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    A fun and imaginative name that has a foreign flair. Reminiscent of th...

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    Fresh and modern name based on the word "Virtue," defined as 'an admir...

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    An exciting and vibrant name. Give your company a name that will be ea...

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    Slang for “chill” or “relax,” this name will give your company...

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    "Ole" being an expression of excitement in Spanish and "mer" meaning "...

    $3270 BUY NOW

    Of Chinese descent, this fun name is ready to take on the personality ...

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    Reminiscent of the word “pharma,” this name would be perfect for a...

    $4570 BUY NOW

    Let your customers know that you are ready to "elevate" them to a high...

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    A youthful, hip and modern business name that denotes a place for danc...

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    A creative combination of the words “wave” and “serene.” Perfe...

    $1500 BUY NOW

    Perfect name for a company involved in the restaurant industry. Let yo...

    $2050 BUY NOW

    Turbo charge your financial position with the cash reactor! A great bu...

    $1400 BUY NOW

Brandable Business Names

At Brandroot you will find only premium, ready-to-use, brandable business names, organized so you can quickly find the name of your business! Your business name is likely the first thing communicated when introducing it to others. It should be the start of a conversation that instantly engages your audience.

Brandroot's brand name marketplace of brandable domain names is setup so entrepreneurs can find exactly what they need. All names are premium .com's and come with a professionally designed logo that kicks off your branding straight away.

Our focus is to provide high quality business names to entrepreneurs, startups and businesses at the best prices possible. We work with our domain owners to ensure they are submitting only valuable names and asking reasonable prices. Search our catalogue now and find the best dot-com domain names the internet has to offer!

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We are always open to selling brandable domains for their owners! Brandroot specializes in selling only brand style domain names. Check out our brands page to see if your .com domains are a fit for our exclusive catalogue. For a minimal listing fee and commission, we will market your name and get it the exposure it needs for a successful sale!

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We are always welcoming excellent logo designers to our team. The visual presentation of a brand name is the core of Brandroot. It is the logo that helps visitors identify with a business name. Please have an online portfolio available when applying.

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