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How To Name A Concierge Business

Concierge businesses provide high-quality, personalized services for their clients such as running errands, booking reservations and travel arrangements, or providing personal care services. It’s a unique industry that takes pride in keeping customers happy and making their lives easier.

Choosing the perfect name for your concierge business is key to creating a successful brand. It should be reflective of the quality and high-level of service you provide to your clients, as well as catchy and memorable.

If you are in search for a great name for your concierge business, look no further! Here we have gathered inspiring name ideas and helpful tips to help get you started. With the perfect name, you can get your business on the right path to success.

Concierge Business Name Ideas

When it comes to creating a concierge business, the name you choose should be reflective of your brand’s mission. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Catchy Concierge Business Name Ideas

Your business name should be memorable, so why not make it catchy and fun? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Concierge Craze
  • Upscale Assistants
  • Pampered Pleasures
  • Elite Agents
  • Exclusive Estates. ​

Unique Concierge Business Name Ideas

A service-focused business needs a unique and powerful name to show customers why they should choose you. Here are some ideas:

  1. The Elite Retreat
  2. Perfection Providers
  3. Exceptional Escapes
  4. Splendid Support
  5. Extraordinary Experiences. ​

Sophisticated Concierge Business Name Ideas

A luxurious concierge business deserves a sophisticated name to match. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Upscale Havens
  2. Refined Retreats
  3. Luxurious Living
  4. Grand Getaways
  5. Lavish Lifestyles. ​

How to Name Different Types of Concierge Businesses

VIP Services

A VIP services business offers all-inclusive packages for those who need extra help with anything from planning events to buying gifts. Words like ‘Premier’, ‘Deluxe’, and ‘Elite’ capture the essence of luxury conveying the quality service such a business provides. Good name ideas include:

  1. Premiere Services
  2. Deluxe Assistants
  3. Elite Concierge
  4. Finer Things Service
  5. Luxe Experiences
  6. Top Tier Solutions.

Travel Planning

For travelers looking for personalized plans that are crafted to their exact needs and wants, a travel planning concierge business can help. Words like ‘Adventure’, ‘Dreams’, and ‘Journeys’ will provide inspiration for potential names like:

  1. Dream Journeys
  2. Adventure Concierge
  3. Wanderlust Services
  4. Trip Tailors
  5. Luxe Vacations
  6. Journey Planners.

Event Planning

Planning an event from start to finish is no easy task. Event planning concierges provide the expertise and guidance needed to bring events to life. Utilize words such as ‘Celebration’, ‘Spectacular’, and ‘Memorable’ to come up with creative names like:

  1. Celebration Concierge
  2. Spectacular Services
  3. MemEvents
  4. Special Occasions
  5. Luxe Parties
  6. Party Planners.

House Management

House management concierge businesses take care of all the details involved with running a home such as hiring staff, managing budgets, and taking care of maintenance. Words like ‘Home’, ‘Ease’, and ‘Comfort’ will help you come up with names like:

  1. Home Ease Services
  2. Comfort Concierge
  3. Luxe House Management
  4. Home Helpers
  5. Easyliving Solutions.

Personal Shopping

Personal shopping concierge services assist clients in finding the perfect items for their needs and wants. Words such as ‘Style’, ‘Fashion’, and ‘Glamour’ will create name ideas like:

  1. Stylebasket
  2. GlamourPack
  3. Fashionista Concierge
  4. Luxe Wardrobe
  5. Shop Assistants
  6. Glamour Pushers.

Real-World Concierge Business Names

Starting a concierge business may seem daunting. But there are plenty of successful businesses out there that can provide inspiration for your own company!

In this list of six concierge businesses, we have gathered companies both big and small to help you with some ideas.

Luxury Concierge

This name is quite self-explanatory; it conveys the message that they offer services befitting luxury lifestyles. It stands up well against competitors thanks to its direct and powerful meaning.

VIP Butler Services

This clever brand name resonates with customers looking for a personal touch when it comes to their errands and tasks. The word “butler” evokes a level of sophistication and professionalism that will have customers coming back for more.

Essential Errands

The word “errands” paints a clear picture of the services they offer – helping customers with everyday tasks – and the word “essential” speaks to their commitment in handling these errands. It’s a great example of how you can be creative while still communicating what your business is all about.

Time Out Concierge

This company has an interesting name that conveys the message of taking time out from busy schedules to take care of necessary affairs, such as running errands or booking travel arrangements. The added touch of “time out” helps connect the viewer to their mission and story.

Lifestyle Genie

This company stands out with its catchy, whimsical name that plays on the phrase “genie in a bottle.” It sparks curiosity and speaks to their mission of helping customers make their life as stress-free as possible!

Go To Guy Concierge

This business has an intriguing name that conveys a message of convenience and reliability. The words “go to guy” evoke feelings of trustworthiness and expertise, making it an ideal fit for this type of business.

Use the Business Name Generator

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Tips for Naming Your Concierge Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Words such as “concierge” and related phrases like “personal assistant”, “premium service” and “24/7 availability” are great starting points for creating a name for your concierge business. Think about what type of services you will offer, any unique features or characteristics associated with those services, and how you want your customers to feel when they think of your business.

Keep it simple.

It’s important that the name of your business is easy to pronounce, spell and remember. Avoid long or complex names that could be difficult for clients to remember or find online.

Be unique.

Consider what exactly makes your business distinctive and how you can communicate that through your name.

Consider your target audience.

When choosing a name for your concierge business, consider who it is aimed at and what they might be looking for. Think of ways to capture their attention, such as highlighting the convenience and quality of your services or offering unique features that other companies don’t offer.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

When you’ve created a few potential names for your business, check that they are available to be used as domain names. Navigate to GoDaddy or another hosting site and search for the desired URL.

Choose Your Domain!

Once you’ve found a domain name that is available, it’s time to purchase and register your domain name with an available hosting provider or registrar. With just a few clicks, your website will be live and ready to launch!