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How To Name A Packaging Business

Packaging is an essential component of any product launch. It’s often the first thing that customers see when they receive your product, so it needs to look good and make a strong first impression.

When you are searching for the perfect name for your packaging business, you’ll want to make sure it reflects the mission and values of your organization. A great name should be catchy and memorable, helping customers recognize who you are and what you do.

We have put together some helpful tips and inspiring ideas to help get you started on naming your packaging business. With the perfect name in place, you will be well on your way to making a lasting impression in the industry!

Packaging Business Name Ideas

Wrapping up your business name? Here are some ideas to help you make it a present that anyone would be happy to receive:

Vintage Packaging Business Name Ideas

For a timeless look and feel, go vintage with one of these classic packaging business name ideas:

  • The Wrapping Room
  • Vintage Packaging
  • Timeless Totes
  • Retro Ribbons
  • Gift Givers. ​

Aesthetic Packaging Business Name Ideas

Make the look of your packaging stand out with an aesthetically pleasing business name:

  1. Aesthetic Artistry
  2. Curated Crafts
  3. Pretty Packagers
  4. Enchanted Envelopes
  5. Wrappings of Wonder. ​

Clever Packaging Business Name Ideas

Bring some wit and wisdom to your packaging business name with one of these clever ideas:

  1. Wrapper’s Delight
  2. Clever Covers
  3. Wraps & Wits
  4. Bowtiquette
  5. All Wrapped Up. ​

Catchy Packaging Business Name Ideas

Make your packaging business memorable with one of these catchy names:

  1. Packing It Up
  2. Wrap & Roll
  3. Package Pizzazz
  4. Wrapping Wonders
  5. Present Perfection. ​

How to Name Different Types of Packaging Businesses

Shipping and Packaging Business

A shipping and packaging business needs to convey an idea of safety, security, and reliability. Words like ‘Protected’, ‘Secure’, and ‘Reliable’ can give you the perfect starting point to name your shipping and packaging business:

  1. ProtectionPlus
  2. SecurePackers
  3. ReliablePackingCo.
  4. Secure-Way Shipping Co.
  5. StrongPak Solutions.

Gift Wrapping Service

Gift wrapping services need to evoke feelings of joy and excitement. Happy adjectives such as ‘Magical’, ‘Festive’, and ‘Wonderful’ are perfect to start your search for the perfect name for your gift-wrapping business:

  1. Magical Wraps
  2. Festive Gifting Co.
  3. Wonderful Surprises
  4. GiftWrappedUp!
  5. Joy4U Gifts.

Retail Packaging Business

Retail packaging needs to be eye-catching and have a memorable brand logo. Descriptors like ‘Attractive’, ‘Elegant’, and ‘Stylish’ can help you come up with an attractive name for your retail packaging business like:

  1. AttractoPack
  2. ElegantBagsCo.
  3. StylishPacksInc.
  4. SmartPackaging Solutions
  5. LuxeWraps.

Real-World Packaging Business Names

Artful packaging can turn a simple product into something extraordinary. These six packaging businesses have come up with some great names that not only reflect their mission but also inspire potential customers.

M Design Solutions

This business’ name is both creative and accurately reflects what they offer – design solutions! It’s easy to remember and will give viewers an idea of what they can expect from the company.

Packaging Concepts & Design

This company chose a strong, straightforward name that speaks directly to their services – providing concepts and designs for packaging. It’s memorable and accurately conveys their mission.

Neopack Innovations

For this business, “neo” means new or modern, while “pack” stands for packing. Together, these two words create a name that accurately reflects their services – innovative packing solutions.

Paper & Packaging Source

This business went with a simple yet creative moniker that speaks directly to what they provide – paper and packaging supplies! It’s easy to remember and clearly describes the company’s mission.

Packsize International

This company opted for an interesting name that will make viewers stop and think. A combination of “pack” and “size,” it speaks directly to their specialized services – manufacturing custom packaging.

Carton Craftsmen

This catchy name is both memorable and accurately reflects the company’s specialty – crafting beautiful cartons. The added touch of “craftsman” helps emphasize their commitment to quality.

Use the Business Name Generator

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Simply insert each keyword into the search bar and hit enter to view hundreds of related business names waiting to be used. Here is a list of keywords you could input to get business names:

Tips for Naming Your Packaging Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Durability, convenience, sustainability and protection are all key elements of packaging. Come up with as many words related to your product’s unique benefits and characteristics in order to create an unforgettable name for your business.

Keep it simple.

It’s important to keep your name short, sweet and easy to remember so customers can easily find you. There is no need for crazy spelling or long convoluted titles – stick to something that is easy to pronounce and spell!

Be unique.

With a multitude of competitors in the packaging industry, it’s essential to pick a name that shouts out your business’ offerings and makes you distinguishable from other businesses. A memorable moniker is key for success!

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Checking domain availability is as easy as opening sites such as GoDaddy and Namecheap to search for the name you want to use. If it’s already taken, try coming up with something similar or find another creative way to get around it.

Choose Your Domain!

Once you have decided on a name for your packaging business, it’s time to purchase and register its domain name by choosing a hosting provider or registrar. After this is completed, your website will be ready for launch!