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How To Name A Private Investigator Business

Private investigators are professionals who specialize in gathering information and providing confidential services to a wide range of clients. They can be hired to investigate matters such as corporate fraud, marital infidelity, missing persons cases, and more. As such, private investigators need to project an air of competence and professionalism when conducting their business—and the same goes for their company name.

Your company name should reflect that you are trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable. It should also indicate the type of services you offer so potential clients will know what kind of detective agency they’re dealing with. A strong brand identity comprised of a memorable business name is key to success in this competitive field.

If you’re looking for great name ideas for your private detective business, you’ve come to the right place. Here we have gathered inspiring name ideas and helpful tips to help you get started. With the perfect name, you can make a lasting impression in the private investigation industry.

Private Investigator Business Name Ideas

Private investigators need to be discreet and trustworthy. Come up with a name that reflects these qualities:

Catchy Private Investigator Business Name Ideas

A catchy private detective business name will grab potential clients’ attention and make them curious to learn more:

  • Mystery Masters
  • Confidential Case Files
  • Shadow Solutions
  • Discreet Detectives
  • Private Profilers. ​

Clever Private Investigator Business Name Ideas

Come up with a clever name that reflects your unique approach to private investigation:

  1. The Hidden Hand
  2. The Sherlock Service
  3. PI Puzzlers
  4. The Intrepid Investigators
  5. Probe Professionals. ​

Cool Private Investigator Business Name Ideas

Create a cool and intriguing name that will impress potential customers:

  1. Black Ops Investigations
  2. The Clue Chronicles
  3. Detective Dynamics
  4. Police Profiling
  5. Private Pursuits. ​

Funny Private Investigator Business Name Ideas

Make customers smile with a funny yet professional private investigator business name:

  1. Private I Spy
  2. Inc.
  3. Sleuths-R-Us
  4. Snoop Seekers
  5. Spy Games Inc.
  6. The Gossip Gurus. ​

How to Name Different Types of Private Investigator Businesses

Forensic Investigator Business

Forensic investigators specialize in gathering evidence to help solve crimes. Words like ‘Discovery’, ‘Clues’, and ‘DNA’ are all fitting descriptors for this type of business:

ClueCrashers, DiscoveryDetectives, DNAPrime, ForensicsFinder, ClueGurus.

Corporate Investigator Business

Corporate investigators look into illegal activity and fraud in a corporate setting. Names like ‘Justice’, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Security’ can help evoke the idea of uncovering the truth in a corporate setting:

  1. JusticeSeekers
  2. IntegrityDetectives
  3. SecurityCases
  4. CorporateCrusaders
  5. FraudFinders.

Insurance Investigator Business

Insurance investigators specialize in investigating insurance fraud cases. Words like ‘Insure’, ‘Truth’ and ‘Evidence’ are all fitting descriptors for this type of business:

  1. InsureDetect
  2. TruthSeekers
  3. EvidenceCollectors
  4. InsuranceGurus
  5. FraudFighters.

Fire Investigator Business

Fire investigators are responsible for determining the cause of fires. Names like ‘Burn’, ‘Flame’ and ‘Reveal’ can help evoke the idea of uncovering the truth behind a fire:

  1. BurnDetectives
  2. FlameFinders
  3. RevealInvestigators
  4. FireAnalysts
  5. SootSeekers.

Real-World Private Investigator Business Names

Private Investigators are tasked with uncovering the truth, so it’s only natural that their businesses reflect this commitment to getting to the bottom of things.

Here are six creative private investigator business names for those in the PI business:

Truth Seekers Investigations

This name speaks to the fundamental mission of a private investigator – seeking the truth and getting answers.

Mystery Unfolds

The clever play on words in this business name reflects the fact that a PI’s job is often shrouded in mystery, but they are determined to unfold these secrets.

Shadow Sleuths

The word “shadow” implies stealth and secrecy, which is an essential element of the PI profession. The name also plays on the phrase “sleuth” – a term used to describe a detective or investigator.

Case Closers

The idea behind this business name is to emphasize the fact that private investigators are committed to finding the answers and ultimately closing cases.

Hidden Solutions

This name is perfect for those in the PI business because it speaks to their ability to uncover what is hidden and provide solutions to complex cases.

Unlock Mysteries

The creative combination of words in this business name not only suggests a commitment to finding out the truth, but also implies that Private Investigators can unlock even the most difficult mysteries.

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