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Wednesday, 14 September 2016 1:11

Startups At Web Summit 2016 | A Look at Startup Names!

By - Michael Rader

In November, a variable who’s who in the world of business will descend upon Lisbon, Portugal for Web Summit 2016. More than 50,000 attendees will be at the event, representing over 15,000 companies from around the world. Web Summit is one of the world’s foremost business events and will feature everyone from start-up entrepreneurs to some of today’s most successful executives.

Business names tend to fall into one of four categories: those that are invented, names created from a misspelling of a common word, names made from adding two existing words together, and words with a prefix or suffix added to them.

Below you will find a sampling of the businesses that will be attending Web Summit 2016. Along with the name and location of the company, you can also view their own description of the business and a link to their individual websites.

All of the companies listed have achieved varying degrees of success. Studying their names can give you insight into current naming trends and provide you with the creative boost needed to choose your own business name.

Invented Names:

Some of the most successful names in the world are completely made up. Think Google, Hulu, or Netflix, for instance. Creatively invented names can help you attract customers and keep them coming through the doors. Brand recall is extremely important for a start-up. Choosing a name that sticks in the minds of your customers is the first step in creating that recognition. Who wouldn’t want to check out a company named “Fleep” or “Quibee?”

Name:Location:Description:Name Review:Website:

JodelGermanyAn online community that shows you what’s happening in your area in real-time and updates on what’s going on at your university.A creative name reminiscent of “yodel,” thereby implying a sense of communication and fun. Jodel

HandissLebanonHandiss is a unique freelancing platform for engineers and architects that is catered to the requirements of the construction market.A strong name that implies a sense of teamwork and collaboration.Handiss

OpinstaUnited KingdomUniquely positioned to deliver agile software development focused purely on improving Customer Experience within Enterprise businesses.Reminiscent of “opinion” and perfect for a company focused on improved customer service and feedback.Opinsta

GigliottiIrelandGigliotti presents the Smartdrinx System, an IOT automated dispenser and revenue generator set to revolutionize the hospitality industryA fresh and bubbly name that is both new and exciting.Gigliotti

DobisUnited StatesWe are developing space-based commercial manufacturing capabilities with the intent to build physical infrastructures in-orbit and on Mars.A name created by combining “doing” and “business” in a manner that implies speed and success.Dobis

FleepEstoniaFleep is a messenger for your teams and projects. It enables communication within and across organizations.A creatively fun name that is highly memorable and energetic.Fleep

QuibeeItalyQuibee brings branded contents and generates leads while entertains people through our IoT platform, at the right moment in the right place.An energetic name that conjures up images of busy bees initiating and sustaining communication.Quibee

BRiNAustraliaBRiN is the world's first artificially intelligent business advisor and she’s able to provide support to millions of clients simultaneously.An intelligent and tech-savvy name for a business on the cutting edge.BRiN

TupucaAngolaAngola's first online food delivery platform that allows users to order food from various restaurants straight from their smartphones.An intriguing name with sophisticated undertones and an elevated persona.Tupuca

WizdeePortugalAnalyze your enterprise data with Wizdee just by speaking or typing natural language queries in a search box and get instant charts.An intelligent name that implies speed and precision.Wizdee

FavingSwedenExchange services to build a caring society, effortlessly find people and companies to offer or get favors around you.A gentle name implying a sense of caring and concern.Faving

FabuscoGermanyWe connect fashion retailers to their target audience through a global, social inspiration, shopping platform. Snap a pic, Tag and Shop.A glamorous and high-end name that implies a sense of class and style.Fabusco

CollabPortugalHelping companies in the Digital Transformation with the right balance between AI and Human Interaction, with a revolutionary business modelA company name built on a sense of collaboration and cooperation.Collab

BloxupUnited KingdomBloxup is a drag and drop website builder that was designed to be a more affordable and simple solution to building your own custom website.An industrious name that is both capable and creative.Bloxup

ArculusGermanyWe are breaking with Ford's assembly line, and making flexibility the new industry standard with our groundbreaking modularity approach.A commanding name that promises unparalleled results and accuracy.Arculus

WookItalyA digital platform built to make the learning experience the result of an interaction between authors and readersA smart and sassy combination of “words” and “book.”Wook

WigiNetherlandsWigi, the hospitality wholesale platform. Connects buyer, supplier and producer on one platform.A lively, entertaining name for a company that knows how to entertain.Wigi

SimblaIsraelSimbla is an innovative platform allowing SMBs to easily create their own online environment. Includes database, applications & website.A free-flowing name that is attractive to anyone looking for a smooth online experience.Simbla

