Available Business Names

Use our smart business name generator to search for the perfect name for your business or startup.

Choosing an Available Business Name

End your tiring search for available business names. Brandroot has precisely what you need. Brandroot kicks off a company’s branding by offering outstanding, available business names and brand guides. Browsing Brandroot, you will find that not ALL great business names are taken. Many are indeed available. Each name is available for immediate use and effective marketing. We continually round up the best available names the internet has to offer. We only provide the highest quality brandable dot-com domain names!

Finding the best business names available no longer has to be grueling and wasteful. Business owners and individuals getting their online business started can visit Brandroot and browse thousands of unique, brandable, and available names. In addition, users can filter their searches to fit their specific business goals. Our service is designed to make doing online business more accessible and more effective. So shop at the best business name store available!

Business Names that are Available for You

At Brandroot, we know that every business is different. Everyone has different goals and processes, and their business name has to honor those differences. That is why we have designed the best possible service for business owners and individuals – so choosing an available name is easier than ever. 

You want to buy a name that will lend itself to success, which will be great. A name that your audience is going to remember and that you are going to be proud of. When you filter through our inventory of thousands of available business names, you can search by word length, popularity, keyword, price, market, and more.

Business Names that are Available for Your Audience

We provide all the tools necessary to find a name that resonates with your target audience. Just as you want to find an available name that properly conveys your business, you want to find one that also reels in your audience. It is crucial to pick a name that makes your audience feel something. After all, you want them to come to you and not to the competition. At Brandroot, you can search for names that are suited for your audience by filtering terms by popularity within a specific business sector. Find a business name on our site that will make them laugh, think, or wonder.

Don’t hesitate any longer. Snatch up that golden name at Brandroot and find out why so many business owners and entrepreneurs are getting their businesses started using our marketplace. We make it easy to get the name of your dreams. Find the best business names available and establish your online presence today!

Common Questions About Available Business Names

How will I know if a company name is available? 

You may already have a name in mind for your business, but you don’t have the time to search through the overabundance of available business names. Let Brandroot do the dirty work for you so that you can concentrate on your company and get it off the ground. Our names are organized by industry and creative attributes to help you maximize your time and energy. We also stay on top of industry changes and trends and incorporate them into our database. In other words, imaginative and inventive names are available at your fingertips. If we have the name listed, it is guaranteed to be available.

How do I know which business name to choose? 

Searching for available business names can seem impossible if you don’t know where to start. Before you begin your search, decide what it is that you are looking for. Even if you only have a broad understanding of your naming needs, this gives you a place to start. Your business name needs to reflect your company, so start by identifying what your company stands for and where it fits in the business world. Once you understand your company’s identity, you can begin searching through available business names.

How do I find names that aren’t like everyone else’s? 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when searching for a business name is putting yourself in a box that will be difficult to escape. At Brandroot, our names are original and fresh. However, they are also broad enough to let your business evolve as it grows and develops. For example, the name “Gourmet Wines” doesn’t have much room to grow beyond wine. “Viniaot,” on the other hand, leaves the company with room to explore its vast potential.

Every .com generated on Brandroot is available for purchase at one of our partner marketplaces! So build your online presence today!