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How To Name A Design Business

Design is about problem-solving and creativity. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines from graphic design to product design, architecture, and more. A design business needs a name that reflects the creative process behind it as well as the products or services offered by the company.

Naming a design business requires some time and effort but with our helpful guide, you will be able to find a name that reflects your business and resonates with potential customers.

From finding the right words to understanding the psychology behind great names, this guide will provide you with all of the resources you need to get started. Let’s dive in!

Design Business Names Ideas

Design is all about finding the perfect combination of colors, shapes, and textures to create something beautiful. When it comes to your business name, think of words like ‘style’, ‘vision’, and ‘creation’ to come up with a unique name that reflects your creativity. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Catchy Design Business Names

Make sure customers remember your business with a catchy design business name:

  • The Design Detective
  • Colorful Concepts
  • Contemporary Creations
  • Divine Décor and Aesthetic Architects.

Unique Design Business Names

Put a unique spin on your business name that reflects your signature style:

  1. The Color Crafters
  2. Artistic Visionarys
  3. Home Havens
  4. Interior Illusions and Creative Corners.

Aesthetic Design Business Names

Incorporate beauty and creativity into your business name with these aesthetic design names:

  1. Clear Sight
  2. Design Delights
  3. Infinity Innovations
  4. Visionary Vibes and Artistic Wonders.

Clever Design Business Names

Let your wit shine through with these clever design business names:

  1. Style Spectacles
  2. Design Delicacies
  3. Décor Dreamers
  4. Innovative Interiors and Artful Reflections.

Cool Design Business Names

Create a cool and focused atmosphere with these design business names:

  1. Style Surgeon
  2. Design Dynamo
  3. Creative Compositions
  4. The Interior Institute and Aesthetic Architects.

How to Name Different Types of Design Businesses

Graphic Design Business

Graphic design is an important part of the visual communication industry that helps brands stand out with unique imagery. Words like ‘Creative’, ‘Original’, and ‘Vibrant’ capture the essence of a graphic design business and can be used to create names like:

  1. Creative DesignHub
  2. Original Visions
  3. Vibrant Ideas
  4. Visualize Media
  5. ArtsyGlow
  6. Bright Now Graphics
  7. BrightMind Designs.

Web Design Business

Web design is critical for any brand that wants to have an online presence and attract customers. Adjectives like ‘Digital’, ‘Interactive’ and ‘Innovative’ make great starting points for a web design business name such as:

  1. Digital Solutions Group
  2. Innovative Webcrafts
  3. Interactive Interfaces Inc.
  4. Digital Dreams Studio
  5. HyperNet Designs
  6. TechnoMind Creations.

Interior Design Business

Interior design is all about creating unique and aesthetically pleasing spaces for clients. Words like ‘Elegant’, ‘Luxurious’, and ‘Sophisticated’ are great descriptors to use in creating a memorable name for an interior design business such as:

  1. Elegance Interiors
  2. Luxury Designs
  3. Sophisticated Spaces
  4. Creative Interior Solutions
  5. Unique Home Décorations
  6. Inside Classy Creations.

Structure & Architecture Design Business

Structural and architectural design businesses specialize in the planning, analysis, and construction of buildings. The words ‘Blueprint’, ‘Architecture’ and ‘Solid Foundation’ are great options to give your design business a memorable name such as:

  1. Blueprint Architects
  2. Architecture Innovations
  3. Solid Foundations Design Group
  4. Structural Solutions Inc.
  5. Creative Building Systems
  6. Skyscraper Designs.

Organic Design Business

Organic design businesses use natural materials and sustainable methods to create environmentally friendly designs. Words like ‘Green’, ‘Eco-Friendly’ and ‘Natural’ will help you come up with an organic design business name such as:

  1. Green Creationz
  2. Eco-Friendly Elements
  3. Natural Interiors Designs
  4. Organic Outfitters Design Studio
  5. The Green Room Designs
  6. Earthwise Creations.

Real-World Design Business Names

Design businesses provide creative services to clients who need help with branding, marketing, and other professional design needs. These businesses require a unique name that speaks to their ability to create something beautiful and effective.

In this compilation of six design business names, we’ve featured companies both big and small to get you inspired for your own venture.


This company chose a clever combination of two words – graphic and lux – which conveys the idea of luxury in graphic design. It’s an easy-to-remember name that stands out in the marketplace.


This is another clever combination of two words – visual and vault – which describes exactly what they offer: a place where clients can store their visual projects.


This company makes it clear that they specialize in branding with their clever name – branded studio! It’s an ideal choice for a design business, as it speaks directly to the services they offer.


This name stands out from the competition by communicating exactly what this business does: help clients design their products in a heroic way! It’s creative and memorable, which is key for any successful venture.


This company has chosen a unique and fun name that perfectly describes its mission – creative crush! It conveys the idea of creating something special in an inviting manner.


This designer chose a name that speaks directly to their services – logo labels! It’s an easy-to-remember choice for a business in the design field, as it instantly conveys what they do.

Use the Business Name Generator

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Tips for Naming Your Design Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Think of words related to design, and then go beyond that – consider the type of designs you specialize in and any other services or specializations you offer. Also, think about what makes your work unique and how you want customers to feel when they encounter it.

Keep it simple.

Design names can be quite complex, so make sure that yours is straightforward and easy for people to remember. Avoid overly long names or ones containing complicated jargon as this will only confuse potential customers.

Be creative.

The design industry is crowded, so try to come up with a name that is both memorable and visually appealing. Creative wordplay or puns can help potential customers to quickly identify your style and brand.

Consider your target audience.

When choosing a name for your design business, consider who you are targeting and how the name can have an impact on them. Think about their interests, needs, and expectations – then craft a unique name that speaks to them specifically.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

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Choose Your Domain!

Registering your domain is the final step in launching your website. Select the desired domain and purchase it with an available hosting provider or registrar – then you’re ready to launch your new site! It’s that easy.