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Answers to common questions about buying a domain name on Brandroot.

How do I buy a name on Brandroot? 

When you see a domain you like, select the name, then hit the “Buy Now button. You will then be taken to a checkout screen powered by one of our premium partner marketplaces, where you can enter your personal info/payment information and purchase the name. 

Available payment methods can vary by partner and can be found on the domain purchase page. No login is required, and your purchase is 100% guaranteed safe and secure. Once complete, you will receive an email confirmation from the partner.


Are prices negotiable? 

All of our partner marketplaces have a “Buy Now” pricing model, which means that just like the Apple store, or any retailer, the prices are set and cannot be negotiated.


What do I get with my purchase? 

What’s included with your purchase varies slightly depending on the marketplace, but our partners usually offer the following:

The Domain Name – you will become the owner of the domain name you buy.

The Logo: You will receive the logo with the name in high-editable vector and png file formats.

Free Transfer Services – Quick and secure domain transfer to your preferred registrar account.


What is Brandroot and How Does It Work? 

Brandroot is a business name generator focused exclusively on generating cool business names with a matching premium .com domain. Brandroot gathers premium domain names from all over the web into an easy and intuitive search, so you can easily find the perfect name for your business, brand, or product.


Who is Behind Brandroot? 

Brandroot is managed by the team behind, the world’s most prominent business name marketplace. We are always looking for new ways to help connect entrepreneurs with the perfect name for their new ventures.


What is a domain registrar? 

You have likely heard of a few popular domain registrars, like GoDaddy. In a nutshell, they are businesses licensed by ICANN (Internet regulators) to register domain names on behalf of individuals like you. Following your domain purchase, you will receive all necessary instructions regarding the transfer process, registration details, etc.


How do I search for domain names? 

Here are some tips on finding the perfect name:

  1. Type in a keyword that relates to your business and click search.
  2. Our fantastic business name generator will pull in relevant premium names from across the web.
  3. Favorite the names you like, and our engine gets smarter.
  4. Click “Buy Now” when you have selected your favorite name.
  5. Buy the name knowing you have selected the best name for your business.


What type of business names does Brandroot generate? 

All of the names generated by Brandroot are designed to be original and creative. Some names are straightforward and buttoned-up, while others are trendy and hip. Some are derived from exotic foreign words, while others convey qualities like strength or professionalism. Our naming options are diverse, and you’re sure to find something that will resonate with you on a meaningful level.

A good brand can make or break a business. It needs to be interesting enough to catch your customers’ attention and memorable enough to keep them coming back. We only generate names that are carefully built to fulfill both these requirements.


Do the domain names come with a trademark? 

For a few different reasons, selling a domain name with a trademark is not possible:

A trademark protects a name in a specific geographical location and within a particular industry. And to trademark any name, the owner must either:

  • Use the name in commerce, meaning you have used the term to sell or market a product or service to customers around the United States (or your country) and not just your home state.
  • Have good faith intentions on using the trademark in the future.

In addition, the application must be under the owner’s name (or organization), address, and citizenship. Furthermore, the trademark has to be associated with its owner. All of this is up to the user of the name. 

For your reference, please visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


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