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How To Name A Magazine Business

From fashion and lifestyle to sports and current affairs, magazines are the perfect way for readers to learn about their favourite topics. Whether you’re creating a print magazine or an online publication, there is no denying that good content is key to success.

When it comes to naming your magazine business, there are a few things to consider. Your name should be brief, descriptive and memorable so that readers can easily recognize it whenever they see it. Additionally, you will want your name to reflect the purpose of your publication—what topics you will be covering and how your magazine will add value to your readers.

If you are ready to name your magazine business, here are some creative, memorable name ideas that will help you get the ball rolling. With a little imagination and these suggestions, you can come up with the perfect name for your magazine business.

Magazine Business Name Ideas

A good magazine title needs to grab attention and leave an impression. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Unique Magazine Business Name Ideas

Unique titles leave a lasting impression, so you want to make sure yours is memorable! Here are some ideas:

  • The Magazine Muse
  • The Word Warrior
  • The Ideas Exchange
  • Unconventional Perspectives
  • Digital Dialogues. ​

Funny Magazine Business Name Ideas

Sometimes it takes a witty title to really stand out. Here are some funny magazine business name ideas to give your readers a good chuckle:

  1. Laugh Out Louds
  2. Giggle Gazette
  3. Comic Chronicles
  4. Crazy Critiques
  5. Fun & Fancifuls. ​

Modern Magazine Business Name Ideas

For those looking for something modern and contemporary, here are some sophisticated magazine business names:

  1. Urban Odyssey
  2. Celebrating Creatives
  3. The Digital Dreamer
  4. Aesthetic Adventures
  5. Millennial Movements.

​Rustic Magazine Business Name Ideas

For a rustic, classic vibe, add some natural elements to your business name:

  1. Organic Outings
  2. Natural Narratives
  3. Country Charmers
  4. Rustic Retellings
  5. Woodland Wanderings.

How to Name Different Types of Magazine Businesses

Fashion Magazine Business

A fashion magazine needs to be current and appeal to many different readers. Words like ‘Style’, ‘Trends’, or ‘Fashionista’ will help you come up with a great name for a fashion magazine such as:

StyleTrend, FashDigest, FashionistaFever, TrendLovers, StyleReport.

Health Magazine Business

For readers looking to stay updated on the latest health and wellness news, a health magazine provides the perfect platform. Words like ‘Fitness’, ‘Healthy’, or ‘Wellness’ come to mind when thinking of potential names for a health magazine:

  1. FitnessGuide
  2. HealthyLife
  3. WellnessDigest
  4. FitForum
  5. HealthLux.

Travel Magazine Business

Travel magazines are great resources for anyone looking to explore the world and find inspiration on their next adventure. Words like ‘Explore’, ‘Discover’, or ‘Journey’ are perfect descriptors for a travel magazine and could also be used to generate catchy name ideas such as:

  1. ExploreVentures
  2. DiscoverJourneys
  3. JourneyMania
  4. WanderlustGuide
  5. TravelDigest.

Game Magazine Business

For anyone looking to stay updated on the latest gaming news, a game magazine is the perfect platform. Words like ‘Game’, ‘Play’, or ‘Level Up’ can help create potential name ideas for a game magazine such as:

  1. GameBuzzer
  2. PlayTimeOnline
  3. LevelUpDigest
  4. GamerGuide
  5. PlayMania.

Food Magazine Business

If you’re an enthusiast of the newest culinary trends and dishes, then a food magazine is your perfect guide. Let’s explore some inspiring name ideas for a magazine such as ‘Flavor’, ‘Taste’ or even ‘Gourmet’:

  1. FlavorMania
  2. TasteExplorer
  3. GourmetDigest
  4. YumYumGuide
  5. FoodFever.

Real-World Magazine Business Names

Creating a magazine is no small task. Not only does the content have to be great, the name has to accurately reflect the mission and values of the magazine. Here are six examples of creative magazine business names:

Edge Magazine

Staying on trend and at the forefront of culture is essential for any magazine. This name implies just that – a cutting-edge approach to storytelling.

The Current Times

This title conveys a sense of modernity and tells readers that they can depend on this magazine for up-to-date information.

Reality Bytes

This name speaks to the digital age, demonstrating that the magazine is committed to delivering timely and accurate information.

Enchantment Magazine

This title evokes curiosity and wonder, perfectly encapsulating the sense of adventure that readers can expect from this publication.

Xplore Magazine

The unique spelling of this magazine’s name emphasizes the exploratory nature of its content.

Elevate Magazine

This empowering title speaks to the magazine’s mission of inspiring readers and lifting them up by providing informative and educational content.

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