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How To Name A Jewelry Business

Creating beautiful jewelry pieces is both an art and a science. It requires skill, creativity, and passion—all of which make it the perfect business for entrepreneurs looking to create something extraordinary.

The first step in launching a successful jewelry business is coming up with the right name. A great name should be captivating, memorable, and reflect your unique style and product offering.

In this guide, you’ll find helpful tips and inspiring ideas to help you create the perfect name for your jewelry business. With a great name, you’ll be well on your way to success! So let’s get started and find the one that fits your vision best.

Jewelry Business Name Ideas

Jewelry is an art form that people have been creating, buying, and trading for centuries. Think of words like ‘diamond’ or ‘sparkle’ and experiment with combining them in different ways. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Pretty Jewelry Business Names

Glittering and lovely words make for perfect jewelry business names:

  • Luxurious Lustre
  • Radiant Reflections
  • Mystical Adornment
  • Glittering Gems
  • Splendid Sparkle
  • Elegant Jewels and Shiny Treasures.

Catchy Jewelry Business Names

A catchy name should draw customers in and stick with them long after they leave. Here are some examples:

  1. Diamond Dreams
  2. Sparkle Shack
  3. Jewels R Us
  4. The Gem Lodge
  5. Precious Pieces and Glitz & Glam.

Unique Jewelry Business Names

Like a diamond in the rough, your jewelry business deserves a special name all its own:

  1. The Beaded Boutique
  2. Glittery Gems
  3. Charmed Creations
  4. Gemstone Gallery
  5. Precious Metals and The Jewelry Box.

Luxury Jewelry Business Names

If you specialize in high-end jewelry, show it off with a fancy name:

  1. Jewel Envy
  2. The Royal Vault
  3. Diamond Distinction
  4. Gilded Splendor
  5. Luxe Luster and Priceless Jewels. ​

How to Name Different Types of Jewelry Businesses

Hand-Crafted Jewelry Brand

Made by skilled artisans with the utmost attention to detail, hand-crafted jewelry is a unique and beautiful art form. Words like ‘Gem” ‘Treasure’, and ‘Unique’ can help you come up with creative names like these:

  1. Gemstone Treasures
  2. Unique Jewelry Boutique
  3. Crafted Gems & Stones
  4. Treasure Artisan Design Studio.

Fine Jewelry Brand

Fine jewelry is a luxury art form that has been around since ancient times. Words like ‘Elegance’, ‘Luxury’, and ‘Rarity’ can help you with creating unique and classy names like these:

  1. Elegant Luxuries Jewelry Co.
  2. Rarity Jewels & Gems
  3. Haute Couture Jewels
  4. Luxury Classics Jewelers.

Vintage Jewelry Brand

Vintage jewelry is a popular style among many people with its unique styles and history. Words like ‘Antique’, ‘Timeless’, and ‘Classic’ can help you create vintage-inspired names for your business such as:

  1. Antique Timeless Jewels
  2. Classic Charm Jewelry
  3. Timeless Treasures Co.
  4. Old-World Classics.

Bespoke Jewelry Brand

Creating custom jewelry for customers is a rewarding experience and often involves crafting pieces that are one-of-a-kind. Words like ‘Exquisite’, ‘Precious’, and ‘Designs’ can help you come up with names such as:

  1. Exquisite Precious Designs
  2. Bespoke Designer Jewels
  3. Precious Art Jewelers
  4. Design Uniqueness & Craft.

Real-World Jewelry Business Names

In a competitive market, all business names within the same industry are vying for the same target audience. Looking at your competitors and figuring out what they’ve done that works – or doesn’t – is a vital step in naming your business.

In this list of creative real-world jewelry business names, you’ll find both lead competitors and more niche companies to give a more comprehensive overview of the industry. No matter what your business specializes in, these companies will help provide some useful inspiration!

Bella Bijoux:

This online boutique specializes in unique and handmade jewelry pieces. The name “Bella Bijoux” is a play on the French phrase for beautiful jewels, which reflects their commitment to creating timeless designs with an eye for detail.


A staple of the jewelry industry, Tiffany’s name has become synonymous with quality and luxury. The name also evokes a sense of timelessness and class, making it an ideal choice for a high-end jeweler.

Lovely Lockets:

This company creates personalized lockets featuring sentimental photos or messages. The name “Lovely Lockets” perfectly captures their mission of helping customers create heartfelt gifts that will be cherished forever.

Diamonds & Pearls:

This well-known jewelry brand is known for its classic designs featuring diamonds and pearls. The name perfectly reflects their commitment to delivering timeless styles that never go out of fashion.

Gemz Lounge:

This online shop offers a wide selection of beautiful gemstone jewelry at an affordable price point. The name “Gemz Lounge” adds a bit of fun and whimsy while also emphasizing their focus on quality gems.

Karat King Jewelers:

This high-end jewelry retailer offers only the finest gold, diamond and precious stone pieces crafted with extraordinary attention to detail.

Use the Jewelry Business Name Generator

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Tips for Naming Your Jewelry Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

To start brainstorming, consider the style of jewelry you make or sell – is it classic, artisanal, or modern? Are your pieces delicate or bold? Think about what kind of feeling you want customers to have when they think of your brand – luxurious, whimsical, timeless? Once you’ve narrowed down some ideas based on these criteria, look at synonyms and other variations of those words to create more possibilities.

Keep it simple.

Complex or overly long names are not only hard to remember but can also be confusing for customers and search engines alike. Avoid using words with multiple spellings or crazy punctuation as these can make it difficult for people to find you online.

Be unique.

While a generic name like “Julie’s Gems” may seem like an easy way to get started, these types of names can make you blend in and make it hard for customers to remember your brand. Instead, try creating a unique name that speaks directly to what kind of jewelry you create or sell. Think about how the name will be received by potential customers – does it evoke feelings of luxury or whimsy? Does it hint at a certain style or era?

Consider your target audience.

When choosing a name for your business, think about who you’re targeting. Are you aiming at a younger audience or an older demographic? Consider any cultural or linguistic references that might be relevant to this group – such as using words from other languages or references to popular trends.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

One of the best places to check domain availability is an online registrar such as GoDaddy or NameCheap. By searching for available domains, you can quickly see if a particular name has already been taken and whether or not it comes with a good price.

Choose Your Domain!

Purchasing and registering a domain name for your jewelry business is easy. All you need to do is visit either one of the aforementioned registrars or a similar site, type in the name you’ve chosen and purchase it. Be sure to check out any deals or promotional offers that may be available at the time of registration. Once your domain is registered, don’t forget to create a professional website for your jewelry business!