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How To Name A Toy Business

Toys are an essential part of a child’s development, providing hours of joy and creative play. A toy business is any company focused on creating and selling products designed to stay ahead of the ever-changing needs of children.

If you’re launching a toy business, it’s important to pick a name that will capture the attention of potential customers. A good name should be creative and memorable, while also conveying the spirit of your business.

To help you out, we’ve created a comprehensive guide full of tips and inspiring ideas to get your imagination going. With this guide, you’ll feel confident in creating a great name for your toy business!

Toy Business Names Ideas

Bring the fun with a toy store name that will make kids and parents alike smile! Think of words like ‘play’, ‘fun’, and ‘joy’ to craft the perfect name. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Catchy Toy Business Names

Catchy business names will make kids and adults alike remember your store long after they’ve visited:

  • Toys & Treasures
  • Toyland Express
  • Fun & Games Store
  • Time to Play Shop
  • The Wonder Works.

Unique Toy Business Names

Put your own spin on a name that will make customers remember your shop:

  1. The Toymaker’s Store
  2. Toytopia
  3. The Play Palace
  4. Little Legends Shop.

Cute Toy Business Names

A cute toy store name will create the perfect atmosphere for families to have fun! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Funky Fun Store
  2. Kiddie Corner
  3. The Toy Court
  4. Joyful Journeys Shop.

Funny Toy Business Names

Humor is always a welcome addition to the shopping experience. Here are some funny toy store names that will make customers smile:

  1. Toyzilla
  2. Gizmo Galore
  3. Playful Pandemonium
  4. The Toy Chest.

How to Name Different Types of Toy Businesses

Action Figure Business

Action figure businesses create collectible figurines based on popular characters from movies and TV shows. Fun words like ‘Collect’, ‘Hero’, and ‘Adventure’ can be used to craft an original name for this type of business such as:

  1. HeroCollectorz
  2. AdventureFigs
  3. ActionToyz
  4. PlayTimeHeroes
  5. HeroFaction
  6. SuperFigures
  7. CollectableCritters.

Board Game Business

Board game businesses create fun and strategic board games for groups of people to play together. Words that evoke excitement such as ‘Battle’, ‘Play’, and ‘Challenge’ can help come up with a unique name like:

  1. BattleGames
  2. PlayTimeFun
  3. ChallengeMania
  4. BoardRumble
  5. GameQuestz
  6. PlayCity Adventures
  7. MatchZone.

Building Block Business

Building block businesses create construction sets for creative children to build whatever their imaginations can think of. Words like ‘Construct’, ‘Imagination’, and ‘Creation’ are great for helping you come up with an original name such as:

  1. Constructopia
  2. ImaginationBlocks
  3. CreationStudioz
  4. BuildersGalore
  5. DreamFactory Blocks
  6. MasterBuilders Co.
  7. DesignZone Inc.

Doll Business

Doll businesses create collectible dolls based on popular characters, celebrities, or animals. Descriptive words like ‘Adorable’, ‘Cute’, and ‘Lovely’ can be used to help come up with a unique name like:

  1. AdorableDolls
  2. CuteCritters
  3. LovelyLittles
  4. DollCraze
  5. LoveAtFirstSight Dolls
  6. Dollville Collectibles
  7. SweetDreams Dolls.

Real-World Toy Business Names

Dolls, car sets, and building blocks are just some of the toys that kids around the world enjoy.

To get inspired for your own business, here are five toy businesses with creative names.


This company’s name speaks to their mission: creating a world where playtime is full of imagination and fun! It’s a great example of how you can create a memorable name that captures the essence of your business.


This company’s name is clever and creative, conveying their mission to help kids “create” with their toys. It also has a fun twist on the classic word “kiddy.”

Mini Monsters

This toy business stands out with its unique and creative name. It captures a child’s imagination by using the word “monsters,” while also providing a hint to the type of toys they offer – mini ones!

Lil’ Builders

This company’s name speaks directly to what they specialize in: building blocks for little kids. The added touch of “lil'” makes this name even more fun and playful.

Luxury Toyz

This business uses the word “luxury” to let customers know that their products are of the highest quality. It also pays homage to their specialty – toys!

Use the Business Name Generator

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Tips for Naming Your Toy Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Think of words associated with the type of toys you are selling, any unique characteristics or styles they have, and what makes them special. Consider if you specialize in a certain type of toy, so that it stands out from other toy businesses in the area.

Keep it simple.

When naming your business, keep it as simple and easy to pronounce as possible for customers to remember. Stick to one or two-word names that are not too long or complex.

Avoid generic names.

A generic name like “Toy Store” won’t help you, instead, think of something creative that reflects the uniqueness of your store and what sets it apart from others.

Consider your target audience.

When selecting a name for your toy business, consider who you are targeting and how the name can have an impact on them. Think about what type of toys they might be interested in and make sure the name reflects that.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

After coming up with a perfect name, it’s essential to ensure that the domain is available. Simply navigate to GoDaddy or another site of your choice and search for the desired URL – this should only take a few minutes!

Choose Your Domain!

Once you’ve verified that the domain is available, purchasing and registering it will be easy! Choose a hosting provider or registrar, pay for your registration fee, and you’re ready to go. Your website will be up and running in no time!