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How to Name a Nail Business

Naming a nail business is more than just a step in the setup process—it’s your chance to capture the essence of your brand in a few captivating words. Whether you’re opening a chic nail salon or launching a vibrant nail polish line, the name you choose will define your brand’s identity and set the tone for your clients’ experiences in the competitive beauty industry.

A well-crafted name has the power to attract and retain clients, giving them a taste of the exceptional service and artistry they can expect. With a bit of imagination, research, and guidance, you can discover a name that encapsulates the spirit of your business and leaves a lasting impression.

With the right name, you’ll create a memorable brand that makes clients look and feel fabulous!

Nail Business Name Ideas

Creative nail business names can significantly enhance your brand’s appeal and online presence. A striking business name can serve as the perfect introduction to your nail company. It should be stylish, unique, and inviting, drawing customers in with the promise of high-quality nail care and design. Here are some creative ideas to inspire you:

Unique Nail Business Names

In the vibrant and ever-evolving nail industry, finding a distinctive name that reflects its dynamic nature is crucial. Here are some fresh ideas to ignite your imagination:

  • Polish Palace
  • Crystal Claws
  • Enchanted Nails
  • Velvet Varnish
  • Prismatic Pointers
  • Gleaming Tips
  • Majestic Manis.

Elegant Nail Business Names

Elegance is a vital element in the nail industry, and your business name should mirror that sophistication. Evoke a sense of luxury and refinement to attract clients who seek the very best. Some ideas:

  1. The Nail Boutique
  2. Opulent Nails
  3. Graceful Glam
  4. Luxe Lacquer
  5. Timeless Tips
  6. Regal Nails
  7. Exquisite Enamel
  8. Classic Coats
  9. Refined Rhapsody
  10. Pure Polish.

Clever Nail Business Names

A clever and witty name can distinguish your nail business, adding a playful touch and sparking curiosity. Here are some inventive name ideas to get you started:

  1. The Nail Nook
  2. Polished & Proud
  3. Nailed It!
  4. Varnish Vibes
  5. Tip Top Nails
  6. Glamour Grips
  7. Lacquer Lounge
  8. Nail Nirvana
  9. Enamel Elegance.

Catchy Nail Business Names

A catchy name can grab attention and stick in the minds of potential clients. It should be fun, memorable, and evoke a sense of excitement. Here are some catchy name ideas to consider:

  1. Sparkle & Shine
  2. Nail Blitz
  3. Glam Jams
  4. Flashy Fingers
  5. Glossy Glow
  6. Pretty Polish
  7. Glitz & Glam
  8. Nail Buzz
  9. Radiant Rush
  10. Sheer Shine.

Nail Salon Names

Nail salons offer professional manicures and pedicures in a relaxing environment, often featuring ancillary services like estheticians for comprehensive beauty care.Their names should reflect current styles and convey a sense of chic sophistication. Here are some nail salon name ideas:

  1. Chic Claws
  2. Vogue Varnish
  3. Modern Manis
  4. Trendy Tips
  5. InstaNails
  6. Velvet Vogue
  7. Sleek Strokes
  8. Fresh Fingers
  9. Modish Manicures.

How to Name Different Types of Nail Business

Nail Salon Business Names

When thinking of nail salon names, think of words that evoke relaxation, beauty, and elegance. Your salon’s name should make clients feel pampered and rejuvenated. Consider words like “Style,” “Serenity,” and “Bliss” to inspire a sense of tranquility. Here are some unique nail salon name ideas:

  1. Blissful Nails
  2. Tranquil Tips
  3. Calm Claws
  4. Zen Nails
  5. Serenity Manis
  6. Harmony Hands
  7. Blissful Fingers.

Nail Polish Line Names

Creating the perfect name for your nail polish line is all about blending creativity and allure. Think of words that evoke beauty and sophistication, like “Glow,” “Luxe,” and “Brush.” For example:

  1. Glam Polish
  2. Luxe Lacquer
  3. AuraGlow Nails
  4. GlamourGlaze
  5. BrushLustre
  6. SheerShine
  7. EnchantedEnamel.

Mobile Nail Services Names

A mobile nail service’s name should reflect convenience, professionalism, and the luxury of at-home pampering. Consider words that convey ease, quality, and mobility. Some name ideas:

  1. NailNomads
  2. Pamper on the Go
  3. Mobile Manis
  4. Luxe at Home
  5. Traveling Tips
  6. Portable Polish
  7. Homeward Hands.

