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How To Name A Tailoring Business

A tailor is someone who specializes in creating or altering clothing to fit the exact specifications of their customers. A tailoring business could be anything from a boutique specializing in custom-made garments, to an alteration shop for existing clothes and accessories.

No matter what type of tailoring business you are launching, coming up with just the right name will be key to your success. You want something that conveys the quality of your craftsmanship, as well as reflects the personality and mission of your company.

To get you started on this important task, we have compiled a list of inspiring name ideas along with helpful tips for creating an unforgettable business name. With the perfect name, you are sure to make a statement in the fashion industry.

Tailoring Business Name Ideas

Tailoring is an art form that requires precision, skill and attention to detail. Here are some ideas for a memorable business name:

Vintage Tailoring Business Name Ideas

Vintage tailoring has a timeless charm that never goes out of style. Here are some ideas for a business name with a classic feel:

  • The Tailor’s Touch
  • Seamstress Supreme
  • Vintage Vogue
  • Retro Refinement
  • Timeless Tailors. ​

Modern Tailoring Business Name Ideas

Modern tailoring is all about the details and making a statement. These business name ideas will help you create a unique brand:

  1. Trendy Tailors
  2. Stitch Savvy
  3. Designers Delight
  4. Contemporary Cuts
  5. Fashion Fabrics
  6. Structured Style. ​

Cute Tailoring Business Name Ideas

Want an approachable and friendly business name that reflects your tailoring skills? Try one of these cute ideas:

  1. The Tailor’s Trimmings
  2. Fabrics & Flair
  3. Needle Noodles
  4. Sweet Seams
  5. Sew Savvy. ​

Stylish Tailoring Business Name Ideas

If you want to create a brand that embodies the latest trends, try one of these stylish business name ideas:

  1. Fashionista Finery
  2. Runway Ready
  3. Style Makers
  4. Haute Hems
  5. Cutting Couture. ​

How to Name Different Types of Tailoring Businesses

Custom Suit Tailor

A custom suit tailor specializes in making suits tailored to fit the individual customer. Words like ‘Fine’, ‘Specialty’ and ‘Tailored’ are great starting points for possible name ideas such as:

  1. FineSuits
  2. SpecialtyFitters
  3. TailoredCreations
  4. CraftedFashionz
  5. DesignerThreadsz.

Alteration & Repair Services

Alteration and repair services specialize in making adjustments to existing pieces of clothing. Adjectives like ‘Expert’, ‘Precise’ and ‘Perfect’ are great for describing this type of tailoring business:

  1. ExpertFitting
  2. PreciseStitches
  3. PerfectFitters
  4. TailorMakersz
  5. CreativeAlterations.

Jeans Tailor

A jeans tailor specializes in creating custom-made jeans for their customers. Words like ‘Unique’, ‘Individualized’ and ‘Signature’ capture the essence of a jeans tailor and make great starting points for name ideas such as:

  1. UniqueStylez
  2. IndividualizedDenimz
  3. SignatureJeansCo.
  4. JeansAtelierz
  5. DenimDesigns.

Bridal Tailor

A bridal tailor specializes in creating custom-made wedding dresses. Adjectives like ‘Elegant’, ‘Luxurious’ and ‘Romantic’ are great starting points for potential name ideas such as:

  1. ElegantStitches
  2. LuxuriousLaces
  3. RomanticFashionz
  4. BridalBoutiqueCo.
  5. DressAtelierz.

Shirt Tailor

A shirt tailor specializes in creating custom-made shirts for their customers. Words like ‘Tailored’, ‘Modern’ and ‘Fashionable’ can be used to come up with creative names like:

  1. TailoredThreads
  2. ModernShirts
  3. FashionableFitz
  4. ShirtAtelierCo.
  5. SharpShirtz.

Real-World Tailoring Business Names

Tailoring is all about attention to detail and craftsmanship, which is why the right business name can make or break a customer’s opinion.

Let these six tailoring businesses help you pick the perfect name for your own small business!

The Seamstress

This company chose a classic name that speaks directly to their service – they tailor clothing from the ground up using expert seamstresses! It’s unique, memorable, and oozes with style.

Savile Row Tailors

Named after London’s iconic Savile Row district, this company has established itself as a leader in providing top-notch suits and tailoring services. Its evocative moniker will surely attract customers looking for quality garments.

Couture Alterations

This clever name speaks to the luxury and craftsmanship of its services. It’s memorable and projects an air of sophistication – perfect for those looking for a high-end tailoring service!

Tailored Images

This business chose a unique spin on the word “tailored” that perfectly describes their services. Customers will remember this business’ name as it portrays exactly what they specialize in – creating tailored images!

The Tailor-Made Company

This company managed to combine two words into one catchy name – tailor and made! Its simple but effective, accurately describing what they do (customize garments) while making an impact on viewers.

Perfect Fit Tailors

This business chose a name that speaks directly to its services – they specialize in tailor-made garments that provide the perfect fit. It has a great ring to it and is sure to leave an impression on customers.

Use the Business Name Generator

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Tips for Naming Your Tailoring Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Think of words related to the industry like “stitching”, “tailor”, or “seamstress”. Additionally, consider words that describe the type of service you offer – such as “custom” or “unique”.

Keep it simple.

When it comes to naming your tailoring business, keep it straightforward and memorable. Longer names may be difficult for customers to recall correctly, so think of something short yet impactful!

Be unique.

Generate some offbeat yet memorable terms that will come to mind when people consider your services. It may be helpful to construct metaphors or visuals associated with the tailoring sector.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Once you have come up with a name for your tailoring business, confirm that the domain for the website is available. Sites like GoDaddy or Namecheap make it easy to search for the desired URL and see if anyone has already claimed it.

Choose Your Domain!

It’s easy to purchase and register your domain name once you’ve found one that works with your desired name. Just select a hosting provider or registrar – such as GoDaddy or Namecheap – and follow their instructions in order to claim ownership of the URL.