RelesysDenmarkRelesys is the first to develop a Retail Performance App targeting larger retail stores. We bridge the gap between HQ and sales force.A unique name made by combining “responsive”, “learning”, and “systems.”Relesys

VrumiUnited KingdomThe world of work is changing. Homes sit empty all day. Meet, think and create in beautiful homes across the UK.A powerful name with an inherent sense of speed and accomplishment.Vrumi


Misspellings of common words are inherently built to aid recall. This is especially true if you choose a version of a word that is considered strong and/or successful. The company “Affectiva,” for example, derives from the word “affective.” Similarly, the name “Kompete” will be quickly associated with a company that can crush the “competition.” In both of these examples, customers will form positive associations that will inevitably lead to increased brand recall.

Name:Location:Description:Name Review:Website:

AffectivaUnited StatesPioneers in Emotion AI, we humanize technology. Our emotion recognition tech is built with deep learning and the world’s largest emotion db.Few things promise results more than a name based on the word “affective.”Affectiva

TwinklDenmarkTwinkl is a wearable charm bracelet, that lets you keep BFF's, besties, family as well as idols closer and more personal than ever before.A name inspired by the “twinkle” of high-quality jewelry. Twinkl

MUrgencyUnited StatesMUrgency makes Emergency Medical Response, Fast, Easy & Reliable, by Connecting People to the Nearest Trained Medical Help, in Minutes.A name that promises quick assistance when you need it the most.MUrgency

VisibleeUnites StatesVisiblee helps B2B websites to supercharge their conversion rate.A name that guarantees improved “visibility.”Visiblee

GitLabUnited StatesEveryone can contribute with GitLab- the open source, git management solution for those who value security, flexibility, and collaboration.An intelligent and tech-savvy combination of “get” and “lab.”GitLab

MooonUnited StatesWe are the Yelp for specialty coffee shops.A perfect name for a company whose service is out of this world.Mooon

TibitUnited KingdomPocket Change for the Internet®. Micro-payments & -donations spent without a second's thought. Revenue for publishers of granular content.A clear and concise name that implies a sense of simplicity and common sense.Tibit

RaizePortugalP2P lender for SMEs in Portugal, fully serviced by integrated EU regulated payments institution.A confident name for a company that promises results.Raize

ConverzaIndiaA fun, simple and interesting network to discover and engage with people sharing common interests and passions.A stylish take on the word “converse” or “conversation.”Converza

CanguruBrazilCanguru aims at connecting people that love exploring new things with local gurus that love sharing their particular views of the city.A play on one of the most visited animals in the world.Canguru

CashytPortugalA new social app intended for young and talented people.A hip and trendy name for a company on the precipice of the future.Cashyt

NutriumPortugalNutrition software for dietitians and their patients which main goal is to improve the follow-up in the period between appointments.An imaginative take on the word “nutrition.”Nutrium

MenuoRomaniaMenuo is the first complete tablet based menu solution in Europe.A straight-forward name that creates a clear persona.Menuo

KompeteUnited KingdomKompete is a socially-driven competition platform for everything you can imagine, including fitness, technical abilities, creativity, and more.A perfect name for a company with the ability to destroy the competition.Kompete

SeeqleFranceSeeqle reinvents the way to apply and to recruit with the very first Multimedia Curriculum Vitae.A fresh take on the word “seek” or “sequel,” which implies a sense of renewal and improvement from the original.Seeqle

SkedTrinidadAn online scheduling program.A clear and concise name for a company specializing in scheduling activities.Sked

OrigamCzech RepublicCustom application development is a nightmare. ORIGAM allows business people to create enterprise database applications by themselves.An artistically creative name indicative of a company that is inspired and imaginative.Origam

OmkneePortugalWe equip enterprises to provide personalized, exceptional Sales and Customer Care. Across every channel. When and where customers want it.An imaginative version of the word “omni,” which implies a sense of grandeur and competence.Omknee

UnitiatorNetherlandsUnitiator is a mobile app that lets restaurants/cafes attract nearby users with offers.A friendly and welcoming name that initiates contact.Unitiator

JeeNeeNigeriaJeeNee is a mobile value added service app that allows users to top-up, load data & send money without internet access within five seconds.An app so simple you’ll think a “genie” was involved.JeeNee

Word Combinations:

Much like names derived from misspelled words, combining two common words can also be an effective way to attract patrons and build a solid customer base. Such names are easily recognized and remembered because of their basic connotations. The company “Funderbeam,” for instance, will be quickly associated with finance and the securing of capital. Another example is “SimplicityEngine,” a notable and transparent name for a web-based company that prides itself on its user-friendly abilities.

