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Cute Business Names

Business names that are "cute" aid your audiences memory. Their first reactions to the name are rekindled when they need your product or service again. To keep your name categorized as "cute" you should avoid generic names that describe what you do. Find a name that stands out, demands attention, rouses curiosity and somehow connects mentally with your intended audience. Below are a few ideas on coming up with a cute business name.

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Stir up emotions using these naming tips...

Connect With Consumers...

Learn more about what your business will become and study your competitors every day. Don't mimic the names of your competitors but learn why they work and the differences between them.

What you learn can be applied or unapplied to your business name. The more you know the better your name will connect with your audience. You want to come into the market as something fresh and new, not as an imitator.

Discover Known Sounds...

What kind of business are you in? Is it gentle? is it masculine? There are sounds that we each relate with and these sounds can be applied to your business name so you generate the right reaction from your audience. If you're opening a pet store, you probably want a cute name that incites that same feeling we get when we see a cute puppy.

Carefully study the sounds of business names that are in the same market as you.

Get Feedback...

Large companies often pay naming consultants anywhere from $8,000 to $100,000 to come up with a name for their new product or service. These companies higher various people to get varied feedback on potential names. You can do this free by creating surveys on social networks to get honest and unbiased opinions on the names you have in mind. Skip the naming consultants and get real feedback from friends and family before you choose your cute business name.

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