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How To Name A Spa Business

Relaxation, rejuvenation, and pampering are the hallmarks of a great spa experience. Whether you’re offering massages, facials, or other spa services, your business name should convey a sense of luxury and indulgence.

Naming your spa business can be a fun and creative process, but it’s important to choose a name that accurately reflects your brand and appeals to your target audience. This guide provides helpful tips and inspiring name ideas to help you find the perfect name for your spa business.

With the right name, your spa business can stand out in a crowded market and attract loyal customers who appreciate the value of self-care and relaxation.

Spa Business Name Ideas

A spa business name should convey relaxation, luxury, and rejuvenation. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Calming Spa Business Names

Relaxation is key at a spa, and a calming name can help set the tone – here are some ideas for calming spa business names:

  • Serenity Spa
  • Tranquil Touch
  • Zen Zone
  • Blissful Body
  • Peaceful Pampering
  • Soothing Sanctuary.

Healthy Spa Business Names

Health and wellness are at the forefront of these spa businesses, and their names should reflect that:

  1. Serenity Spa
  2. Pure Bliss Wellness
  3. Renewal Retreat
  4. Vitality Spa
  5. Radiant Health Spa
  6. Tranquil Touch Spa

Clever Spa Business Names

Relax and rejuvenate with these clever spa business names:

  1. Serenity Spa
  2. Tranquil Touch
  3. Blissful Body
  4. Zen Zone
  5. Pure Pampering
  6. Rejuvenation Station.

Evocative Spa Business Names

A spa business name should evoke relaxation, rejuvenation, and luxury:

  1. Serenity Spa
  2. Tranquil Touch
  3. Blissful Body
  4. Pure Indulgence
  5. Oasis Wellness.

Catchy Spa Business Names

Relax and unwind with these catchy spa business names that will leave your customers feeling pampered:

  1. Serenity Spa
  2. Blissful Body
  3. Tranquil Touch
  4. Pure Relaxation
  5. Zen Zone
  6. Rejuvenate Me.

How to Name Different Types of Spa Businesses

Luxury Spa Resort

Luxury spa resorts offer a high-end experience for relaxation and rejuvenation. Consider using words like ‘Serenity’ and ‘Tranquility’ to create names for your luxury spa resort such as:

  1. Serenity Spa
  2. Tranquil Retreat
  3. Blissful Haven
  4. Oasis Spa
  5. Pure Relaxation Resort
  6. Heavenly Spa.

Day Spa

Day spas are places where people can go to relax and rejuvenate. Words like ‘Relax’, ‘Renew’, ‘Refresh’, and ‘Revitalize’ can be used to create names for your day spa such as:

  1. Relaxation Station
  2. Renewal Retreat
  3. Refresh Spa
  4. Revitalize Oasis
  5. Serenity Spa
  6. Tranquil Touch.

Wellness Retreat

Wellness retreats offer a variety of services to promote health and relaxation. Words like ‘Wellness’, ‘Relaxation’, and ‘Retreat’ can help you come up with calming names for your wellness retreat business like:

  1. Serenity Springs
  2. Tranquil Haven
  3. Blissful Retreat
  4. Mindful Oasis
  5. Renewal Retreat
  6. Harmony Haven.

Spa Product Brand

Spa product brands provide skincare and beauty products for relaxation and self-care. Words like ‘Relax’, ‘Glow’, and ‘Pamper’ can be used to generate names for your spa product brand such as:

  1. Relax & Renew
  2. Glow Essentials
  3. Pamper Me Pretty
  4. Serenity Spa
  5. Blissful Beauty
  6. Tranquil Treats.

Medical Spa

Medical spas focus on providing a range of cosmetic and wellness treatments. Words like ‘Relaxation’, ‘Rejuvenation’, and ‘Wellness’ can help create names for your medical spa such as:

  1. Serenity Spa
  2. Rejuvenate Wellness
  3. Radiant Skin
  4. Blissful Body
  5. Renewal Med Spa
  6. Vitality Wellness
  7. Tranquil Touch.

