About Brandroot

The smartest AI-powered business name generator.

Brandroot offers a unique and fun way to name a business. We built a powerful AI-powered business name generator that creates the best possible business names for any industry! A business name generator that stands out in the industry because it only generates the highest quality names! Absolutely no junk!

Entrepreneurs are eager to launch their businesses with a great business name. They don’t want to spend valuable time sifting through countless subpar names to find the perfect business name. Our business generator is excellent at offering premium names perfect for branding businesses and products, making it the easiest way to name a business. 

The Importance of Your Business Name

When you name your business, you bind the meaning of that name to the company itself. They are inseparable, and together they take on a type of oneness. So obviously, the name should always maintain its quality and appeal.

Your business name is the first thing potential customers learn about your business, so it’s also your first impression. They hear it or read it, and they naturally form their opinions. The name bounces around up there, playing off of their past experiences, connotations, and connections, and then at lightning speed, they respond to how the name makes them feel. Hopefully, their response is to learn more about you, even briefly – a peek at your website, a scan of your blog, a look at your product, etc.

That’s why not all domains are created equal when selecting a domain name for your business. Some names have powerful characteristics that make them better suited for business and branding than others. These names are called premium domain names and are more valuable and harder to find.

Our Story

Brandroot is brought to you by BrandBucket.com, the marketplace with the world’s largest selection of premium domain names for sale. BrandBucket is obsessed with creating easy, simple, and fun ways for businesses to find their perfect domain name, so acquiring Brandroot was a natural extension of that.

Why Are We Different

Our free and AI-powered smart business name generator instantly checks a domain name’s availability to offer you available names you can buy instantly! Along with these cool generated names, we offer a selection of premium domain names readily available for a fair market price and cool logo. 

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Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We look forward to helping you find the perfect business name for your new venture.