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How To Name A Glass Business

Glass is a beautiful and versatile material that can be used for anything from decor, windows, ornaments, and more. A glass business is any company focused on creating products from this medium for a variety of purposes.

When it comes to naming your glass business, you’ll want to find something that perfectly reflects the quality and aesthetic appeal of your work. You’ll also need something memorable and eye-catching—something that will make your business stand out from the competition.

Here you’ll find inspiring name ideas and helpful tips to help you come up with a great name for your glass business. With the perfect name, you can take your business to new heights!

Glass Business Name Ideas

Glass is a timeless material that can be used to create functional and beautiful designs. Here are some name ideas for businesses working with glass:

Creative Glass Business Name Ideas

Glass art is an incredibly creative craft – use one of these name ideas to reflect the imagination of your business:

  • Dreamglass
  • Art-In-A-Bottle
  • Glasscapes
  • Elegant Expressions
  • Fantasy Formations. ​

Modern Glass Business Name Ideas

Glass art is constantly evolving with the modern world – give your business a contemporary feel with one of these name ideas:

  1. Glass Paradigm
  2. Digital Dimensions
  3. Refractive Realities
  4. Luminescent Lines
  5. Modern Marvels.

Catchy Glass Company Name Ideas

Working with glass means seeing the big picture, so give your business a name that reflects its wide-reaching potential:

  1. Glass Odyssey
  2. Illuminated Ideas
  3. Bright Beginnings
  4. Glass Horizons
  5. Prismatic Possibilities. ​

Unique Glass Business Name Ideas

If you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, then these name ideas will help your business shine:

  1. Glint & Glitter
  2. Shimmer & Shine
  3. Glass Impressions
  4. Reflection of Vision
  5. Art in Motion. ​

Aesthetic Glass Company Name Ideas

Clear or painted, glass is a beautiful material to work with. Here are some name ideas that will reflect the aesthetic nature of your business:

  1. Golden Mirror
  2. WindowPaint
  3. Glass Flowers
  4. Reflection of Beauty
  5. Glazzle Designs. ​

Vintage Glass Business Name Ideas

Vintage glass is full of character and charm – use one of these name ideas to give your business a timeless feel:

  1. Glass Traditions
  2. Timeless Treasures
  3. Classic Creations
  4. Nostalgic Reflections. ​

How to Name Different Types of Glass Businesses

Glass Manufacturing Business

A glass manufacturing business creates raw materials such as stained glass or mirror pieces for use in other applications. Descriptive words like ‘Create’, ‘Form’, and ‘Craft’ are perfect for coming up with a great name like:

  1. CreateGlass
  2. FormMirror
  3. GlassCraft
  4. BrightFutures
  5. MirroredMakers
  6. GlassForge.

Glass Blowing Business

A glass-blowing business creates custom pieces of art such as vases, bowls, and sculptures. Words such as ‘Glow’, ‘Flame’ and ‘Blow’ are great for creating a unique name that reflects the creative nature of this business like:

  1. GlowGlass
  2. FlameFormers
  3. GlassBlowers
  4. HotFurnace
  5. SoothingFlames
  6. CreativeFire.

Glass Installation Business

A glass installation business takes care of the mounting and installation of glass pieces. ‘Secure’, ‘Safe’ and ‘Install’ are good words to start with when coming up with a name for this type of business like:

  1. SecureGlass
  2. SafeGlass
  3. InstallExperts
  4. GlassSecure
  5. InstallPros
  6. GlassFirm.

Glass Repair Business

A glass repair business fixes any broken or damaged glass products. Words like ‘Repair’, ‘Fix’, and ‘Restore’ are perfect for creating a name that captures the purpose of this type of business like:

  1. RepairGlass
  2. FixItFast
  3. RestoreExperts
  4. MendedMirrors
  5. GlassMenders.

Real-World Glass Business Names

Seeing as glass is used in a wide variety of products, there are just as many businesses that specialize in manufacturing or fixing it.

Here we’ve compiled five real-world glass business names to help you get inspired for your own company.

Cutting Edge Glassworks

This company’s name appeals to modern sensibilities and suggests exactly what they offer – the cutting edge of glassworks! It’s a great way to convey their specialty and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Windshield Specialists

This one speaks for itself – this business specializes in windshields! This is an example of how you can keep it simple but memorable by using descriptive words that everyone knows and understands.


This business chose a name that is both descriptive of their product and memorable. It also leaves room for creativity in terms of their branding and imagery.

Glisten Glass

This company offers beautiful glass pieces with the added touch of shine, which is accurately depicted by their name – glisten! The alliterative nature of this moniker makes it even more catchy and memorable.

Crystal Cutz

This business opted for a combination of two words to make up a phrase that accurately describes what they offer – crystal cutz! It’s great for businesses that want to stand out from the crowd with an interesting twist on traditional names.

Use the Business Name Generator

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Tips for Naming Your Glass Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Whether it be glassware, stained-glass artwork, or anything else related to glass, think of words that describe the product range you’re selling. If there are any themes or colors associated with the work you produce, consider adding these into the mix when brainstorming potential names for your business.

Keep it simple.

When naming your business, it’s important to keep the name short and sweet. A long or complex name may be difficult for customers to remember and return to unless they’re already loyal patrons of your glasswork.

Be unique.

Make your business’s name one-of-a-kind by adding details such as what type of glasswork you create or referencing where it comes from.

Consider Your Target Audience.

When naming your business, think about who is most likely to be interested in buying from you. If you’re targeting a younger demographic, they may respond better to words and phrases that are more trendy or unique. Alternatively, if you’re aiming for an older crowd, consider words that evoke a sense of tradition or luxury.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Finally, once you have come up with a name for your glass business, it is important to make sure that the domain for the website is available. Checking domain availability is easy with a site such as GoDaddy, where you can search for and register the name you want to use.

Choose Your Domain!

Purchasing and registering your domain name is simple once you have checked its availability. You can purchase it directly from a hosting provider or registrar, who will handle the registration process for you. Now your business is ready to go online!