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Brandroot provides nothing but catchy business names. It is important that your business name grabs the attention of prospect customers. Many of the most renowned company names are creative, unique and catchy. They are unforgettable because they are most often invented and new words. They demand attention since they require the newcomer to learn its definition, usually by somehow interacting with the brand. Catchy names keep your audience curious and engaged.

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A few ideas on generating name ideas...

  • Your name makes money...

    A company name is, in a sense, a figure of speech. It has the ability to do things we cannot necessarily observe, like the effects it has on the behaviors of potential clients, customers and employees. A name also has the invisible power of motivating your customers to buy and use your product or service.

    By observing the way many successful companies have named their business, you can imitate their success.

  • Consider a name's talk-value...

    Observe the possible names for your company and find relevant connotations. Discovering and communicating its meaning will make the name more valuable to you and to your clients. You should also consider its talk-value or as I like to call, its talkability. Will your name fit in smoothly with the vocabulary of your intended audience?

    Your company name is a vessel, traveling and spreading through your industry. Ensure that it sails smoothly.

  • Verbalize Your Name...

    Whether or not we like it, brand names have become part of our lives, becoming verbs in our daily speech. We now "Facebook" our thoughts or "Tweet" them. We "Google" for answers. We "Fedex" packages. We get "Starbucks." They are a modern language.

    Most companies want their name part of everyday speech, but many fall short because of their choice name. It is either unbrandable or it fails to gain the right attention.

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