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How To Name A Towel Business

Towels are an essential part of our daily lives, used for bathing, swimming, and various other activities. If you’re starting a towel business, finding the right name is crucial to attract customers and stand out in the market.

Your business name should convey the quality, comfort, and reliability that your towels offer. This guide provides useful tips and creative name ideas to help you choose the perfect name for your towel business.

With the right name, your towel business will make a lasting impression and become a go-to destination for customers in need of high-quality towels.

Towel Business Name Ideas

When it comes to towel business names, you want something that conveys cleanliness, comfort, and quality. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Professional Towel Business Names

For a professional towel business, here are some name ideas:

  • Pure Linens
  • Luxe Towels
  • Elite Textiles
  • Pro Towel Co.
  • Superior Linen Supply
  • The Towel Emporium

Creative Towel Business Names

Imaginative and catchy, these towel business names will make customers want to wrap themselves up in luxury:

  1. Towel Tales
  2. Soft & Snuggly
  3. Wrap Me Up
  4. The Towel Emporium
  5. Cozy Cotton
  6. Towel Treasures

Clever Towel Business Names

Get wrapped up in these clever towel business names that are sure to make a splash:

  1. Towel Treasures
  2. Wrap It Up
  3. The Towel Boutique
  4. Towel Tales
  5. Soft and Snuggly
  6. The Towel Emporium

Unique Towel Business Names

Stand out in the towel industry with a unique and memorable business name that showcases the quality and style of your products:

  1. Luxe Linens
  2. Towel Treasures
  3. Soft and Snuggly
  4. Plush Pampers
  5. Cozy Cottons
  6. Wrap and Relax

Evocative Towel Business Names

When it comes to towel businesses, an evocative name can help create a sense of luxury and relaxation.

  1. Serene Soaks
  2. Blissful Bath Linens
  3. Tranquil Towels
  4. Luxe Lather
  5. Plush Pampering

Catchy Towel Business Names

Get ready to towel off the competition with these catchy towel business names:

  1. Dry & Co.
  2. Towel Treasures
  3. Soft & Snug
  4. Luxe Linens
  5. Wrap & Relax

How to Name Different Types of Towel Businesses

Bath Towel Brand

Bath towel brands focus on providing high-quality towels for a luxurious bathing experience. Consider using words like ‘Luxury’, ‘Plush’, and ‘Pamper’ to create names for your bath towel brand such as:

  1. LuxeTowels
  2. PlushPamper
  3. BlissfulBath
  4. OpulentTowels
  5. HeavenlyHaven

Hand Towel Brand

Hand towel brands focus on providing high-quality and absorbent towels for everyday use. Consider using words like ‘Soft’, ‘Luxury’, ‘Absorbent’, and ‘Pamper’ to create names for your hand towel brand such as:

  1. SoftTouch Towels
  2. LuxeAbsorb
  3. PamperPlus
  4. PlushPamper
  5. AbsorbentEssentials
  6. LuxuryLinen

Beach Towel Brand

Beach towel brands provide high-quality towels for beachgoers. Words like ‘Beach’, ‘Sun’, and ‘Relax’ can help you come up with catchy names for your beach towel brand like:

  1. SunSational Towels
  2. Beach Bliss
  3. Coastal Comfort
  4. Sandy Serenity
  5. Relaxation Station
  6. Sun-Kissed Towels

Washcloth Brand

Washcloth brands provide high-quality washcloths for personal hygiene. Words like ‘Clean’ and ‘Soft’ can be used to generate names for your washcloth brand such as:

  1. CleanComfort
  2. SoftTouch
  3. PurePamper
  4. FreshFeel
  5. GentleGlow
  6. LuxeLather

Kitchen Towel Brand

Kitchen towel brands focus on providing durable and absorbent towels for kitchen use. Words like ‘Absorbent’, ‘Durable’, and ‘Kitchen’ can help create names for your kitchen towel brand such as:

  1. AbsorbentKitchen
  2. DurableDry
  3. KitchenEssentials
  4. TowelTech
  5. KitchenKare
  6. CleanCuisine
  7. Chef’s Choice Towels

Personolized Towel Brand

Personalized towel brands create customized towels for customers. To come up with a name for your personalized towel brand, use words like ‘Custom’, ‘Unique’, or ‘Luxury’.

  1. Custom Comforts
  2. Unique Towel Co.
  3. Luxe Linens
  4. Personalized Pampers
  5. Towel Tailors
  6. Bespoke Bath Linens

Real-World Towel Business Names

Towels may seem like a simple product, but there are many different types and uses for them. When naming your towel business, it’s important to consider the quality, versatility, and uniqueness of your products.

This list of six real-world towel business names showcases how different companies have successfully branded themselves in the industry. Whether you’re selling luxury bath towels or specialized sports towels, these names should give you some ideas on how to stand out in the market.


Brooklinen is a direct-to-consumer bedding company that offers high-quality sheets, comforters, and other bedding essentials. The name “Brooklinen” is a combination of “Brooklyn” and “linen,” representing the brand’s commitment to providing luxurious and comfortable bedding products with a touch of urban style.

Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch is a luxury bedding and home goods company. The name “Boll” refers to the cotton boll, representing the brand’s commitment to using high-quality, organic cotton in their products. “Branch” represents the brand’s dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing, as well as their expansion into other home goods beyond bedding.

