Abstract Business Names

Find an abstract business name that will convey confidence in your brand.

So What is an Abstract Name Exactly?

Just as abstract art is a departure from objective and factual art, an abstract name does the same thing – it is a subjective, imaginative take on conventional naming.

To find your own abstract names, try our free business name generator.

An abstract name does not describe the product or service it stands for, while the opposite is representational – it explains the product. An abstract name can be real words like Apple, FaceBook, and Brandroot, or it can be a newly coined word, like Pinterest, Pepsi, and Asana. It is an abstraction from what the business actually does.

This type of name is best for branding because it is left to you to create and deliver its meaning to your customers. It is difficult, but the rewards are much greater.

So go abstract and find a name that will deliver on its brand promises: strength, growth, and longevity.

Understanding Abstract Names

Here is a great video defining abstract names.

Why We Love Abstract Names

An Abstract Name will Always Deliver

What we mean is an abstract name will do exactly what you want it to do. If your goal and aim are for your business to stand apart from the competition, an abstract name will naturally do just that. If you want your customers to look at you with fresh eyes and judge your business for what you created it to be, an abstract name will do that.

And no business wants to prevent or limit its own growth potential. However, when your business is behind an abstract name, the sky’s the limit because your business name isn’t a stand-in for what you offer.

Conceptual is Intellectual

Your abstract name is a concept – conceived and invented by you. As mentioned, it conveys what you want it to convey. This is smart for a few reasons:

  • It appears thought-out and purposeful.
  • It conveys confidence and know-how.
  • It shows that you know what you are doing
  • An abstract name communicates creativity and originality.
  • It expresses professionalism and experience.

“Abstract Names” are Synonymous with Brands

That’s what a brand is – an abstract name given meaning through its product or service (not the other way around). A brand is a way to identify and love the products in our lives. If the name isn’t a unique identifier, it simply stands with the rest of the junk on the shelves. An abstract name gives room to create an experience for the customer instead of just offering another competitive product in a crowded marketplace.

Don’t be tempted to use a common, descriptive name for what your business does. It’s a false promise that will always disappoint. Instead, stay creative, my friends. Stay abstract. It’s attractive and pleasing.