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How To Name A Salon

When it comes to beauty, many people turn to salons. Whether they’re getting a manicure, pedicure, or just a haircut, these businesses provide clients with an opportunity to look and feel their best.

Nail art and colorful hair have long since become a trend and it’s no surprise why—it’s fun, creative, and always changes with the seasons. For those looking to start a salon and share their passion for beauty, coming up with an eye-catching name is essential for success.

Your name should not only be memorable but also accurately reflect your brand and services. With this guide, you will get plenty of inspiration and helpful tips to make the naming process easier. So grab a pen, paper, and some creative thinking—it’s time to start brainstorming!

Salon Name Ideas

Relaxation, rejuvenation, and beauty – these are the main themes behind most salons. Here’s a list of salon name ideas that capture this spirit:

Luxury Spa Name Ideas

When customers are looking for a luxurious spa experience, they’ll be drawn to names that suggest opulence and elegance:

  • Platinum Luxe Spa
  • The Royal Treatment
  • The Beauty Suite
  • Lavish Indulgences
  • Upscale Aesthetics
  • Pampered Petals and Golden Touch Salon.

Aesthetic Salon Name Ideas

For salons that focus on aesthetics, try a name that emphasizes beauty and attractiveness:

  1. Glow Beauty Bar
  2. Look Fabulous
  3. Pretty in Pink Salon
  4. Beauteous Bliss
  5. Vanity Vibes and Chic Creations.

Modern Salon Names

Modern salons have a sleek, contemporary feel that’s reflected in their names:

  1. Vogue Salon
  2. Style Haven
  3. Edge Hair Studio
  4. Modern Mane
  5. The Refinery and Cutting Edge Styles.

Organic Salon Name Ideas

For salons that focus on natural and organic products, try a name that emphasizes their commitment to eco-friendly practices:

  1. Earth Angel Beauty
  2. The Green Room
  3. Naturale Salon
  4. Organic Indulgence
  5. Nature’s Nest and EcoSwank.

Luxury Salon Name Ideas

Luxury salons offer high-end services and products, so choose a name that suggests sophistication and quality:

  1. The Elite Salon
  2. The Finest Touch
  3. Deluxe Beauty Experience
  4. Signature Style
  5. Five-Star Haircutters and Luxury Beauty Lounge.

Creative Salon Name Ideas

For salons with a creative flair, try a name that suggests art and beauty:

  1. Velvet Art Studio
  2. Hair Oasis
  3. The Hairbrush
  4. Creative Cuts & Colors
  5. Designers Touch and Beauty Muse
  6. Fringe Benefits Salon

How to Name Different Types of Salons

Hair Salon

Styling hair is more than just a pair of scissors; it’s an art form. Words like ‘Creative’, ‘Stylish’, and ‘Glamorous’ can help to capture the essence of a hair salon and make for great starting points for names like:

  1. Glam Creative Hair Studio
  2. Stylish Designers Salon
  3. Glamorous Cuts & Curls
  4. Creative Art of Hair.

Nail Salon

Manicures and pedicures are a way to express your individual style with colors, designs, and textures. Words like ‘Gleaming’, ‘Polished’, and ‘Refined’ all evoke

  1. Gleaming Nail Designers
  2. Gleaming Nail Art
  3. Polished Manicures & Pedicures
  4. Refined Touch Studio
  5. Glittering Nails & Tips.

Spa Salon

A spa salon provides restorative treatments that can help reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Words like ‘Relax’, ‘Zen’, and ‘Balance’ can craft an inviting name for your spa salon such as:

  1. Relaxation & Zen Salon
  2. Balance Wellness Spa
  3. Tranquility Therapy Studio
  4. Relaxing Retreat Centers.

Makeup Salon

Winged liner and smoky eyes are just a few examples of the artistry involved in makeup. Words like ‘Glam’, ‘Shine’, and ‘Illuminate’ can inspire thoughts of beauty and create cool makeup salon names such as:

  1. Glam Illuminate Makeup
  2. Shine Beauty Studio
  3. Illuminated Artistry Salon
  4. Glam Glitters & Shimmers.

Tanning Salon

Getting a summer glow is possible any time of the year with a professional tanning salon. Opt for words like ‘Golden’, ‘Radiant’, and ‘Sun-Kissed’ to create warm and inviting names for your tanning salon such as:

  1. Golden Glow Tanning
  2. Radiant Sun Spas
  3. Sun-Kissed Salons & Studios
  4. Glowing Tans & Bronzers.

Real-World Salon Names

In a competitive market, all business names within the same industry are vying for the same target audience. Looking at your competitors and figuring out what they’ve done that works – or doesn’t – is a vital step in naming your business.

In this list of creative real-world salon names, you’ll find both lead competitors and more niche companies to give a more comprehensive overview of the industry. No matter what your business specializes in, these companies will help provide some useful inspiration!

Shear Perfection:

This salon emphasizes pampering and relaxation, offering services such as haircuts, styling, coloring, waxing and more. The name “Shear Perfection” speaks to the goal of creating a perfect look for their clients.

Beauty Bar Boutique:

This boutique offers both beauty treatments and shopping experiences in one place. The name “Beauty Bar Boutique” captures the fun atmosphere of this unique place where customers can get pampered and shop for products all at once.

Glow Hair Lounge:

This hair salon focuses on cutting-edge hairstyles and color trends while providing a relaxing atmosphere. The name “Glow Hair Lounge” conveys the idea of looking and feeling great after a visit to their salon.

Bliss Salon:

This full-service salon offers haircuts, styling, coloring, waxing, facials and more. The name “Bliss” suggests the peaceful atmosphere of the salon and the satisfaction clients will get from their services.

Use the Salon Name Generator

Have you assembled up to five keywords that accurately reflect your company? It’s time to utilize the extraordinary Salon Name Generator!

Simply insert each keyword into the search bar and hit enter to view hundreds of related business names waiting to be used. Here is a list of keywords you could input to get business names:

Tips for Naming Your Salon

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Think about words that embody the look and feel of your salon, as well as the services you offer. Consider what makes your business unique – do you specialize in a certain type of service or style? Now brainstorm keywords that reflect these elements, as well as any other ideas that come to mind.

Keep it simple.

A long, complicated name won’t be memorable and is more likely to confuse customers when they’re trying to find you. Additionally, avoid using crazy spelling or complicated words that require the customer to look up what they mean. The simpler the better; focus on creating a catchy phrase that reflects your brand and resonates with potential clients.

Be unique.

An overly generic name won’t help you draw customers in. Instead, pick a name that reflects something special about your salon. Whether it’s the location, the type of services you offer, or your fun and friendly atmosphere, make sure your name reflects what makes your business your own.

Consider your target audience.

Think about who your target clients are and create a name that resonates with them. If you’re targeting young professionals, pick something trendy or modern-sounding. If you’re catering to an older crowd, choose something more classic or elegant.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

One of the first steps after deciding on a business name should be to check if the domain is available. A domain name is an address that customers will use to access your website, so having an exact-match dot com domain is essential for online success.

Choose Your Domain!

Purchasing and registering your domain name is a simple, straightforward process. By using a website such as GoDaddy or Namecheap, you can easily search for available domain names and then purchase the one that fits your business the best.