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How To Name A TV Business

The television business is alive and well in this era of streaming content. TV production companies have the power to create captivating stories that inform, entertain, and inspire viewers around the world.

Whether you’re starting a production company, launching a news show, or setting up an online streaming service, coming up with the perfect name for your TV business is essential. It needs to capture the essence of what you do while also standing out from the competition.

Here, you’ll find helpful advice and creative name ideas that will help you come up with a unique and memorable title for your TV business. With a great name, you can draw attention to your venture and start connecting with potential customers. With that, you will be one step closer to making your own mark on the television industry!

TV Business Names Ideas

TV is the perfect medium for telling stories and captivating audiences. Think of words like ‘picture’, ‘view’, and ‘screen’ to come up with a business name that will stand out from the rest. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Catchy TV Business Names

Give your customers a taste of what’s to come with a catchy business name that will make them tune in:

  • The Showbiz Stop
  • Scene Sensations
  • The Reel Room
  • Screen Shots
  • Small Screen Stars.

Unique TV Business Names

Put your signature twist on your business name with a unique name that customers won’t forget:

  1. The Video Vault
  2. TV Temporary
  3. Flick Frenzy
  4. Picture Perfection
  5. The Cutting Room.

Cute TV Business Names

A cute business name will leave customers feeling all warm and fuzzy inside:

  1. The TV Treats
  2. Scene Seeker
  3. Small Screen Spot
  4. Prime Time Promise
  5. Big Screen Bliss.

Funny TV Business Names

A good laugh can be just as entertaining as a good show. Here are some funny business names to get you started:

  1. Box Office Bloopers
  2. Channel Chatter
  3. Studio Snacks
  4. Screen Scene Shindig
  5. Visionary Ventures.

How to Name Different Types of TV Businesses

Streaming Service

Streaming services provide viewers with an endless library of shows. Descriptive words like ‘Unlimited’, ‘Endless’, and ‘Infinite’ can be used to create a unique name for this type of business like:

  1. InfiniteVibe
  2. UnlimitedTV
  3. EndlessStreams
  4. LimitlessViewing
  5. StreamVault
  6. VastVision

Cable Provider

Cable providers link viewers with popular channels and can offer additional services such as internet or phone packages. Words like ‘Connect’, ‘Link’, and ‘Networks’ are great for providing viewers with a unique name for their cable provider such as:

  1. LinkNetworks
  2. ConnectViewers
  3. NetworkNation
  4. CableHubs
  5. LinkVibe
  6. NetStreams
  7. ChainCable


Satellite providers offer access to high-quality programming from around the world. Descriptive words like ‘Global’ and ‘Interactive’ will help create an interesting name for your satellite provider such as:

  1. InteractiveSatTV
  2. GlobalScreenz
  3. SkyWatch
  4. SatelliteVisionz
  5. SatFlixx
  6. FarReach
  7. InterSat

Video on Demand Service

Video-on-demand services provide viewers with access to a variety of movies and TV shows for a monthly fee. Words such as ‘On-Demand’, ‘Instant’, and ‘Anytime’ are great for creating an upbeat name for this type of business like:

  1. InstantVOD
  2. DemandCinema
  3. AnytimeStreams
  4. ViewManiacz
  5. NowTVGo!
  6. FlashFlixx
  7. InstantFlicks.

Real-World TV Business Names

Lights, camera, action! TV production businesses encompass a wide range of services and creative offerings.

Here are six real-world companies that have made a name for themselves in the industry.

DreamWorks TV

This company’s name speaks to the imaginative and magical world of television production. It calls to mind both a dreamy and professional atmosphere.

Pixar Animation Studios

This business has created some of the most beloved animated films for decades. Their name is iconic, recognizable, and conjures up images of fun and adventure.

21st Century Fox

This name instantly conveys a sense of modernity and progress, as well as the idea that this company is pushing boundaries. It also speaks to their extensive library of content.

Sony Pictures Television

This company’s name speaks to both its broad offerings and use of innovative technology. It also allows viewers to easily connect it back to the larger Sony brand.

Lionsgate TV

This company’s name is both memorable and descriptive, calling to mind a regal atmosphere and the idea that they are an industry leader.

AMC Networks

This business name conveys the idea of connection, as well as the notion that this company offers a wide range of quality content.

Use the Business Name Generator

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Tips for Naming Your TV Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Think of words related to television, media production, and the type of content you are producing. Think about what sets your business apart from other TV businesses such as specialties in certain genres or equipment used.

Keep it simple.

It is always best to keep the name for your TV business as straightforward and easy to remember as possible. Avoid long or overly complicated names that won’t be memorable for potential customers.

Be unique.

Choose a name that reflects the values or specialty of your business in an interesting way.

Consider your target audience.

When picking a name for your TV business, consider who you are targeting and how the name can have an impact on them. Ensure that the name captures and speaks to your target audience’s interests.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Once you come up with a great name, double-check its availability as a domain. This will ensure that potential customers can easily find your website without any confusion or frustration.

Choose Your Domain!

Registering and purchasing your domain is easy – search for the desired URL on sites like GoDaddy, purchase it securely and register it with a hosting provider or registrar of your choice. In no time at all, you’ll be ready to launch your website!