Name:Location:Description:Name Review:Website:

CoachUpUnited StatesCoachUp is the US leader in sports coaching. We connect athletes with private coaches for in-person and group training sessions.A name that promises upward mobility and progress.CoachUp

CtrlMovieSwitzerlandCtrlMovie is a novel interactive movie format. It gives filmmakers the tools to tell multi-optional stories in a truly cinematic way.A straight-forward name that offers creative control and flexibility.CtrlMovie

AnetworkIranAnetwork is Iran's first Marketing dashboard with a wide range of services and has access to more than 13mil unique Persian users.A name that guarantees to connect users with the contacts they desire.Anetwork

Influence4YouFranceInfluence4You is the leading social native advertising agency in France. We help brands to work with influencers to reach their customers.A name that guarantees to connect businesses with the marketing contacts they need.Influence4You

TicketChatUnited StatesTicketChat makes it easy for influencers and experts to get paid for their time--creating valuable conversations for people everywhere.A name that offers connections that provide networking opportunities and financial support.TicketChat

FunderbeamEstoniaThe world’s first primary and secondary market for early-stage investments secured by the block chain and with free data intelligence.A name that promises to connect users with the financial support they need.Funderbeam

GetTransferUnited StatesTransfers between airports, railway stations, cities, hotels and other places at the best priceA straight-forward name that promises secure transport when customers need it most.GetTransfer

SimplictyEngineCanadaBuild back-ends for your web, mobile and enterprise applications extremely fast, visually and without any coding.A name that promises simple applications that are fast yet successful.SimplicityEngine

UserbrainAustriaUser testing becomes a habit.An intelligent name that combines analytics and users.Userbrain

ChaterboxBelarusChaterbox is a tool that boosts website sales allowing each visitor to contact the team in seconds using instant callback, chat and email.A communication-oriented name that connects customers to the people that can provide the assistance they need.Chaterbox

GoodCourageTaiwanDo you like wine? We do, and we want to help all our wine loving friends to manage and understand their wine collections better.A commanding name that demands attention and respect.GoodCourage

GeekyAntsIndiaBuilding the next generation developer marketplace and tools for rapid app development with React Native and proven revenue model.A creatively effective name that combines tech-savvy skills and a strong work ethic.GeekyAnts

FoodFriendsSpainFoodFriends App enables its users to not only find great restaurants but also the people they would like to share their table with.A creative word combination that allows foodies to connect with each other.FoodFriends

FarmControlPortugalFarmControl allows monitoring and measuring of all environmental and functional variables of any agricultural operation.A functional name for agricultural provides that desire greater control and excellent results.FarmControl

CleverclipSwitzerlandCleverclip is a Swiss startup on a mission to make the world a bit simpler by creating explainer videos, presentations and infographics.An imaginative name that combines intelligence, technology acumen, and creativity.Cleverclip

UptimeRobotMaltaUptimeRobot is an uptime monitoring service that is focused on simplicity and stability. It simply works for everyone.A tech-savvy business name that promises results and progress.UptimeRobot

VeggieBuzzUnited Arab EmiratesOnline discovery tool for vegetarian food near you! Browse veg menus at restaurants or get inspiration from our curated content & media.An easily understood and remembered name that takes advantage of current societal trends.VeggieBuzz

BlackGhostSwitzerlandFor the exigent gamers, who need both difficult and original games, Black Ghost Studio creates them in a unique "Swiss made" style.A tech-savvy and trendy name that appeals to gamers of all ages and skill levels.BlackGhost

TheStudentCampusMaltaA powerful combination of learning management & virtual tools rolled up in one versatile, intuitive and dynamic learning solution.A name that attracts students on a variety of platforms. TheStudentCampus

SocialSeederBelgiumIdentify, recruit and activate ambassadors through a plug and play platform generating digital word-of-mouth for brands.A name that promises to help users sow the connective seeds they need.SocialSeeder

Words with the Addition of a Prefix/Suffix:

The last category of names also takes advantage of a common word as their base. By adding a prefix or suffix to an existing word, companies can give themselves a creative name that will still be easily recognized and recalled. By adding the suffix “-ful” to the base word “content,” the German company “Contentful” has created the persona of a business overflowing with the ability to make their customers satisfied. Likewise, the business “Sportify” has created a fresh and zippy name simply by adding the suffix “-ify” to the common word “sport.”

