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How To Name A Wholesale Business

Wholesale businesses are responsible for purchasing and selling goods in bulk to retailers, manufacturers, or other merchants. Wholesalers play an important role by providing a link between the manufacturers and retailers. They provide an invaluable service by connecting buyers and sellers, allowing them to do business with ease.

A great name for your wholesale business will both stand out from the competition and be easy to remember. It should communicate what kind of products you specialize in as well as reflect your company’s values. Your name should also evoke trustworthiness and professionalism so potential customers know they can rely on you for quality service.

If you are in need of a great wholesale business name, this list is sure give you some ideas. Weve compiled memorable names along with helpful tips and tricks to help inspire your search for the perfect name. With the right identity, you can take your business to new heights!

Wholesale Business Name Ideas

Buying in bulk is often the most cost-effective approach. Here are some ideas to help you name your wholesale business:

Catchy Wholesale Business Name Ideas

If you your products to fly off the shelves, then you need a name that brings people in. Here are some catchy ideas to get you started:

  • Mega Mart
  • Super Saver
  • Warehouse Wonders
  • Bulk Bonanza
  • Bargain Bazaar. ​

Unique Wholesale Business Name Ideas

Bring something unique and creative to the wholesale market by choosing a name with a fun twist:

  1. Retail Revival
  2. Stock Exchange
  3. Cash & Carry
  4. Price Pantry
  5. Shopaholics. ​

Modern Wholesale Business Name Ideas

For a modern twist on wholesale, try creating a name that speaks to the modern customer:

  1. Digital Discounts
  2. Online Outlet
  3. Click Here Supplies
  4. Cyber Shopping
  5. Digital Deals. ​

Clever Wholesale Business Names Ideas

A quick wit can be an asset to any business. Here are some clever ideas to help you capture customers’ attention:

  1. Smart Stockers
  2. Super Store Station
  3. Quality Quarters
  4. Market Mania
  5. Clever Cashiers. ​

How to Name Different Types of Wholesale Businesses

Clothing Wholesale Business

A clothing wholesale business provides bulk quantities of apparel at discounted rates. Naming your business something like ‘Bulk’, ‘Discount’ or ‘Fashion’ implies the type of service offered and can help you come up with catchy brand names such as:

  1. BulkStyle
  2. DiscountFashion
  3. BargainShoppers
  4. WholesaleWarehouse
  5. FashionExpress.

Food Wholesale Business

A food wholesale business supplies restaurants, caterers and other businesses with bulk quantities of food. Words like ‘Bulk’, ‘Fresh’, and ‘Grocery’ are all appropriate descriptors for this type of business as they help to create names such as:

  1. FreshGroceries
  2. BulkFarmers
  3. GroceryDelights
  4. FreshProduce
  5. FoodExpress.

Technology Wholesale Business

Technology wholesalers supply technology-lovers with discounted prices on a wide selection of gadgets and electronics. To create alluring titles for your business, use terms like ‘Gadget’, ‘Electronic’ or ‘Tech’-related words such as:

  1. GadgetBargains
  2. ElectronicLovers
  3. TechExpress
  4. GadgetCentral
  5. ElectronicMania.

Real-World Wholesale Business Names

Wholesale businesses are unique in that they provide products for other companies to sell. This means their name needs to be catchy, inviting and memorable.

Here are six examples of wholesalers with successful business names:

Distributor Direct

The straightforward name of this business implies immediacy and convenience, making it an ideal choice for wholesale customers.

Master Supplies

This name is both simple and powerful, implying that the company is a master of supplies – perfect for any wholesaler!

The Bulk Warehouse

Buying in bulk is what wholesale businesses are all about, and this name captures that perfectly.

Omni Source

This business name implies coverage – the ability to source anything a customer may need.

Wholesale Hub

A classic name for any wholesaler, this name emphases their role as the hub of commerce in their industry.

Allied Trading

The word “allied” implies a level of cooperation and trust that is essential in the wholesale industry.

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