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How To Name A Resin Business

Resin businesses are on the rise, with entrepreneurs crafting beautiful handmade pieces from this versatile and durable material. From jewelry to art, resin can be transformed into breathtakingly stunning products that stand the test of time.

When it comes to naming a resin business, you’ll want a name that conveys strength, beauty and creativity all at once. It should capture the essence of your work, while also being memorable and eye-catching.

To help you get started, here are some creative name ideas and helpful tips for naming a resin business. With the perfect name in tow, you’ll be ready to begin crafting beautiful resin pieces that will last for years to come.

Resin Business Name Ideas

Resin is a versatile and durable material that is perfect for crafting unique pieces. Here are some ideas to help you create a memorable business name:

Aethestic Resin Business Name Ideas

Resin art is all about creating something visually appealing. These business name ideas will help you capture the aesthetic of your creations:

  • Elegant Epoxies
  • Luxury Lacquers
  • Colorful Compositions
  • Modern Mosaics
  • Exotic Embellishments. ​

Creative Resin Business Name Ideas

Be creative and think outside the box with one of these unique business name ideas:

  1. Resin Revelations
  2. Imaginary Inlays
  3. Creative Castles
  4. Marvelous Mosaics
  5. Fantastical Formations.

Earthy Resin Business Name Ideas

For a rustic vibe add some natural inspiration to your business name:

  1. Earthly Expressions
  2. Natural Nooks
  3. Rustic Resins
  4. Earthy Embellishments
  5. Nature’s Artwork. ​

Catchy Resin Business Name Ideas

If you’re looking for something catchy, try one of these memorable business name ideas:

  1. Resin Remedies
  2. The Resinous Revolution
  3. Epoxy Expressions
  4. Lacquer Labels
  5. Polymorphic Placements. ​

Trendy Resin Business Name Ideas

To capture the spirit of modern art and design, try one of these trendy business name ideas:

  1. Liquid Luxury
  2. Glamorous Glazes
  3. The Resinista
  4. Shining Structures
  5. Contempo Creations.

How to Name Different Types of Resin Businesses

Polymer Resin Business

Polymer resins are used for a variety of industrial purposes. Words like ‘Plastic’, ‘Forming’ and ‘Molding’ can be used to create a name that reflects the purpose of your business like:

  1. PlasticForm
  2. MoldingTech
  3. PolyMakers
  4. PlastiCrafts
  5. FormTech.

Epoxy Resin Business

Industrial epoxy resins are used for a variety of purposes, such as lamination and potting. Use words like ‘Epic’, ‘Bond’ and ‘Adhesive’ to come up with creative names that truly capture the essence of your epoxy resin business like:

  1. EpicBond
  2. AdhesionTech
  3. BondMakers
  4. EpicAdhesives
  5. EpoxyCrafts.

Fiberglass Resin Business

Fiberglass resins provide an immense amount of strength and durability, making them ideal for producing powerful and reinforced products. Incorporate terms like ‘Strength’, ‘Power’ or ‘Reinforced’ into the name of your business to emphasize its purpose – such as:

  1. StrengthWeave
  2. PowerFiber
  3. ReinforcedMakers
  4. FiberCrafts
  5. StrengthTech.

Resin Art Business

Resin art is becoming increasingly popular and can be used to create stunning works of art. To capture the creative spirit of your resin art business, consider words such as ‘Art’, ‘Inspire’ or ‘Create’:

  1. ArtVibe
  2. CreateDreams
  3. InspireBond
  4. ArtMakers
  5. ResinCrafts.

Real-World Resin Business Names

Resin businesses often come up with creative and unique names that reflect their specialties. Here are some examples of memorable resin business names:


  1. This name implies creativity and innovation
  2. two traits that are essential for a successful resin business.


This name combines the words “poly” and “create,” reflecting their expertise in working with polymers.


This catchy name speaks to the unique offerings of this business – from resin jewelry to sculptures and more.

Bespoke Resinology

This intricate name conveys a level of sophistication and customization that is perfect for any resin project.

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