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How To Name A Tea Business

Tea has long been a beloved beverage, with cultures all over the world enjoying hot and cold varieties. This classic drink can be enjoyed in many different forms, whether it is on its own or mixed with other ingredients. Starting a tea business could give you the chance to share this delicious brew with others.

However, finding the perfect name for your tea business can be challenging. What words will resonate best with potential customers? What should reflect your company’s mission?

In this guide, we provide helpful tips and inspiring name ideas that will help you find a great name for your tea business. With an attractive and memorable moniker, you’ll be well on your way to crafting something special that everyone will want to experience!

Tea Business Names Ideas

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world, so when it comes to creating a tea business name, you need something that stands out from the competition. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Catchy Tea Business Names

A catchy business name will spark joy in your customers and leave a lasting impression. Here are some ideas:

  • Brewtopia
  • Cha Chow
  • Chai Expressions
  • Spice & Sip
  • The Leafy Lounge
  • Tealicious Treats.

Unique Tea Business Names

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to naming your tea business. Here are some unique and creative ideas:

  1. The Spice Station
  2. Leaf & Sip
  3. Tea-Tastic!
  4. Tea Emporium
  5. Sweet Leaf Cafe
  6. Leafy Blends.

Cute Tea Business Names

Your tea business should be as inviting and memorable as the flavors you offer. Here are some cute name ideas to get your started:

  1. Tea-riffic!
  2. Tea Paradise
  3. Tea & Tunes
  4. The Steep Spot
  5. Brew Haven
  6. Cha Cha Chai.

Funny Tea Business Names

A funny tea business name will bring a smile to your customers’ faces:

  1. Brew-Ha Ha
  2. Tea-Licious
  3. The Cup of Life
  4. Cha Cha Cuppa
  5. Bubble Me This.

How to Name Different Types of Tea Businesses

Tea Company

A tea company provides consumers with high-quality tea products. Words such as ‘Premium’, ‘Aromatic’ and ‘Finesse’ are ideal for a tea company name like:

  1. PremiumTea
  2. AromaticBrews
  3. FinestTeaz
  4. TeaLuxe
  5. CupofFinesse
  6. HerbalInfusionz
  7. SipsofStyle.

Loose-Leaf Tea Business

A loose-leaf tea business specializes in providing customers with the finest quality loose-leaf teas. Using words like ‘Exotic’, ‘Fresh’ and ‘Rare’ can help you come up with a great name like:

  1. ExoticTea
  2. FreshLeafs
  3. RareSteeps
  4. Loose-Leaf Luxury
  5. TeaExplorers
  6. LeafyBrews
  7. RareFindTea.

Online Tea Business

An online tea business provides customers with all their favorite teas from the comfort of their own home. Descriptors like ‘Unique’, ‘Vintage’ and ‘Exclusive’ will help you create a great name for your online tea business like:

  1. UniqueBrews
  2. VintageTeaz
  3. TeaXclusive
  4. DigitalTeaLand
  5. SteepedInStyle
  6. TeasOnline
  7. eTeaParadise.

Organic Tea Business

An organic tea business specializes in providing customers with organic teas that are grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Words like ‘Organic’, ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Natural’ will help you create a unique name for your organic tea business like:

  1. OrganicSteeps
  2. SustainaTea
  3. NaturalBrews
  4. GreenLeafs
  5. EcoTeaCo
  6. Nature’sNectar
  7. OrganicAroma.

Real-World Tea Business Names

A soothing cup of tea is a ritual many enjoy, and the businesses that provide this pleasure come in all shapes and sizes.

Here are six real-world tea business names to help get you inspired for your own:


This name combines two common words – “tea” and “pig,” which creates a catchy phrase that is easily recognizable.

Mighty Leaf Tea

This name implies strength and boldness, which speaks volumes about their teas. It’s a great example of how you can use imagery in your business name to convey the message of what you offer.


This company plays with words by combining “tea” and “love,” conveying a message of warmth and affection. It’s an interesting twist on the traditional word “tea.”


This company stands out by combining two words – “tea” and “lyre,” a musical instrument. This creates an interesting hierarchy that helps the viewer to remember the name.


This name is simple yet memorable, and speaks directly to what they offer – tea! It’s a great example of how you can go with a traditional phrase while still making it stand out.

Cha-i Tea

This business uses an interesting play on words by combining “cha,” a Japanese word for tea, and “i,” which is often associated with technology. This combination creates an interesting hierarchy that gives the viewer something to ponder about.

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Tips for Naming Your Tea Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Creating a list of words related to tea and the experience your business provides can be an effective way to come up with potential names for your tea business. Think about what sets your product apart from competitors, such as specialty flavors or unique blends. Consider any special services you offer, like delivery or custom packaging.

Keep it simple.

When selecting a name for your tea business, remember to keep it short and sweet! A long name will be hard for customers to remember, so keep it as brief yet descriptive as possible. Also, avoid using numbers or punctuation marks in the title – these can make the name more difficult to recall and spell correctly.

Be unique.

Look for words or phrases that reflect your business’s values and ethos, as well as something that accurately describes the products you offer.

Consider Your Target Audience.

Take a moment to consider who your target market is when picking a name for your tea business. If you’re targeting health-conscious individuals, an appropriate name could help make an immediate connection with them. On the other hand, if you are aiming at younger consumers, a more modern and catchy title may be better suited.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Once you’ve got a potential name in mind, it’s time to check its availability on the web! Open up GoDaddy or another site of your choice and search the desired domain URL . With some luck, you’ll find it’s available and can proceed to registering the name for your website.

Choose Your Domain!

To secure your domain name, check that the desired URL is still available on a hosting provider or registrar website. Once you’ve found an open domain, purchase and register it to make it live on the web.