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How to Name a Non-profit

When it comes to making the world a better place, non-profits have been leading the charge for decades. From providing resources to those in need to advocating for greater social change, non-profit organizations are an integral force in catalyzing positive development.

Creating a non-profit is no small feat. It takes commitment and dedication from everyone involved to make sure that the organization’s mission is accomplished successfully. One of the first steps is coming up with a name for your non-profit that accurately reflects what you’re aiming to achieve.

This guide will provide helpful tips and inspiring name ideas that you can use when naming your non-profit organization. With plenty of unique options at your disposal, finding the perfect name doesn’t have to be complicated. Get ready to make a real difference in the world with an amazing name for your non-profit.

Non-profit Name Ideas

For non-profit organizations, it’s important to choose a name that conveys your mission and resonates with potential donors. A non-profit name should be inspiring, uplifting, and show that you care about the world around you. Here are some ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

Catchy Non-Profit Names

Attention seeking is the name of the game when it comes to non-profit names, as you want people to remember your organization and its mission. Here are some catchy and memorable name ideas for your organization:

  • The Do Gooders
  • Think Positively Change Actively
  • Brighten Your World Now
  • Bright Future Enterprise
  • The Givers Network
  • Fresh Start Movement
  • Kindness in Action Group
  • Inspire & Create Society
  • Giving Hands Initiative
  • Make a Difference Foundation.

Powerful Non-Profit Names

A powerful name for your non-profit should be strong and inspiring at the same time. It should also communicate what type of work you do and how it contributes to making the world a better place. Here are some examples of powerful names that are sure to make an impact:

  1. Courageous Community
  2. The Difference Makers
  3. Change the World Now
  4. Empowering Possibilities
  5. Uplifting Lives Group
  6. Global Impact Alliance
  7. The Caring Hearts Society
  8. Breaking Barriers Movement
  9. Hope for a Better Future Foundation
  10. Uniting Our World.

Unique Non-Profit Names

Choosing a name that reflects your mission clearly while still being distinct is certainly tough, but well worth it. Here are some unique names that will help capture people’s attention in just a few words:

  1. The World Savers
  2. The Dreamers Society
  3. We Make A Difference Group
  4. Create & Inspire Organization
  5. Reach for the Stars Initiative
  6. Power of Possibility Movement
  7. Brighten Your Day Coalition
  8. Together We Achieve Foundation
  9. Making Miracles Happen Association.

Creative Non-Profit Names

If you’re looking for something a little more creative, here are some fun and imaginative name ideas to consider:

  1. The World Changers
  2. United We Shine Organization
  3. The Forces of Good Group
  4. Uplift and Nurture Movement
  5. People Power Coalition
  6. Ingenuity for Humanity Foundation
  7. Empowering Possibilities Alliance
  8. Creative Solutions Association
  9. Change the World Now Initiative.

How to Name Different Types of Non-profits

Educational Non-Profit Names:

Educational non-profits are essential for providing vital learning resources and opportunities to the public. To convey this, a great name could incorporate words such as “learn”, “knowledge” or even “book”; here are some examples:

  1. Learn for Life Group
  2. Knowledge Seekers Network
  3. Educators United Foundation
  4. Reading Warriors Movement
  5. Lifelong Learning Society.

Environmental Non-Profit Names:

Environmental non-profits work to protect and preserve the planet for future generations; so words like “green”, “eco” and “earth” can help make up your name. Here are some examples:

  1. Green Future Alliance
  2. Eco Warriors Network
  3. Earth Protectors Movement
  4. Planet Savers Society
  5. Nature Guardians Foundation.

Social Justice Non-Profit Names:

Social justice non-profits work to bring about positive change in the areas of poverty and inequality; here are some great names that incorporate words such as “equality” and “justice”:

  1. Equality Now Group
  2. Social Change Advocates
  3. Justice for All Initiative
  4. Poverty Fighters Network
  5. United We Rise Foundation.

Health & Wellness Non-Profit Names:

Your health isn’t optional; it’s an essential part of life and there are many non-profits that help to raise awareness about health and wellness. Words such as “health”, “wellness” or even “fitness” can be used in your name; here are some examples:

  1. Healthy Living Alliance
  2. Wellness Warriors Network
  3. Fitness for All Foundation
  4. Mental Health Champions Movement.

Animal Welfare Non-Profit Names:

Furry friends are an important part of life; so when naming an animal welfare non-profit, consider incorporating words such as “animal”, “pet” or “rescue”. Here are some examples:

  1. Animal Guardians Network
  2. Pet Protectors Alliance
  3. Rescue Mission Movement
  4. Fur Babies Foundation.

Real-World Non-profit Names

Searching for the perfect name for your non-profit organization can be overwhelming, and that’s why we advise running a competitor analysis first. To give you an idea of what lies in store, here are five iconic company names from world-renowned organizations and more specific companies alike!

If you want to stand out with something unique but still keep up with industry trends, our list should provide ample inspiration. Get ready to take on the challenge – these examples prove it’s possible!

Save the Children

This name’s message is simple yet powerful, and perfectly encapsulates the goal and values of this organization. Started in 1919, Save the Children has now become a leading international non-governmental organization in over 115 countries.


Founded in 2005, Kiva is an international nonprofit with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. The name Kiva means “agreement” or “unity” in several African languages, making it an appropriate fit for this purpose.

The Nature Conservancy

This conservation-focused non-profit was established in 1951 with a mission to protect Earth’s lands and waters. The Nature Conservancy has since worked on thousands of conservation projects throughout the world and its catchy name speaks volumes about their work.

Feeding America

Feeding America was founded in 1979 and is the leading hunger-relief charity in the United States. Their name conveys the mission of providing food to those facing food insecurity, making it an effective tool for their cause.

The Carter Center

Established by former U.S President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn, The Carter Center works towards advancing peace and human rights through advocacy, education, and healthcare initiatives across the world. The name reflects its founders as well as its work, making it a great choice for a non-profit organization name.

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Tips for Naming Your Non-profit

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

No matter the type of non-profit, selecting pertinent words related to your purpose or mission statement is essential in finding a name. Brainstorm words that you want people to recognize and associate with your organization when forming potential name ideas.

Keep it simple.

Instead of using complicated, difficult-to-spell words in your content, opt for ones that are easy to recall and type into a web browser. This ensures people can find your website more easily.

Be unique.

Your name should distinguish you from other non-profits and stand out. Use words that are not too common and make sure the name is not already claimed by another organization.

Consider your target audience.

Think about who your target audience is and what kind of names they might be drawn to. Taking into account the age, location, and interests of your potential supporters and donors can help you find the right name for your non-profit.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Before settling on a name, it’s important to make sure that an associated domain isn’t already taken or being used by another business in the same industry. If possible, aim for a .org domain as this will add credibility to your organization.

Choose Your Domain!

Once you’ve found the perfect name, make sure to secure the domain as soon as possible. This will help prevent any potential confusion or duplicate websites in the future.