Nail Art Studio Names

A nail art studio’s name should reflect creativity, professionalism, and the transformative power of nail design, much like other nail salons. Consider words that evoke beauty, artistry, and perfection. Here are some inspiring example ideas:

  1. Artful Nails
  2. Nail Canvas
  3. Perfect Pointers
  4. Chic Creations
  5. Luxe Designs
  6. Glamour Strokes
  7. Beauty Brushes
  8. Vivid Nails.

Real-World Nail Business Names

In a competitive market, all business names within the same industry are vying for the same target audience. Looking at your competitors and figuring out what they’ve done that works – or doesn’t – is a vital step in naming your business.

To help you brainstorm creative names for your own venture, here are six examples of successful and popular nail brand names, along with why they work well:


Tenoverten started as a boutique nail salon in New York City and expanded into non-toxic, cruelty-free nail polishes. The name signifies perfection in nail care, suggesting a “ten out of ten” experience. It’s distinctive and conveys high standards.

Dazzle Dry:

Dazzle Dry is known for its quick-drying, long-lasting nail polishes. The name “Dazzle” suggests brilliance, while “Dry” highlights the product’s key feature, making it catchy and memorable.

Static Nails:

Static Nails specializes in reusable pop-on manicures and high-quality polishes. The name evokes stability and permanence, appealing to a trendy, fashion-forward audience with its modern, tech-savvy vibe.


Founded by celebrity nail artist Jin Soon Choi, JINsoon offers chic, high-quality nail polishes. The name cleverly combines Jin Soon’s first name with the English word “soon,” creating a unique and memorable brand.

Lights Lacquer:

Created by influencer Kathleen Lights, Lights Lacquer provides fun, vibrant, and cruelty-free nail polishes. The name is playful and memorable, with “Lights” adding brightness and “Lacquer” indicating the product type.

Color Camp:

Color Camp focuses on personalized nail care with stylish options. The name evokes creativity and adventure, suggesting a fun, welcoming environment for exploring various colors and styles.

Use the Nail Business Name Generator

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Simply insert each keyword into the search bar and hit enter to view hundreds of related business names waiting to be used. Here is a list of keywords you could input to get nail business name ideas:

Tips for Naming Your Nail Business

Reflect Your Brand Identity

Ensure your business name reflects your brand identity. It should capture your company’s mission, values, and target audience. Consider the personality of your brand and the message you want to convey. Think about what makes your nail business unique and incorporate that aspect into the name.

Keep It Simple and Memorable

Choose a short and simple name that’s easy to remember and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Avoid complicated words or phrases that are hard to spell or pronounce. Using different languages or uncommon domain extensions can make it difficult for people to find your website.

Make It Future-proof

Even if you are starting a new business, choose a name that can grow with you. Avoid names that are too specific or narrow, as this might limit future opportunities for expansion. For example, “Perfect Pedicures” may not be suitable if your nail brand wants to expand into hand care or nail polish products.

Consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your business name plays a significant role in your online visibility. Opt for a domain name that is easy to search and includes relevant keywords. This will help your nail business rank higher on search engine results pages and make it easier for potential customers to find your domain online.

Check for Trademark and Domain Availability

Before finalizing a name, ensure it’s not already trademarked by another company. Conduct a trademark search to avoid legal issues. Additionally, check for domain name availability to secure a matching website address. This creates consistency across your online presence and makes it easier for customers to find you.

Get Feedback on Your Nail Business Name Ideas

Gather feedback on your potential business names from friends, family, and your target audience. This provides valuable insights into how your chosen name is perceived and helps you make an informed decision. Address any potential negative connotations before finalizing the name.


Why is choosing the right name important for a nail business?

The right name defines your brand's identity and sets client expectations. It can attract clients, convey professionalism and creativity, and help your business stand out. It also plays a significant role in marketing and branding.

How can I make my nail business name memorable?

Keep it short, simple, and easy to pronounce. Use catchy and unique words that reflect your brand's personality. Avoid complicated or obscure words that are hard to remember or spell.

Can the generator help with SEO?

Yes, it can suggest names that include relevant keywords, improving your online visibility and search engine ranking.

Is it necessary to check trademark and domain availability?

Absolutely. Ensure the name isn’t already trademarked to avoid legal issues. Check domain availability to secure a matching website address for consistency online.

How can I get feedback on my nail business name ideas?

Share potential names with friends, family, and your target audience for feedback. This provides valuable insights and helps you make an informed decision. Address any negative connotations before finalizing your choice.

How should I choose a name for my nail salon?

Reflect the ambiance, services, and overall vibe you wish to convey. The name should evoke relaxation, beauty, and luxury, aligning with your salon's high-quality service. Consider words suggesting elegance, tranquility, and sophistication.