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    Reminiscent of the word “jubilee,” which refers to a special celeb...

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    Cutting edge brand inspired by Innovation, defined as making changes i...

    $2250 BUY NOW

    A creative combination of "explore" and "location," making this a perf...

    $2580 BUY NOW

    A powerful four-letter name reminiscent of the word “oyez,” meanin...

    $2100 BUY NOW

    The combination of recognizable words “lovely” and “looks” mak...

    $1422 BUY NOW

    Reminiscent of words that begin with the prefix “-exp,” such as ex...

    $1675 BUY NOW

    An exotic and sophisticated name reminiscent of the word “viola,” ...

    $1650 BUY NOW

    Superb brand based on the prefix Supra, defined as above, beyond, or t...

    $1985 BUY NOW

    Reminiscent of “ozone,” which makes this a perfect name for a comp...

    $1250 BUY NOW

    From the Italian word “nuovo,” meaning “new” and the Tewa Pueb...

    $1325 BUY NOW

    An exotic name with Spanish heritage. Reminiscent of the word “mount...

    $1895 BUY NOW

    Sometimes big things come in small packages. This five-letter name is ...

    $1175 BUY NOW

Tips on Enhancing Your Company Name

Create a Brand, Not Just a Name

Your company name does more than merely identify you. Your name needs to create a brand for your company that you can nurture and grow over time. As Seth Godin explained, “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”


Your name is who you are and where you want to place yourself in the big picture. Consider the biggest companies in history – their names have become symbolic of who they are, not just what they do. Brandroot’s carefully selected collection of names can help you start creating not only an identity for your company, but an entire brand as well.

Engage and Interact with Your Name

Your company name is a representation of everything your company stands for and believes in. Selecting a name that truly represents what you are trying to accomplish is paramount in creating the type of business persona you desire. You will use your company name thousands of times – answering the phone, sending correspondence, labeling your goods and services, etc. As a result, your name needs to contain the best of who your company is.


There is no part of your business that you need to engage with more than your name.

Create a Culture Around Your Name

The most successful businesses in history have been able to create an entire culture around their name. Who you are and what you stand for will be forever connected with your name. When a customer hears your name, what thoughts or feelings do you want them to have?


The principles your company stands for is equally important as the products or services you sell. As a result, you need to select a name that is indicative of the kind of culture you are trying to create. Creating a culture will define your brand. It all begins with your name. What do you want it to say?


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