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How To Name A Rabbit Business

Rabbits are popular pets, but they also have business potential. A rabbit business can be anything from a breeder to a veterinary clinic to a pet store that specializes in selling rabbits and related accessories.

Creating the perfect name for a rabbit-related business requires careful consideration. Your chosen name should reflect your dedication to providing quality care and products for your customers.

This guide is full of inspiring name ideas and helpful tips that will help you get started on the journey to finding a great business name. With the perfect name in place, you can create something truly special and make a lasting impression in the rabbit world!

Rabbit Business Name Ideas

Luck is on your side with these rabbit-inspired business name ideas:

Funny Rabbit Business Name Ideas

Give customers a chuckle with one of these funny rabbit-themed business names:

  • Hop to It! The Bunny Bazaar
  • Loony Leporids
  • Jumping Jokers
  • Wacky & Wild Rabbits. ​

Creative Rabbit Business Name Ideas

Get creative and think outside the hutch with one of these unique rabbit business name ideas:

  1. Bunny Barons
  2. Whisker Wonders
  3. Thumper Traders
  4. Fur Fabricators.

Catchy Rabbit Business Name Ideas

Catching a rabbit takes speed and agility, just like crafting a good business name. Here are some catchy ideas to get you started:

  1. The Lop Shop
  2. Fluffy Finds
  3. The Bunny Barn
  4. Hare Havens. ​

Unique Rabbit Business Name Ideas

These unique rabbit-inspired business name ideas will get you hopping in no time:

  1. The Rabbit Ranchers
  2. Fur Fantastic
  3. The Bunny Boutique
  4. Hops & Hoppery
  5. Cottontail Classics
  6. Bunnie Boutique
  7. Peter’s Palace
  8. Jumping Jackpots

How to Name Different Types of Rabbit Businesses

Rabbit Supply Brand

Rabbits need many supplies like food, toys, and bedding to live happily. Words that capture the essence of a rabbit supply brand are ‘Fluffy’, ‘Furry’ and ‘Soft’. These words can be used to create unique names like:

  1. FluffyWhiskers
  2. FurryFacts
  3. SoftBunz
  4. BunnyWare
  5. FluffNest.

Rabbit Rescue Business

Rescue organizations strive to re-home rabbits in need with loving forever homes. Words such as ‘Saved’, ‘Adopted’, and ‘Respectful’ evoke the sense of dignity that rabbits require as they are given a second chance in life. Use these words to create creative names for your rescue business such as:

  1. Rehomed Rabbits
  2. Adopt-a-Bunny
  3. Respectful Rescues
  4. Saved Souls.

Rabbit Grooming Business

A rabbit grooming business will provide services such as bathing and nail trimming for bunnies. Words like ‘Fresh’, ‘Pampered’ and ‘Groomed’ can help you come up with an appropriate name for this type of business like:

  1. Happy Hoppers
  2. Fuzzy Freshness
  3. Pampered Bunnies
  4. Groomed and Ready.

Rabbit Education Business

Businesses that specialize in rabbit education and training offer valuable resources to bunny owners. Descriptors like ‘Smart’, ‘Educated’ and ‘Knowledgeable’ can be used to create names for this type of business such as:

  1. Smart Rabbitry
  2. Educated Bunny
  3. Knowledgeable Petters
  4. Wise Hoppits.

Real-World Rabbit Business Names

Hopping into the pet industry is no easy feat, but there are plenty of businesses out there that have done it successfully.

Here are six rabbit-centric businesses with some truly memorable names to inspire your own:


This company has come up with an adorable name that speaks directly to what they offer – bunnies! It also conjures up notions of curiosity and amazement, making for a catchy moniker.

Hare Care Pet Supply Co.

This business chose a homey name perfect for the pet industry. The word “hare” immediately connects them to the product they sell, while “care” conveys a message of trustworthiness and tenderness.

Home Sweet Rabbitry

This name speaks directly to the customer’s needs, as it conveys warmth and protection for their beloved rabbits. It also implies that this company is full of knowledgeable people who will take care of all the rabbitry needs.

The Bunny Boutique

This business has chosen an interesting way to twist up a common design related term – boutique! This creates a sense of luxury and quality associated with their products and services.

Hare-y Products Co.

This company has created a memorable name that both speaks to their audience and expresses the playful nature of their business. The word play between “hare” and “hairy” adds a touch of lightheartedness to their brand.

Rabbit Rescue Me

This company has chosen a memorable yet powerful name for their mission-based business. Not only does it perfectly describe what they specialize in, but it also conveys a sense of strength and courage – perfect for this line of work!

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Tips for Naming Your Rabbit Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

When it comes to naming your rabbit business, you should consider words that are associated with rabbits and the services you offer. Think of words related to your breed (i.e., rex, lop-eared) or connotations like “pet” or “cute”. Brainstorming such keywords can help to generate a list of potential names for your business.

Keep it simple.

Keeping it simple is key when picking out a name for your rabbit business. Customers will remember and return if your name is easy to say and spell, plus think about what kind of imagery or colors could work well as part of the branding for your company.

Be unique.

A name like “Cuddly Bunny” might be too generic for customers to remember. Think of a name that sets your business apart from the competition and one that speaks to the unique character of your business and the products offered.

Consider Your Target Audience.

Who is your target market? Will you be catering to rabbits for showing, as pet companions, or some other purpose? Consider if there are any particular terms that would be associated with your desired demographic.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Once you have come up with a name for your rabbit business, it is important to make sure that the domain for the website is available. Checking domain availability is as easy as opening a site such as GoDaddy and searching for the name you want to use.

Choose Your Domain!

Securing and registering the domain name of your choice is a straightforward process. Begin by verifying if the domain is available, then purchase and register it by selecting from various hosting providers or registrars. Doing so will make sure that you have exclusive access to this perfect online address for years to come!