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Business names are a powerful element for any successful company. They are an unstoppable workhorse for your business. Selecting the correct style of name for your product or service is vital for your intended message. A business name that is brandable, unique and easy to remember are the most popular types of business names. Study your market and define the message of your company before sticking with a name.

Browse our huge inventory of brandable domain names and be patient before choosing your name too quickly.

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Tips On Brainstorming Brandable Names...

Get The Right People Involved...

Get about 4 to 6 team members in a room together along with a couple of outsiders. Invite a writer you know or friends that are bilingual, or better yet, multilingual. Write down possible names in big letters on their own sheets. Tape these to the wall or spread them out on a table.

Give everyone a different colored marker and begin discussing and jotting notes on the papers. pay attention to the ones that have several colors, since this one has generated a variety of feedback.

Encourage Creativity...

Stifle no creativity and make no rules. Even though you are after a brandable name for your business, different styles of names can help lead you in that direction. Encourage the group to be as outspoken as possible.

You can even make a game out of it. Have someone shout out keywords related to your company. Everyone else can quickly jot down made-up words related to the current keyword. Looking at everyones responses, combine and construct more sound names from the jumble.

Don't Force A Name...

Compile your list of names onto a single sheet of paper. Remember, you are not going to find the perfect name that totally defines your company. It's likely that you won't fall in love with your chosen name. It takes time. A business name is a relationship that improves and grows with the branding experience.

Be certain that the name you choose is available as a domain name and that it is easy to spell and remember. Just be sure not to force a name if it's not a good match.

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