamFaces
  5. BeautyRadiance.

Real-World Beauty Business Names

Naming your beauty business can be a challenge, but having the right name is essential for success.

To help you brainstorm creative names for your own venture, we’ve put together six real-world examples of successful beauty businesses across different industries.


This innovative beauty brand specializes in skin care products that create a radiant and healthy complexion. The name is a combination of “glow” and “boutique,” highlighting the luxurious feel of their products while also reflecting the company’s commitment to glowing skin.


This business offers all-natural eyelash extensions to give customers long, luscious lashes. The name combines “lash” and “utopia,” conveying the idea of an ideal lash look that is achievable with their extensions.

Flawless Beauty Bar:

This beauty salon offers a wide range of services from hair styling to makeup applications. The name reflects the salon’s mission to make customers look and feel their best, providing them with a “flawless” beauty look.

The Polish Parlor:

This nail salon specializes in offering luxurious manicures and pedicures with high-quality polishes. The name is a play on the phrase “powder parlor,” referencing the use of color and sparkle to make nails look beautiful.

Curls & Coils:

This natural hair care business provides products specifically designed for curly and coily hair types. The name reflects the company’s mission of helping customers embrace their natural curls or coils while also caring for them properly.

Pretty in Pink:

This makeup boutique focuses on selling only ethically sourced cosmetics that are free of chemicals and animal testing. The “pretty in pink” name refers to the vibrant and feminine vibes of the products, as well as their commitment to sustainability.

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