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How to Name a Men’s Streetwear Brand

A streetwear isn’t just another kind of clothing brand—it’s an attitude, a statement, and a lifestyle. A men’s streetwear brand is typically centered around urban, casual clothing that often blends fashion with comfort and a hint of exclusivity. From high-end boutiques to mainstream fashion giants, these brands are crafted to resonate with the vibrant, energetic youth culture.

Selecting the ideal name for a clothing brand can be challenging but incredibly rewarding. With some imagination, thorough research, and guidance from this article, you can discover a name that truly captures the essence of your brand.

A powerful name sets the foundation for your brand’s identity and can significantly impact its success, making it crucial to choose wisely!

Men’s Streetwear Brand Name Ideas

Compelling streetwear clothing and fashion brands have names that encapsulate the edgy, cool, and urban vibe of the clothes they design. Here are some suggestions to kickstart your brainstorming:

Unique Streetwear Brand Names

Streetwear is all about authenticity and distinctive style, making a unique clothing brand name crucial. Here are some inventive ideas:

  • UrbanEcho
  • AlleyArt
  • CanvasClash
  • InkAlley
  • MetroVibe Co.
  • RebelRise Clothing
  • AsphaltArt
  • CityCraze Ltd.
  • VibeRevolt

Edgy Streetwear Brand Names

An edgy name can attract attention and make a statement. Consider these names that exude attitude:

  1. RiotRush
  2. EdgeThread
  3. JungleGear Apparel
  4. GritVibe Wear
  5. SteelRhythm Outfitters
  6. SnarkUrban
  7. PunkPulse

Bold Clothing Brand Names

For brands that want to make a bold, impactful statement, these names emphasize a daring and fearless style:

  1. UrbanPulse Clothing
  2. BlockBuster Gear
  3. RebelRoots Apparel
  4. FearNone Fashion
  5. GritGlory

Vintage Streetwear Brand Names

Drawing from the past, these names blend vintage charm with modern street style, ideal for clothing brands that incorporate retro influences:

  1. RetroRush Apparel
  2. OldSchool Vibes
  3. ClassicUrban Co.
  4. VintageVerve
  5. TimelessThreads

Clever Streetwear Brand Names

If you want your brand to stand out with a touch of wit, these clever names fit the bill:

  1. StreetSmarts Wares
  2. EchoOutfit
  3. AlleyEcho Fashions
  4. LoreUrban
  5. ChicConcrete
  6. SneakStreet Styles

How to Name Different Types of Streetwear Brands

High-End Fashion Line Names:

For a luxury clothing line, your name should convey both exclusivity and urban sophistication. Terms like “Elite”, “Prime”, and “Noble” fit well. Examples include:

  1. EliteSilhouette Wear
  2. PrimeAlley
  3. NobleStreet

Casual Wear Line Names:

For more laid-back apparel, fashion business names that suggest relaxation and ease are ideal. Consider:

  1. ChillVibeThreadz
  2. CasualCraft
  3. EasyUrban

Skate Clothing Line Names:

Skate brands should reflect the bold and adventurous spirit of the culture. Words like “Ride”, “Rail”, and “Deck” work well:

  1. SkateRiot
  2. RailRider Apparel
  3. DeckDynasty

Sportswear Line Names:

Sporty streetwear brands benefit from energetic and vibrant names that reflect athleticism:

  1. GameSet Gear
  2. PeakPlay Apparel
  3. SportPulse

Urban Chic Line Names:

These names are perfect for a brand that merges street style with polished elegance, appealing to an urban professional demographic:

  1. ChicMetro
  2. UrbanElegance Apparel
  3. StreetSleek

Artistic Streetwear Line Names:

For brands that want to channel a creative and artistic vibe to create thier fashion collection names, these ideas suggest innovation and originality:

  1. ArtisanThreads
  2. CanvasUrban Wear
  3. MuralStyle

Real-World Men’s Streetwear Brand Names

Naming your clothing brand can be a complex task, but the right name is key to creating a strong brand identity. Here are six examples of successful fashion brands that effectively capture the essence of their respective visions for streetwear:


This iconic brand is synonymous with exclusivity and hype, reflected in its straightforward yet potent name.


A brand that often plays on concepts of color and structure, its name reflects its founder’s approach to disrupting traditional fashion norms.


Named after its founder, Shawn Stussy, this brand has become emblematic of the surf and skate culture of California, showcasing personal identity in its name.


A clothing brand name that signifies a group or assembly, aligning well with the brand’s community-focused ethos.

BAPE (A Bathing Ape):

A name that stands out with its unusual imagery and references to urban culture, echoing the brand’s unique and bold designs.


Derived from the founder’s last name, Hufnagel, this brand maintains a personal touch while becoming a staple in skate apparel.

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  1. Urban
  2. edge
  3. craft
  4. vibe
  5. metro


How important is cultural relevance in selecting a name for a streetwear brand?

Streetwear is deeply rooted in urban culture, so choosing a good clothing brand name that resonates culturally with your target audience can enhance brand resonance and appeal. Consider how well the name aligns with contemporary trends in the fashion industry and its potential to stay relevant.

Should the perfect clothing business name reflect current trends or aim for timelessness?

Depending on your strategy, you might opt for a clothing brand name that capitalizes on current trends to generate immediate interest or choose a timeless name that remains relevant regardless of changing fashions. Both approaches have their merits and should align with your long-term vision.

What are the legal considerations when choosing a streetwear clothing brand name?

Before finalizing a clothing brand name, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough trademark search to ensure the name isn’t already in use or registered. This avoids legal conflicts and ensures your brand’s name is uniquely yours, protecting your business and brand identity.

How can I test the effectiveness of a potential streetwear brand name?

Gathering feedback through focus groups, online polls, or social media can provide insights into public perception. Testing the name in different contexts, like how it sounds when spoken or appears in marketing materials, can help determine its overall impact or if it is a good clothing brand name.

Can the geographical origin of the brand influence the name choice?

Yes, incorporating geographic elements can add a sense of identity and authenticity to your clothing brand name. Names that hint at a city or region can evoke specific feelings or associations, appealing to local pride or international allure.

What role does the target demographic play in naming a clothing brand?

Understanding your target audience and their preferences, lifestyle, and language is vital. The chosen name should appeal to their tastes and resonate with the way they perceive themselves and their fashion choices. This alignment helps in building a strong, relatable brand personality that your customers can connect with.