Massage Parlor

Massage parlors provide relaxation and therapeutic massages to customers. Words like ‘Relax’, ‘Soothe’, and ‘Heal’ are great descriptors you can use to come up with brilliant names for your massage parlor such as:

  1. Relax & Renew Massage
  2. Soothing Touch Spa
  3. Healing Hands Massage
  4. Serenity Spa & Massage
  5. Tranquil Touch Therapy
  6. Blissful Bodyworks.

Real-World Spa Business Names

The spa industry is all about relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-care. A great spa business name should convey these qualities while also being memorable and unique.

Here are six real-world spa business names that do just that. From puns to alliteration, these names show how creativity can help your spa stand out in a crowded market. Whether you’re opening a day spa or a med spa, these names should give you some ideas for your own business.

Six Senses

Six Senses is a luxury hotel and resort chain that offers a unique and holistic approach to hospitality. Their properties are located in some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic destinations, and they offer a range of wellness programs and activities to help guests relax and rejuvenate. The name “Six Senses” refers to the six senses that humans possess – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and intuition – and the brand’s commitment to engaging and stimulating each of these senses in their guests.

The Red Door Salon & Spa

The Red Door Salon & Spa is a luxury beauty and wellness brand that offers a range of services including hair care, skincare, massage therapy, and more. The name “Red Door” is a nod to the iconic red door of their flagship location in New York City, which has become a symbol of the brand’s commitment to providing a luxurious and indulgent experience for their clients.

Massage Envy

Massage Envy is a chain of massage and spa clinics that offer a variety of services, including massages, facials, and skincare treatments. The name “Massage Envy” suggests that their goal is to create a sense of envy or desire for their services, emphasizing the quality and expertise of their massage therapists and estheticians.


Mindbody is a software company that provides cloud-based business management software for the wellness industry. Their platform includes tools for scheduling appointments, processing payments, and managing customer relationships. Mindbody’s mission is to help people lead healthier, happier lives by connecting them with wellness services and providers.


Earthlite is a brand that specializes in massage tables and accessories for the spa and wellness industry. The brand’s name is a combination of “earth” and “lite,” reflecting their commitment to using sustainable materials and designing products that are lightweight and easy to transport.


Miraval is a luxury wellness resort and spa located in Tucson, Arizona. The name “Miraval” is derived from the Spanish words “mirar” (to look) and “valle” (valley), reflecting the resort’s stunning location in the Sonoran Desert valley. Miraval offers a range of wellness programs and activities, including yoga, meditation, and outdoor adventures.

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Simply insert each keyword into the search bar and hit enter to view hundreds of related business names waiting to be used. Here is a list of keywords you could input to get spa business names:

  1. relaxation
  2. rejuvenation
  3. massage
  4. wellness
  5. pampering
  6. tranquility
  7. serenity
  8. beauty

Tips for Naming Your Spa Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your spa business.

When brainstorming keywords for your spa business, consider the services you offer, such as massages, facials, and body treatments. Think about the atmosphere and ambiance of your spa, such as relaxation, rejuvenation, and tranquility. You can also consider the location of your spa, such as a beach or mountain retreat.

Keep your spa business name simple.

When choosing a name for your spa business, simplicity is key. A short and memorable name can help your business stand out and be easily recognized by potential customers. Avoid using complicated or obscure words that may be difficult for people to understand or remember. A simple and straightforward name can help convey the relaxing and rejuvenating experience that your spa offers.

Be unique.

Your spa business name should reflect the unique experience you offer to your customers. Consider using words that evoke relaxation, rejuvenation, and luxury. Avoid generic names that don’t differentiate your business from others in the industry.

Consider the target audience of your spa company

Your spa company’s target audience should be considered when choosing a name. Are you targeting a specific age group or gender? Are you offering luxury services or more affordable options? The name should reflect the type of experience your target audience is looking for and convey a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Make Sure The Domain is Available.

Before finalizing the name for your spa business, it’s essential to check if the domain is available. This will ensure that your website has a unique and memorable domain name that customers can easily find and access. You can use various online tools to check the availability of your desired domain name and register it if it’s available.

Purchase & Register Your Spa Inspired Domain!

Once you’ve found the perfect domain name, you can purchase and register it with a domain registrar or hosting provider. From there, you can start building your website and promoting your spa services online.