Turkish Towel Company

The Turkish Towel Company is a company that specializes in high-quality towels made from Turkish cotton. The name “Turkish Towel Company” clearly indicates their focus on towels and their use of Turkish cotton, which is known for its softness and absorbency.

The White Company

The White Company is a British retailer specializing in home furnishings, clothing, and accessories. The name “The White Company” reflects the brand’s signature aesthetic of clean, minimalist designs and a predominantly white color palette.


Fieldcrest is a brand that specializes in high-quality bedding and bath products. The name “Fieldcrest” is a combination of “field” and “crest,” evoking a sense of nature and luxury. The brand is known for its soft and comfortable linens, towels, and other home textiles.


Frontgate is a retailer that specializes in high-end home furnishings and decor. The name “Frontgate” suggests a focus on the front entrance or entryway of a home, indicating the company’s dedication to providing stylish and luxurious products for the first impression of a living space.

Use the Towel Business Name Generator

Have you compiled a set of up to five keywords that precisely represent your company? Now is the moment to make use of the amazing Towel Business Name Generator!

Simply insert each keyword into the search bar and hit enter to view hundreds of related business names waiting to be used. Here is a list of keywords you could input to get towel business names:

  1. absorbent
  2. soft
  3. bath
  4. beach
  5. luxury
  6. cotton
  7. towel
  8. drying

Tips for Naming Your Towel Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your towel business.

When brainstorming keywords for your towel business, consider the different types of towels you offer, such as bath towels, beach towels, kitchen towels, etc. Also think about the materials used, like cotton, microfiber, or bamboo. Other keywords could include luxury, softness, absorbency, and durability.

Keep your towel business name simple.

When choosing a name for your towel business, simplicity is key. Opt for a name that is easy to pronounce and remember. Avoid using complicated or lengthy names that may confuse customers or make it difficult for them to find you online. A simple and straightforward name will help your business stand out and make a lasting impression on customers.

Be unique.

With so many towel businesses out there, it’s important to have a unique name that sets you apart. Consider words or phrases that reflect the quality, style, or specialty of your towels to create a memorable and distinctive brand.

Consider the target audience of your towel company

When choosing a name for your towel company, think about who your target audience is. Are you targeting hotels and resorts, or are you focusing on individual consumers? Consider using words or phrases that convey the quality, durability, and softness of your towels to attract your desired customers.

Make Sure The Domain is Available.

Before finalizing the name for your towel business, it is essential to check the availability of the domain. This is important as it will determine your online presence and help customers find your website easily. You can easily check the availability of the domain by visiting domain registration websites like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Purchase & Register Your Towel Inspired Domain!

When it comes to purchasing and registering a domain name for your towel business, the process is quite similar to other domain registrations. Start by checking the availability of your desired domain name, then proceed to purchase and register it with a domain registrar or hosting provider. Once completed, you can start building your towel business website and showcase your products to potential customers.


Why is the name of my towel business important?

A compelling name wraps your towel business in distinction, drying off the competition and absorbing customer attention, ensuring you're not just another thread in the fabric.

How can I brainstorm unique towel brand names?

Dive into the serene whispers of nature and the vibrant tapestry of the earth. Let the gentle caress of waterfalls and the lush embrace of forest canopies inspire names that capture the essence of tranquility and the pulse of life, such as "CascadeEmbrace Towels" or "ForestHug Wraps." Weave these verdant dreams, creating names that reflect the soothing touch of nature's hand and the lively spirit of the wilderness, symbolizing both the calming murmur of streams and the invigorating breath of the woods.

How do I select a unique towel business name?

To choose a unique name for your towel business, concentrate on the exceptional qualities that differentiate your offerings. Whether it's your advanced moisture-wicking technology, commitment to sustainable and organic materials, or dedication to comfort and design, let these distinctive aspects of your business guide your naming journey.

How important is a matching domain name for towel companies?

A matching domain name for a towel company is crucial, serving as the fabric of authenticity and visibility in the home and leisure markets, guiding beachgoers and hygiene-conscious consumers to soft, absorbent solutions, and establishing the brand as a trusted layer for drying, comfort, and wrapping oneself in the essence of cleanliness and relaxation, connecting people with the feeling of being fresh and pampered.

Should my towel business name focus on a niche or be more generic?

Deciding whether to choose a niche or a generic name for your towel business is a pivotal choice that will profoundly influence your brand's identity and its trajectory. For example, a niche name like "Luxury Linen Looms" immediately communicates your dedication to high-end, specialized towels, drawing in customers who are looking for that specific quality. Conversely, a more generic name offers the flexibility to diversify your towel offerings and adapt to changing market demands as your business grows. It's crucial to consider your strengths and passions within the towel industry; if you have deep knowledge or a distinct passion for a certain type of towel, a niche name might better showcase your expertise.

How can I test the effectiveness of my towel business name?

To assess the effectiveness of your towel business name, start by gathering feedback from potential customers, friends, and family via surveys, social media, or focus groups to understand its appeal, memorability, and connotations. Furthermore, evaluate the name's functionality and impact by incorporating it into marketing collateral or sample websites.