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How To Name A Glue Business

Glue is an essential item found in homes, schools, and businesses around the world. It’s used to fix things, bond materials together, and create objects out of everyday items. Manufactoring and selling glue products requires careful consideration of the various formulas, strengths, and intended applications.

A successful glue business needs an effective name that conveys quality and trustworthiness. This name should capture the essence of what your business stands for: providing customers with premium adhesive solutions for any job.

To help you get started on finding a great name for your glue business, we’ve compiled a list of inspiring ideas and helpful tips. Keep reading to get inspired and find the perfect match for your company.

Glue Business Name Ideas

A glue business is all about providing strong and reliable bonds to hold things together. Here are some ideas for catchy and creative names:

Catchy Glue Business Name Ideas

If you want a name that’s as sticky as the products you sell, try one of these catchy glue business names:

  • Glue Masters
  • Sticky Solutions
  • Super Stickers
  • Adhesive Avengers
  • Glue Geeks. ​

Unique Glue Business Name Ideas

Think outside the box and come up with a one-of-a-kind name for your glue business. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Fusion Fixers
  2. Glue Geniuses
  3. Bonding Blitz
  4. Adhesive Architects
  5. Stick Soulmates. ​

Clever Glue Business Name Ideas

A smart and clever name can give your business an edge. Here are some ideas for glue business names with a hint of humor:

  1. Stick & Stones
  2. Super Glue Crew
  3. The Adhesive Alliance
  4. Bond Buddies
  5. Sticky Fingers. ​

Cool Glue Business Name Ideas

If you’re looking for a name that’s cool, creative and memorable, try one of these glue business name ideas:

  1. The Glue Guys
  2. Sticky Business
  3. Glue & Go
  4. The Adhesive Factory
  5. Bonding Brigade. ​

How to Name Different Types of Glue Businesses

Craft Glue Brand

Craft glues come in many different varieties and are used for everything from scrapbooking to model building. Words like ‘Create’, ‘Design’, and ‘Build’ can be used to come up with names such as:

  1. Create-A-Stick
  2. DesignAdhesive
  3. BuildSecurely
  4. CreativityGlue
  5. DesignMates.

Woodworking Glue Brand

Woodworking glues are specially formulated and designed to bond wood together. Words like ‘Bond’, ‘Secure’, and ‘Wood’ can be used to create great names like:

  1. Bond-It-Wood
  2. SecurelyWooden
  3. WoodSecure
  4. BondStronger
  5. WoodenForce.

Automotive Glue Brand

Automotive glues are designed to be strong and durable enough to withstand the rigors of everyday car use. Words like ‘Auto’, ‘Strong’, and ‘Car’ can be used to come up with names such as:

  1. AutoSecure
  2. StrongerCars
  3. CarBonders
  4. AutoFlex
  5. SecureAuto.

Industrial Glue Brand

Heavy-duty industrial glues are used in high-stress applications such as construction and manufacturing. Words like ‘Industrial’, ‘Power’, and ‘Heavy’ can help you create a name like:

  1. IndustrialSecure
  2. PowerStick
  3. StrengthFlex
  4. IndustrialBonders
  5. PowerTough.

Real-World Glue Business Names

Glue is one of those products that everyone needs at some point, making it a great business opportunity. To make the most of this opportunity, glue businesses need to choose a name that reflects their product’s purpose.

Here are six example glue business names:

Stick It!

This catchy phrase promises customers exactly what they’ll find in the store: glue that holds fast!

Adhesive Solutions

The word “adhesive” implies a strong bond, while the second part of this name speaks to the solutions-orientated approach of this business.

The Glue Guys

This fun and friendly name implies a relaxed atmosphere and the promise of quality products.

Sticky Stuff Solutions

This company has chosen a name that speaks directly to their product – glue! It’s direct, concise, and memorable.


With its combination of “super” and “gluers,” this company proudly showcases their specialized services.

GlueTek Industries

This interesting blend of “glue” and “tek” speaks to the technical capabilities of the business, while hinting at innovation in their products.

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