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How To Name A Vegan Business

For those looking to start their own vegan business, this means creating products or services that cater specifically to these customers—from food, clothing, and health & beauty products to plant-based restaurants and yoga studios.

The key to creating a successful vegan business is finding the perfect name. Giving your company a memorable name that speaks directly to vegan customers is essential in creating an impact and building customer loyalty.

If you’re looking for inspiration, this guide will help get you started. We’ve gathered inspiring name ideas and helpful tips to make sure your vegan business stands out from the pack. With a great name, you’ll be on your way to success!

Vegan Business Name Ideas

Whether you’re catering to the eco-conscious or health-focused crowd, these vegan business name ideas will help you craft a memorable brand:

Earthy Vegan Business Name Ideas

Bring a touch of the outdoors to your business name with one of these earthy and natural ideas:

  • The Herbivore Haven
  • Wild Veggies
  • The Vitality Kitchen
  • Garden Goodies
  • Vegan Vittles. ​

Funny Vegan Business Name Ideas

A good laugh can be just as nourishing as a good meal. Here are some funny vegan business name ideas to put a smile on customers’ faces:

  1. Veg Out!
  2. Veggie Delight
  3. The Vegabond Café
  4. Tempeh Treats
  5. The Plant-Powered Kitchen. ​

Healthy Vegan Business Name Ideas

If you’re catering to the health-conscious crowd, here are some business names that will strike a balance between nutrition and pleasure:

  1. The Sustainable Table
  2. Organic Nosh
  3. The Raw Revolution
  4. Healthful Harvest
  5. Superfood Suppers. ​

Trendy Vegan Business Name Ideas

Celebrate veganism with a modern, contemporary twist:

  1. The Plant-Powered Pantry
  2. The Veganista Kitchen
  3. Gourmet Greens
  4. Veggie Fusion Cuisine
  5. Fresh & Fruity. ​

Creative Vegan Business Name Ideas

Think outside the box and create a unique, creative vegan business name:

  1. The Veggie Lab
  2. The Plant-Based Playground
  3. V for Vegans
  4. The Flavour Factory. ​

How to Name Different Types of Vegan Businesses

Vegan Grocery Store

Words like ‘Organic’, ‘Nutritious’, and ‘Produce’ are all great starting points when thinking of vegan grocery store names. You could try names like:

  1. Organico
  2. Nutrisource
  3. Vegemart
  4. ProducePantry
  5. MindfulFoods
  6. VeganFreshMarket.

Vegan Restaurant

When coming up with a name for a vegan restaurant you might want to use words that describe the type of food you serve, such as ‘Natural’, ‘Flavorful’, and ‘Savory’. Some great vegan restaurant names may be:

  1. NaturalFeast
  2. FlavorFusion
  3. SavoryCafe
  4. VeggieGrill
  5. EarthEats
  6. PlantPlate.

Vegan Skincare Brand

When naming a vegan skincare brand you may want to use words that evoke feelings of wellness and health, such as ‘Pure’, ‘Glow’, and ‘Rich’. These words could be used to create names like:

  1. PureGlowCare
  2. RichLuxury
  3. GlowBotanicals
  4. ElixirEssentials
  5. NaturalBeautyCure.

Vegan Clothing Brand

When thinking of a name for your vegan clothing brand you may want to use words that reflect the style and comfort of the clothes you make such as ‘Chic’, ‘Comfy’, and ‘Stylish’. Possible names could be:

  1. ChicThreads
  2. ComfyClassics
  3. StylishGreens
  4. EcoFashionista
  5. GreenWearLuxury.

Vegan Bakery

For a vegan bakery you may want to use words that bring about feelings of decadence and indulgence such as ‘Delicious’, ‘Cake’, and ‘Treats’. Names like:

  1. DeliciousEats
  2. CakeParadise
  3. SweetTreatsBakery
  4. VeganDelightz
  5. TreatfulDreams would be great for a vegan bakery.

Real-World Vegan Business Names

Veganism has gained a lot of traction over the years, and those in the industry need to be creative when it comes to their business name.

Here are six vegan businesses that have nailed it:

The Herbivorous Butcher

This clever name is both punny and accurate – they specialize in providing vegan meats! Moreover, the contrast between “herbivorous” and “butcher” is intriguing, making it stand out from other vegan businesses.

Green Cuisine

This name speaks directly to what this vegan business does – provide green cuisine! It’s simple yet effective and will definitely get noticed by those looking for plant-based alternatives.

Blackbird Foods

This vegan business uses the word “Blackbird” in a simple, yet elegant way. The name stands out, and it captures the eye of those looking for plant-based meals.


This business has taken a more playful approach with their name – adding an exclamation mark to the word “veg” further emphasizes the joy of eating vegan food.

Veginity Kitchen

This vegan business has got an interesting name that is both creative and memorable. It hints at the idea of having a “vegan identity,” which adds an extra touch of uniqueness to their name.

Rescue Me Grooming

This business capitalizes on an emotional appeal with its name, a smart move as it speaks directly to their mission – rescuing animals in need

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