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Business Names

Brandroot® provides a carefully selected list of available .com business names. Each name offers its own unique benefits, which is important so that your business name stands out. A business is often only successful once its name is successful. A memorable, brandable business name is the key to building a high profile brand, and Brandroot® is the solution. Visit our resource page to learn more about the natural aspects of a business name and how the right one can jumpstart the success of your new business.

3 Strong Tips for Naming Your Business

  • Try Different Names...

    List all of your competitors and figure out what naming types they are using. Find names for your company that you like, which also correspond to the types of names your competitors are using. You should have several different types of names to choose from. It is important to get a visual view of each name. If you can, get simple logos made for each one. Present them to anyone you know and take note of their feedback. You will likely narrow down your list to the strongest and most appropriate.

  • Don't Rush...

    Many companies choose a name for themselves too quickly. This results in expensive renaming and rebranding. You might fall madly in love with your new name idea but is it temporary or is it lasting and true love? Let it sit for as long as possible and run it by as many people as possible before committing your business to it. By visiting Brandroot and reading this, you're taking an important step. Research.

    Take it slow if you want a winning name.

  • And Be Unique...

    Creative and successful business names most often are unique and unheard of prior to the name being brought to market. Some of the most popular business names in the world are invented words coined by the company. It is for this reason Brandroot focuses only on offering brandable and one-of-a-kind names for businesses looking for a name. Each name is screened for intrinsic values and listed only after extensive consideration.

    Here's our category of business names.


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