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How To Name A Pen Business

Whether it’s a classic fountain pen or a modern ballpoint, pens are an essential tool for many. Pen businesses specialize in creating writing instruments that make communication easier and more enjoyable. It takes skill and precision to create quality pens, so customers can expect a product that looks great and writes smooth.

Finding the perfect name for your pen business involves more than just picking out some words. You’ll want something creative, memorable and meaningful—a moniker that resonates with potential customers and conveys what you stand for as an organization.

In this list, you will find plenty of inspiring names ideas to get you started on finding the perfect name for your pen business. With these tips and tricks, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your business and get closer to achieving success.

Pen Business Name Ideas

Written in ink or graphite, a pen is a tool that sparks creativity. These business name ideas will help you craft the perfect brand:

Vintage Pen Business Name Ideas

In an age of technology and smartphones, there’s something special about a vintage pen. Capture the nostalgia of days gone by with one of these business name ideas:

  • Retro Writers
  • Nostalgic Nibs
  • Pen Perfectionists
  • The Inkwell Store
  • Fountain of Ideas. ​

Modern Pen Business Name Ideas

Modern pens come in all shapes and sizes and make writing a joy. Here are some business name ideas to help you create a modern brand:

  1. Modern Markers
  2. Smart Scribes
  3. Versatile Visions
  4. The Writers’ Corner
  5. Contemporary Calligraphy. ​

Creative Pen Business Name Ideas

From gel pens to calligraphy markers, there are endless possibilities when it comes to writing tools. Here are some creative business name ideas:

  1. The Pen Emporium
  2. Colorful Creations
  3. Artistic Expressions
  4. The Scribble Shack
  5. Writing Wonderland. ​

Catchy Pen Business Name Ideas

Hooking your customers with a clever name can be the key to success. Here are some catchy business name ideas to get you started:

  1. Pen Pirates
  2. Scribble Swag
  3. The Ink Lounge
  4. Pencil Playground
  5. The Writing Vault. ​

How to Name Different Types of Pen Businesses

Fountain Pen Business

Fountain pens are popular among those who enjoy the classic look and feel of writing with an elegant instrument. Words like ‘Nib’, ‘Flow’ or ‘Point” are all great starting points for a business name that could suit this type of pen. Consider names like:

NibFlexi, FlowWriters, PointCrafters, PenLuxury, InkMania.

Roller Ball Pen Business

Roller ball pens provide users with an amazing writing experience as the ink flows seamlessly across the page. Names such as ‘Roll’, ‘Smooth’ or ‘Ink’ all give off a sense of sophistication and style, creating potential name ideas like:

  1. RollCrafters
  2. SmoothWriters
  3. InkVibes
  4. PenLuxe
  5. WritingFlexi.

Ball Point Pen Business

Ball point pens are known for their convenience and practicality when it comes to writing tasks. Words like ‘Click’, ‘Write’ or ‘Point’ all fit perfectly with this type of pen and could give you potential names such as:

  1. ClickWriters
  2. WriteFlexi
  3. PointMania
  4. PenPerfection
  5. InkLuxe.

Gel Pen Business

Gel pens are the perfect tool for those who love writing and drawing with vibrant colors. Descriptors like ‘Glow’, ‘Gel’ and ‘Ink’ would be perfect to name a gel pen business:

  1. Vibrant Ink
  2. Jumping Inkers
  3. Gelmania
  4. CreativeInks
  5. GlowWriters.

Real-World Pen Business Names

Pen businesses have to compete with a wide variety of options, so coming up with an interesting and creative name is essential for success. Here are six examples:

The Pencilworks

This business name has a nice ring to it, and also speaks directly to what they offer – pencils!

Quill & Ink Co.

This company name oozes classic charm and sophistication, while also referencing their core products.

Write Now Ink

This business name is fun, bold, and direct – three qualities that every pen business should strive for in its brand identity.

The Nib & Notch Co.

This clever business name speaks to both the technical know-how and creativity of their work.

The Pen Craftsmen

This name honors the skill and craftsmanship that goes into creating a stylish writing tool.

Inked Up Pens

This dynamic business name gets right to the point – pens! It’s fun, eye-catching, and perfect for anyone looking to make an impression.

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