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How to Name a Cleaning Business

Sparkling floors, gleaming windows, and spotless countertops are all things that customers look for when hiring a cleaning service. But to succeed in this competitive industry, your business needs more than just the right materials and equipment. You need to find the perfect name that reflects your brand’s unique identity and portrays professionalism.

Finding a catchy, memorable name for your cleaning business can be difficult. You want something that stands out and showcases the services you offer but isn’t so quirky that customers are turned off. It’s a delicate balance between creativity and recognition.

If you’re stuck on how to name your cleaning business, this guide contains helpful tips, tricks, and a few creative name ideas that will help you find the perfect name.

Cleaning Business Name Ideas

A sparkling clean business name is essential for establishing a successful cleaning business. It should be professional yet inviting and can be cool, edgy, or modern – whatever best fits your style. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

Cool Cleaning Business Names

For an extra edge, consider these creative names for your cleaning business. They are catchy, memorable, and can make a great first impression:

  • Sunshine Cleaners
  • Shine & Sparkle Cleaning Co.
  • Fresh Start Cleaning Co.
  • The Soap Opera Cleaners
  • Vacu-Glow Services
  • Happy Housekeepers
  • Miracle Maids

Unique Cleaning Business Names

An original twist on a tried-and-true name can really make your cleaning business stand out. Use your own creative flair and come up with something entirely unique. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Glimmer & Glow Cleaners
  2. Clean Sweep Pros
  3. Clear Vista Cleaning Co.
  4. Dust Divas
  5. Radiant Cleaners
  6. Cleanscapes
  7. Sparkle-Rama Cleaning Services.

Funny Cleaning Names

A funny name can really grab attention and intrigue people. Here are some humorous yet professional cleaning business names:

  1. The Soiled Dozen
  2. Super Suds Cleaning Co.
  3. Dust Bunnies Be Gone
  4. Flawless Cleanerz
  5. Silly Soaps Cleaners
  6. Grimebusters.

Catchy Cleaning Business Name Ideas

A bit of wordplay can go a long way when it comes to catchy business names. Here are some ideas that really stand out:

  1. Tackle Dirt Cleaners
  2. The Grime Scene Cleaners
  3. All Bright Cleaning Services
  4. Fresh Faced Cleaning Co.
  5. Sparkle & Shine Agency
  6. Perfectly Polished Pros.

Clever Cleaning Business Names

For a touch of clever wordplay, consider these creative cleaning business names:

  1. Minty Fresh Cleaners
  2. Sweet Spot Cleaning Co.
  3. Crystal Clear Solutions
  4. Pure Perfection Cleansers
  5. Flawless Finish Services.

How to Name Different Types of Cleaning Businesses

Carpet Cleaning

Picking the perfect name for your carpet cleaning service doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can start by thinking of words with positive connotations such as professional, reliable, or expert. Consider adding a bit of personality and humor to your name, or pair two appropriate words together like splendid and fresh. Here are some examples:

  1. Rugscrub Masters
  2. Carpet Royalty
  3. Bubbles & Brushes
  4. Fresh Fluff Cleaners
  5. Spotless Warriors
  6. Sparkle Kings
  7. Deep Down Dirt Diggers
  8. Magic Mops and Brooms Cleaning Service
  9. Remarkable Rug Renovators

Window Cleaning

Spotless glass, crystal clear panes, gleaming windows – when your window cleaning service is done, your clients will have a perfect view of the world! Names with words such as sparkle, shine, or twinkle can bring to mind the finished product. For example:

  1. Glitter Cleaners
  2. Reflection Radiance
  3. Sparkle Splendor Services
  4. Shine Bright Cleaners
  5. Twinkle Wizards
  6. Sparkling Beams
  7. Window Wonders
  8. Crystal Clear Vision

Pressure Washing Services

Shining metal, immaculate patios, sparkling driveways – a good name for your pressure washing service can evoke these images. Words such as power, deep clean, and even turbo can help to explain the type of work you do while also showing off your quality results. For example:

  1. Deep Clean Power Washers
  2. Turbo Tidal Washing Services
  3. Clean Sweepers
  4. Patio Perfection
  5. Driveway Dynamo Power Washers
  6. The Pressure’s On Cleaning Service.

Gutter Cleaning

Twigs, leaves, and debris are no match for your gutter cleaning service. Consider names with words like sweep, clear, or power to show off your skills. Examples include:

  1. Gutter Gladiators
  2. Power Flush Cleaners
  3. Gutter Guardians
  4. Clear Away Gutters Services
  5. Sweep & Shine Gutter Service
  6. The Gutter Pros.

Upholstery Business

Even the most vivid colors and pretty patterns on upholstery can become dulled with dirt and stains. Restoring furniture to its former glory requires skill, knowledge, and determination. A great name for your upholstery cleaning business could include words like revival, renewal, and refresh. Examples of good word associations include:

  1. Upholstery Renewal
  2. Refresh Restoration Services
  3. Cover Cleaners
  4. Revival Revivers
  5. Reupholstery Rescue
  6. Comfort Care Cleaners
  7. Stain Savers Professional Upholstery Solutions

House Cleaning Services

For a house cleaning service that goes above and beyond to make homes sparkle, you need a name that conveys your attention to the smallest details. Consider words such as clean, hygienic, or spotless when you’re brainstorming. Here are some examples:

  1. Sanitize Solutions
  2. Spotless Surfaces
  3. Hygiene Heaven
  4. Clean Sweepers
  5. Supreme Shine Services
  6. Detail-Oriented Cleaners
  7. Sparkle and Shine Home Care
  8. Dust Bunnies Busters. Professional Neatness Squad.

Real-World Cleaning Business Names

Naming your cleaning business can be a tricky job, so we suggest that you do an analysis of your competitors. We have put together five of the most successful and inventive names from companies across various industries to help give you a jump start on the right track.

You will find major players in the cleaning industry as well as specialized ones within our list.


This national cleaning service offers tailored solutions for residential and commercial clients. Its name includes the words “Maid” for residential and “Pro” for professional, creating a memorable name that’s perfect for the industry.

House Call Cleaners

A mobile cleaning service in New York City, House Call Cleaners focuses on delivering convenient housecleaning services right to your doorstep. The clever use of this phrase captures the customer’s imagination and implies a superior level of service.

Broom & Mop

This residential and commercial cleaning company in Chicago takes its name from common tools used to clean floors. The simple, easy-to-remember name is neat and to the point, making it memorable for customers.

The Cleaning Authority

With locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, The Cleaning Authority is a large-scale operation that provides eco-friendly options alongside its traditional services. Its name conveys authority and trust, which is essential for customers trusting you with their home.

The Grime Fighters

This Houston-based cleaning business specializes in deep-cleaning services such as carpet and upholstery. Its fun name speaks to its commitment to providing intense cleanings that go beyond the surface mess. The Grime Fighters are a great example of how choosing the right words can create an effective name that stands out in the crowd.

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Tips for Naming Your Cleaning Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Writing down words that evoke the feeling of cleanliness and hygiene can help you come up with a unique name for your cleaning business.

Keep it simple.

Short and sweet names that are easy to pronounce and spell make for memorable business names.

Be unique.

Crafting a name that is one-of-a-kind and stands out from the competition is critical for successfully establishing your brand, as well as increasing awareness.

Consider your target audience.

By taking into account who your target customers are and what they would be looking for in a cleaning service, you can craft a name that speaks directly to them.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Don’t forget to check if the domain name and trademark are both available for use before deciding on a final business name.

Choose Your Domain!

Once you’ve settled on a business name, grab the corresponding domain so your customers can easily find you online and you can start building your brand.