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How To Name An Insurance Business

Insurance businesses provide essential coverage for individuals and businesses that help protect them from a variety of risks, losses, and liabilities. Insurance companies are also in the business of trust—customers must feel confident that their provider has their best interests at heart, making it even more important to choose the right name.

When coming up with a name for an insurance business, it’s important to consider what you want your company to be known for. What are your core values? What do you want customers to think of when they hear your name?

Answering these questions will help you zero in on the perfect name for your business. And if you need a little more inspiration, be sure to check out the list of insurance business name ideas below!

Insurance Business Names Ideas

Insurance is all about providing security, so make sure your business name conveys a sense of trust:

Catchy Insurance Business Names

Ensure customers know who to turn to in times of need with an eye-catching business name that stands out:

  • The Risk Reduction Company
  • Shield Solutions Group
  • Surefire Security
  • Reliable Underwriters
  • Insurance Innovators.

Unique Insurance Business Names

Think outside the box and come up with a unique insurance business name that encapsulates the services you provide:

  1. Secure Solutions
  2. The Safety Net
  3. The Cover House
  4. Risk Reduction Alliance
  5. Security Specialists.

Cool Insurance Business Names

Cool down the competition and create a catchy business name that will make customers want to come to you for their insurance needs:

  1. The Protection Providers
  2. Defensive Drives Co.
  3. The Surety Group
  4. Secure Solutions Inc.

Modern Insurance Business Names

Create a modern insurance business name that reflects the latest trends in the industry:

  1. Insurance Innovators Group
  2. Risk Reduction Solutions
  3. Shield Strategies Co.
  4. The Surety Syndicate.

Clever Insurance Business Names

Be clever and come up with some witty names for your insurance business that will make customers take notice:

  1. The Risk Reclaimers
  2. Defensive Deals Co.
  3. The Assurance Authority
  4. Trusty Underwriters
  5. Security Savvy.

Creative Insurance Business Names

Showcase your creative side and come up with an imaginative name for your insurance business:

  1. Protection Pros
  2. The Cover Crew
  3. Shield Solutions Group
  4. Risk Reduction Squad
  5. Insurance Innovators.

How to Name Different Types of Insurance Businesses

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides financial security for individuals and families in the event of an unexpected death. Words like ‘Secure’, ‘Lifetime’, and ‘Protection’ can help you create a unique name for your life insurance business such as:

  1. SecureLife
  2. LifetimeProtection
  3. ShieldSecure
  4. LifeGuardianz
  5. ProtectedAssurance
  6. SecureFutures
  7. LifeVault.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is designed to protect individuals and families from the financial burden of medical bills. Using words like ‘Health’ and ‘Care’ will help to create an interesting name for your health insurance business such as:

  1. CareShields
  2. HealthCoveragez
  3. CareInsurers
  4. ProtectionPlus+
  5. MedicPlans
  6. SureCareAssurance
  7. GuardianHealth.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance provides protection for drivers in the event of an accident or theft. Words like ‘Drive’ and ‘Safety’ can be used to create a catchy name for your auto insurance business such as:

  1. DriveSafety
  2. SafeguardAuto
  3. AutoSecurez
  4. SafeDrivingPlans
  5. DriveSecure
  6. SureDriveAssurance
  7. GuardianMotors.

Property Insurance

Property insurance provides financial protection in the event of damages caused by natural disasters or theft. Words like ‘Secure’ and ‘Protection’ can be used to come up with a great name for your property insurance company such as:

  1. SecureHomez
  2. ProtectionPlus+
  3. ShieldSolutionz
  4. HomeGuardianz
  5. SecureFutures
  6. PropertyAssurance
  7. HouseSecure.

Real-World Insurance Business Names

The insurance industry is as vast and complex as the businesses and individuals it protects. Whether it’s medical, home, car, life, or any other type of insurance, there are dozens of providers out there vying for business.

These six companies have made a name for themselves in the industry.

Allied Insurance

This company’s name has a strong connotation of protection and reliability. It also conveys their expertise in the industry, as it implies that they always have your back when it comes to insurance coverage.

State Farm

This company’s name stands out because of its straightforwardness; everybody knows what State Farm means. Moreover, the word “farm” gives the viewer a sense of comfort, as it implies that their customers are safe and protected.

John Hancock

This company has an interesting name that speaks to its history and origin. It’s named after one of the founding fathers, who was also the first signer of the Declaration of Independence. This conveys not only their longevity in the industry, but their patriotism as well.

Mutual of Omaha

This company’s name is not only memorable but also speaks directly to their mission – to provide mutual relief and protection. It also implies that they strive to look out for their customers, something that resonates with many individuals looking for reliable insurance coverage.


This company isn’t just about providing insurance policies – they want to create a more seamless experience for customers by using technology. Their name reflects this mission, as it’s associated with refreshment and ease.


This company is aptly named – they really do offer insurance coverage “nationwide”! It conveys the message that they have a vast reach and can provide insurance to anyone in the US. This is an effective way to stand out in a crowded industry.

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Tips for Naming Your Insurance Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Think about the type of insurance services you offer and any other related words or phrases. Consider what makes your business stand out from competitors and how that can be expressed in a name.

Keep it simple.

When coming up with a name for your insurance business, make sure it is easy to remember and pronounce. Avoid long or complex names that will be difficult for customers to find or understand.

Be unique.

Your name should reflect the service you provide while also being distinct enough to set you apart from other businesses in the industry. Think about what sets your company apart and how you can incorporate those features into the name.

Consider your target audience.

Who are you targeting with your insurance services? Keeping this in mind can help you come up with a name that speaks to their needs and interests. Consider the type of services you offer, the level of expertise you provide, and how that can be reflected in the name.

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