Name:Location:Description:Name Review:Website:

ContentfulGermanyContentful is a content management developer platform with an API at its core.The only thing better than contentment is more contentment.Contentful

StratejetUnited KingdomSearch, compare and book a private jet in seconds using our website or mobile app. Real-time pricing, no hidden fees, no brokers.A name that offers transportation in a strategic manner.Stratajet

EpitrackBrazilWe are killing disease outbreaks using epidemic intelligence through digital disease detection (mobile and web apps) based on crowdsourcing.A combination of “epi,” as in “epidemic” and the track necessary to find financial support.Epitrack

MiniBrewNetherlandsMiniBrew® is the easiest and smartest brewing machine that brings undiscovered freshness.A company name that promises brewing opportunities on a small and manageable scale.MiniBrew

SubscriberlyUnited KingdomEasy creation & management for subscription box businesses.An industrious name that combines “subscribers” with the panache of the suffix “-ly.”Subscriberly

KiplySpainKiply is a unique tool that helps all kinds of professionals to improve their productivity and motivation.A concise yet demonstrative name that promises a streamlined and productive experience.Kiply

MaformHungaryWe design game-changing products and interfaces by understanding the latest design and technology trends.A name that combines the industrious “form” with a prefix that differentiates it from the rest of the industry.Maform

ActifyGermanyActify provides exciting and personal leisure activities and connects people locally.A movement-oriented name that promises action and connections.Actify

eTakeawayDenmarkThe Shopify for e-food industry with e-takeaway All-in-One IT solution covering portal business, white labeling and order dispatching tools.The simple addition of “e” makes this name technology relevant and tech-savvy.e-Takeaway

SportifyMalaysiaSportify is a platform designed to take the pain out of venue booking, game organizing and finding players for sports. Sport made easy.A stimulating play on the word “sport” that is exhilarating and fresh.Sportify

DynaRulesTurkeyDynaRules is a Cloud Based Web & Mobile Application Development Platform which enables everyone to create their apps easily without coding.A strong and “dynamic” name that relies on its ability to do the hard thinking for their users.DynaRules

WimbifyUnited StatesSocial Travel Sharing App based on share economy for LGBT travelers. Find travel mates, stay free, go local!A fun and whimsical name that is both attractive and memorable.Wimbify

TuscaneryItalyWe provide hassle-free Italian specialty food to real food lovers, from Italy to their door, no matter where they are.A sensual name that will attract Italian food lovers all over the world.Tuscanery

TransformifyUnited KingdomGlobal outsourcing made easy. A B2B platform connecting contractors and businesses worldwide, managing billing, legal, and payments.A name that promises transformation and a plethora of networking options.Transformify

StatfulPortugalStatful is a telemetry system, that captures metrics from software applications, physical devices and business logic.An intelligent name that promises an abundance of statistic related services.Statful

EasylyticsGermanyEasylytics create automatically actionable to-do reports, based on web analytics and marketing data - in order to optimize online businesses.A clever name that promises ease and analytical prowess.Easylytics

FoodgasmIndonesiaWe bring IOT smart printer and mobile apps together in one platform to give merchant payment versatility.A retail-oriented name that promises excitement and sensuality.Foodgasm

AzimapUnited KingdomAzimap is a cloud GIS, which is transforming how businesses manage and visualize location data via its advanced spatial analysis features.A name that promises map-related guidance with a little extra splash.Azimap

CartoVistaCanadaCartoVista creates optimized analyzes and communications by showing data in an interactive map. Take the lead. Profit from your data now.A creative name that combines the elements of cartography with analytics.CartoVista

AiSmartGermanyWe built a medical information system for pharma companies that can understand and answer medical inquiries without human intervention.An intelligent name that offers real-world, technologically-relevant solutions.AiSmart

By analyzing the names of companies that have already found their path to success, you can give your own business the type of moniker it needs and deserves. The examples listed above are just a portion of the businesses that will be attending Web Summit 2016. A complete list of names, including our very own Brandroot, is available at Web Summit 2016.

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Michael Rader

With over ten years in web development and design, Michael Rader has expertise and technical know-how. But more than a skilled technician, he is an entrepreneur and innovator who helps startup’s and new businesses identify and define their future with a unique, brandable business name. Michael Rader is the founder and CEO of Brandroot®, a leading .com domain name marketplace. He currently lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii where he operates the business and authors a blog dedicated to naming and brand name establishment.