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How to Name a Japanese Company

Japan is a land of innovation and progress with a deep-rooted culture that values tradition. Naming your company with an eye to both the past and the future can be tricky, but it is possible when you know what to look for.

Finding the perfect name for your Japanese tech business starts with understanding the language and its nuances, as well as having a firm grasp of the principles of marketing.

This guide contains helpful tips and tricks, as well as some inspirational name ideas that will help make your decision easier. With this information at hand, you’ll be able to craft a memorable name that captures the essence of your company’s mission and vision.

Japanese Company Name Ideas

If you’re looking to create a unique, eye-catching Japanese name for your company – look no further! There are many different styles of Japanese names that can capture the essence of your business and make it stand out from the competition. Traditional, modern, playful – whatever your style is we’ve got you covered:

Cool Japanese Company Names

Looking for something a bit more daring and cool? We’ve got you covered with these edgy, modern names that are sure to make an impact:

  • Kaiju Digital
  • Cyber Samurai
  • Tokyo Electric
  • Shogun Web Design
  • NeoCorp AG
  • The Geek Gods
  • Eon Data Systems
  • The Ninjas
  • Silicon Valley East
  • Synthetic Visions.

Cute Japanese Company Names

If you’re seeking something more whimsical and adorable, then these delightful names will surely make your business cuter than a button:

  1. Tokyo Treats
  2. Sakura Sweetheart
  3. The Lucky Cat Cafe
  4. Kawaii Cuties Co.
  5. Kookaburra Boutique
  6. Pixie Industries
  7. Ninja Prints
  8. Happy Panda Corporation
  9. Popcorn Palace LLC.
  10. The Golden Geisha.

Catchy Japanese Company Names

Sometimes you want something catchy and memorable for your business name. These names are sure to get people’s attention:

  1. Digital Samurai
  2. The Gods of Technology
  3. The Geek Empire
  4. Tokyo Tech Solutions
  5. Lucky Dragon Business Solutions
  6. Nippon Technologies Inc.
  7. Neo Data Systems
  8. Haru Corporation LLC.
  9. Sushi Superstars Ltd.
  10. Asia Business Ventures.

Unique Japanese Company Names

If you’re looking for something truly different, these ideas will help your business stand out from the crowd:

  1. Kawaii Kreatives
  2. Yume Motors
  3. Ozora Dynamics
  4. Kami Kingdom
  5. Mecha Tek Systems
  6. Ichiban Technologies Inc.
  7. Cloud Niji Enterprises LLC.
  8. The Rising Sun Corp.
  9. Samurai Solutions International Ltd.
  10. Tokyo Artisans.

Professional Japanese Company Names

For those who prefer something more professional, these names will help reflect the serious nature of your business:

  1. Nihon Network Solutions
  2. Innovations Japan LLC.
  3. Osaka Data Sciences
  4. Kizuna Networks
  5. Future Technologies AG
  6. The Tokyo Summit Corporation Ltd.
  7. Aeon Ventures Inc.
  8. Kirin Industries International
  9. The Samurai Group Incorporated
  10. High Five Enterprises.

How to Name Different Types of Japanese Companies

Japanese Style Restaurant

No matter what kind of cuisine you offer in your restaurant – sushi or ramen – naming it should be done in a way that reflects Japan’s culinary culture. Words such as kaiseki (multi-course meal), soba (buckwheat noodles), or teriyaki can help give customers a hint of what they’re in for. For example:

  1. Teriyaki Yatai
  2. Kaiseki Sushi House
  3. Totto Ramen Bar
  4. Soba Noodle Works.

Japanese Style Clothing Boutique

If you’re looking to open a boutique that reflects the style, culture and fashion of Japan, it’s important to find a name that will communicate this. Words such as kimono and obi (sash worn around the waist) are great ways to let customers know what kind of clothing and accessories you carry. For example:

  1. Kimono Corner
  2. Obi Boutique
  3. Tokyo Streetwear
  4. Kawaii Clothing Co.

Real Estate Company

Real estate is a big business in Japan, and naming your company can be something that reflects the country’s unique culture. Words such as home, yashiki (traditional Japanese house), or fudoki (local history) can give people an idea of what you specialize in. For example:

  1. Fudoki Home Realty
  2. Yashiki Havens Real Estate
  3. Mori Homes & Properties
  4. Sakura Property Solutions.

Carpentry Service Names

Craftsmanship and quality are important when it comes to carpentry services in Japan! Words such as craft, woodwork, and even kumiki (traditional joinery) can help set your service apart from the rest. For example:

  1. Kumiki Craftsmen Carpentry
  2. Woodworker Wonders Services
  3. Sawdust Sisters Workshop
  4. Chiyu Carpenters.

Teahouse Names

If you’re opening a teahouse, your name should reflect the tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony. Words such as cha (tea), sencha (green tea), or chashitsu (tea room) can help people know what kind of experience to expect when they come to your establishment. For example:

  1. Sencha House
  2. Cha No Yu Teahouse
  3. Chashitsu Zen
  4. Tsubaki Tea Garden.

Real-World Japanese Company Names

Finding the perfect name for your Japanese business can be tough, so we suggest doing a competitor analysis. To give you an understanding of what’s possible and get you on the right track, here are five names from successful and creative real-world companies in numerous industries – including major players as well as small businesses.

Whichever direction you take when naming your own company, these businesses will provide great inspiration!


Famous for their games, this company’s name comes from the combination of the words ‘nin’ and ‘ten-do’, meaning “leave luck to heaven”.

Softbank Group

The name Softbank is inspired by the word software, a nod to their highly successful venture capital arm.

Sony Corporation

The name Sony was derived from sonus, the Latin word for sound. It’s a fitting reference to their electronics division, which produces iconic audio products.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

The name Honda was taken from its founder Soichiro Honda’s last name. The company has since gone on to become one of Japan’s most successful auto manufacturers.

Kikkoman Corporation

The name Kikkoman is derived from the Japanese phrase “kikko no man”, which means “always plentiful”. This was a direct reference to their soy sauce business, which has remained highly successful for over 300 years!

Use the Japanese Company Name Generator

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Tips for Naming Your Japanese Company

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Think about what makes your company unique and use that as inspiration for finding the best possible keywords to work with. Once you have identified some potential keywords, it’s time to begin researching their meanings in order to ensure they fit with your brand identity before finalizing them into a cohesive name.

Keep it simple.

A simple, easy-to-remember name can be a great way to make sure people remember your business and recognize it when they see it. Not only will this help drive more customers in the door, but it could also significantly increase brand loyalty over time.

Be unique.

Going generic is a common mistake many businesses make when choosing a name; while being too unique can be off-putting for customers. To ensure success, it’s important to find a balance between staying true to your mission and being distinctive.

Consider your target audience.

Before settling on a name, be sure to consider who your target audience is. Will they understand the meaning behind the words you’ve chosen? Is the name easy to pronounce? Make sure to test it out on potential customers before making a final decision.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Once you’ve settled on the perfect name for your business, make sure it isn’t already taken by another company. This can be done easily by checking to see if the domain is available.

Choose Your Domain!

Finally, once you’ve settled on a name and verified that the domain is available, it’s time to purchase your domain! Make sure to keep in mind the extension (e.g., .com or .org) when selecting one.