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How To Name A Tavern

Whether you’re planning on opening a local neighborhood bar or a swanky cocktail lounge, the name of your tavern is one of its most important elements.

Your business name not only reflects what your company stands for but also sets the tone for how customers perceive it – either cool, inviting, fun, traditional, modern or unique.

Finding the perfect name isn’t always easy but with our helpful tips and creative ideas below you’ll be well on your way to coming up with something that really speaks to who you are as an organization. So get ready to have some fun and start brainstorming!

Tavern Names Ideas

Taverns are cozy, inviting places to enjoy a good meal or a cold drink. Think of words like ‘ale’, ‘pub’, and ‘inn’ to come up with a great name for your tavern. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Catchy Tavern Business Names

Strive for the perfect blend of humor and charm in your business name – something that will make customers smile but also want to come back for more!

  • The Ale Roomies
  • Cheers & Beers Cantina
  • Drunken Duck Inn
  • Taps & Casks Tavern
  • Ale It Up Pub.

Unique Tavern Business Names

Come up with a unique name that will make customers visit your tavern for something truly special:

  1. The Ale Cave
  2. Grain & Grub Inn
  3. The Brew House Room
  4. Bier Garden Cafe
  5. Barrels & Bits Saloon.

Funny Tavern Business Names

A funny tavern name will make your customers smile and keep coming back for more. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. The Dizzy Duck Inn
  2. Drunkin’ Donuts Pub
  3. Cask & Keg Tavern
  4. Ale Ye’ Down Saloon
  5. Foamy Mugs Bar & Grill.

Vintage Tavern Business Names

Bring a classic touch to your business name with a vintage tavern name:

  1. The Olde Pub
  2. Ale Masters Inn
  3. The Brew House Room
  4. Barrels & Brews Saloon
  5. The Hoppy Inn.

Rustic Tavern Business Names

A rustic tavern name will make customers feel right at home in your establishment. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. The Woodshed Inn
  2. The Tap Room Cafe
  3. Barn & Barrel Saloon
  4. Ale House Tavern
  5. Grain & Grub Pub.

Stylish Tavern Business Names

Give your tavern a chic and modern touch with one of these stylish business names:

  1. The Taps Lounge
  2. The Craft Ale Inn
  3. Brew House & Grill Room
  4. Hopsy & Cheer Saloon
  5. Barrels & Bites Cafe.

How to Name Different Types of Taverns


A gastropub is a bar with an emphasis on high-quality beer and food. Descriptive words for this type of establishment include ‘Flavorful’, ‘Delicious’, and ‘Unique’ which can be used to create great names like:

  1. FlavorFellas
  2. Delicious Dine & Drink
  3. Unique Tap House
  4. Gastromania
  5. FlavorBrews
  6. Ales & Eats.

Sports Bar

Sports bars feature televisions throughout the establishment showing various sporting events from around the world. Words like ‘Game’, ‘Sports’, and ‘Fan’ are perfect for a sports bar name such as:

  1. GameTime Brews
  2. SportsSpot Bar & Grill
  3. FanFare Pub & Grub
  4. Hotshots Taproom
  5. SportBrew Tavern.


A speakeasy is an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages in secret. Words like ‘Mystery’, ‘Hidden’, and ‘Secret’ will help create the perfect name for this type of bar such as:

  1. Mystery Manor
  2. Hidden Den Saloon
  3. Secret Spot Lounge
  4. Speakeasy Pub & Grill
  5. Covert Cauldron.


Microbreweries specialize in producing small batches of craft beer. Words like ‘Brew’, ‘Craft’ and ‘Batch’ are perfect for naming a microbrewery:

  1. BrewFusion
  2. Crafty Kettle
  3. Batch-O-Brews
  4. MicroMaltz Brewery
  5. Brewmasters.

Gin Bar

Gin bars are focused on the production and consumption of gin. Adjectives like ‘Juniper’, ‘Botanical’, and ‘Herbal’ help to create great names for a gin bar such as:

  1. Juniper Junction
  2. Botanical & Barrels
  3. Herbal Hideaway Ginhouse
  4. Gintopia Bar & Grill
  5. Juniper & Juice.

Wine Bar

Wine bars offer a wide selection of wines from around the globe. Words like ‘Vine’, ‘Winery’ and ‘Cellar’ are perfect for naming a wine bar:

  1. VineRoom
  2. Winery & Cellar
  3. WineOasis Bar & Lounge
  4. The Tasting Room
  5. VineVault.

Real-World Tavern Names

Taverns are popular places for socializing and entertainment, so the name of a tavern can be an important part of its identity.

We’ve gathered some examples of real-world tavern names to help you get inspired when naming your own business.

The Red Lion

This classic name is both simple and powerful – it invokes a sense of strength and courage.

The Laughing Pint

This name is playful and inviting – it implies that this tavern is a place to find laughter and joy, rather than sadness and solemnity.

The Iron Horse Inn

This name evokes a strong image of power and speed, likely referring to the famous locomotives of the same name.

The Flying Pig

This whimsical name is sure to bring a smile to any face that hears it – it’s a great example of how you can be creative and memorable with your business name.

The Silver Fox

A classic tavern name, this title implies sophistication and class.

The Roadhouse

This name is a great example of how you can make something mundane sound exciting – it implies that this tavern is the destination for travelers on their journeys.

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Tips for Naming Your Tavern

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

When coming up with a name for your tavern, consider words that evoke the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Think about the types of drinks and food served at your tavern, as well as any special features or amenities offered.

Keep it simple.

Your tavern’s name should be easy to remember and pronounce so that customers can easily find it. Avoid long names or complex phrases that are difficult for people to recall or spell correctly.

Be unique.

In an already crowded industry, standing out is essential for success – select a name that reflects what makes your tavern different from the others in its vicinity. Consider incorporating local culture or history into the name if possible, as this will help make your business memorable to potential customers.

Consider your target audience.

What type of atmosphere are you looking to create with your tavern? Are you aiming for a casual or upscale crowd? Ensure that the name you select speaks to the type of customer you’re looking to attract.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Finally, check that the domain for your tavern’s website is available before settling on a final name. Navigating to GoDaddy or another site and searching for the desired URL will tell you if it’s already taken.

Choose Your Domain!

Registering your domain name is a straightforward process – purchase and register it with an available hosting provider or registrar, confirm all the details, and voilà – your website will be ready for launch!