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How To Name A Cat Business

Cat lovers will tell you there’s no creature quite like a feline! Whether it is providing food, grooming, pet sitting or other services dedicated to cats, businesses related to the furry family member can be rewarding and profitable.

Creating your business name should be an enjoyable process that reflects all the passion you have for cats and your customers. To make it easier, here are some helpful tips and inspiring name ideas that will help you come up with the perfect name for your cat business.

Don’t let the thought of coming up with a great business name overwhelm you—with some creative thinking and this guide, you can find a unique and memorable name in no time!

Cat Business Name Ideas

A purrfect name for your cat-focused business should be cute, creative, and catchy. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Cute Cat Business Names

If you love cats and want to share that love with your customers, consider one of these cute cat business names:

  • The Cat Cave
  • Tabby Town
  • Feline Friends Forever
  • Pawsome Place
  • The Purrfect Pad and Kitty Kastle.

Unique Cat Business Names

For a truly unique name for your cat-focused business, try combining words like ‘cat’, ‘paw’, ‘tail’ and ‘purr’:

  1. Paw Print Palace
  2. Tails & Tales Boutique
  3. Catty Concoctions
  4. Meow Marvels Shop and Purrfectly Divine.

Funny Cat Business Names

Your customers will giggle when they hear these funny cat business names:

  1. Kitty Kadoodle
  2. The Cat’s Meow Emporium
  3. Crazy Cat Creations
  4. Feline Frenzy Factory
  5. and Pawsitively Pampered

Aesthetic Cat Business Names

For a name that oozes cuteness and sophistication try combining words like ‘fancy’, ‘luxury’, ‘fluffy’ and more! Here are some ideas:

  1. Luxe Kitties Boutique
  2. Fluffy Fuzzies Emporium
  3. Pawesome Palace
  4. Sophisti-cats Grooming Salon
  5. Fancy Felines Shop.

Vintage Cat Business Names

If you’re looking for a classic name that evokes nostalgia or pays homage to an era gone by, try some of these vintage cat business names:

  1. The Feline Finery Shop
  2. Purrfectly Retro Boutique
  3. Tomcat’s Tailoring Den
  4. Classic Kitty Store

Catchy Cat Business Names

Like a game of cat and mouse, the goal of a good name is to keep customers engaged. Here are some catchy cat business names:

  1. Cat Craze Emporium
  2. Kitcollars
  3. Bellpaws
  4. Kitty Kastle
  5. Meowtastic

How to Name Different Types of Cat Businesses

Cat Grooming Business

Cat grooming businesses provide cats with the care and attention they need to look their best. Naming your business can be fun if you include adjectives like ‘Fur’, ‘Pampered’ and ‘Purrfect’ to create names like:

  1. FurBabes
  2. PamperedPaws
  3. PurrfectGroomers
  4. FurFluffs
  5. PawsomeClips
  6. Purrfections.

Cat Sitting Business

Despite a reputation for aloofness, many cats love and require company. If you’re starting a cat sitting business, use words like ‘Cuddle’, ‘Playful’ and ‘Comfort’ to come up with names such as:

  1. CuddleCare
  2. PlayfulPaws
  3. ComfortCritters
  4. CatCozy
  5. PawPals
  6. ComfortKitty.

Cat Boarding Business

When their owners travel or go on vacation, cats may need a place to stay. Think of words like ‘Luxury’, ‘VIP’ and ‘Feline’ when deciding on a great name for your cat boarding business such as:

  1. LuxuryCritters
  2. VIPPetHotel
  3. FelineRetreats
  4. CatStayz Luxury
  5. VIPaws
  6. FelineVille.

Cat Supplies Business

Cat supplies businesses provide cats and their owners with everything they need to stay healthy and happy. To capture the essence of what you do, come up with a suitable name using words like ‘Kitty’, ‘Meow’ and ‘Fur’. Here are some examples:

  1. KittyMania
  2. MeowEssentials
  3. FurBazaar
  4. KittyPicks
  5. MeowsomeStore
  6. FurMart.

Cat Toy Business

Playing is an important part of a cat’s daily routine; this is why many people buy cat toys to keep their furry friends entertained. Captivating names are easy to create with words like ‘Play” ‘Paws’ “Toy’ and ‘Kitty’. Here are a few examples:

  1. PlayPaws
  2. ToyKitty
  3. PawsomeToys
  4. PlayFur
  5. ToyCats
  6. PawsitivelyFun.

Cat Rescue Business

Rescue businesses foster cats in need of homes or provide services such as spaying and neutering. To create the perfect name for your cat rescue business use words like ‘Shelter’, ‘Love’, ‘Warm’ and ‘Cozy’:

  1. ShelterMeows
  2. LoveFurLife
  3. WarmWhiskers
  4. CozyCritters
  5. ShelterPaws
  6. LoveKitties

Real-World Cat Business Names

There are a number of different types of cat-related businesses, from pet services to retail products. The key is to find a name that accurately reflects both the product or service you offer and communicates it in an interesting way.

We’ve compiled five real-world cat business names that successfully capture both the theme and feel of their respective companies. Whether you’re starting a pet-sitting business or an online cat boutique, these names should provide some useful inspiration.

Pawfection Pet Care

This name speaks directly to the type of services they offer and is also easy to remember. The use of the word “pawfection” appeals specifically to cat owners who want to ensure their pet’s comfort and safety.


Known as a high-end cat food brand, the name “FancyFeast” clearly conveys their product offering. It also speaks to the idea of treating your pet like royalty, which is something many owners strive for.

Purrfectly Natural Cat Supplies

This name successfully expresses the company’s commitment to natural cat care products. It also speaks to the idea that cats should be treated with special care, which is something many owners strive for.

Meow Mania Pet Boutique

This name succinctly communicates both the type of business and its unique approach to pet supplies. Additionally, it captures the playful nature of pet ownership, making it memorable and fun!

CatEyes Boutique

This unique name stands out from other names in the industry and creates an immediate connection with cats. The use of “eyes” implies that they are selling something special – items that make cats look even more beautiful!

The Cat’s Meow Boutique

This name is a play on the popular phrase “the bee’s knees,” and it speaks directly to the type of products they offer. It also implies that their items are special or luxurious – something that cat owners will be sure to appreciate.

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Tips for Naming Your Cat Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

A great place to start when coming up with a namefor your cat business is to brainstorm some keywords related to cats. Think of words or phrases that evoke the joy and special bond between humans and cats, like love, purrs, cuddles, etc.

Keep it simple.

Just as with any other business name, keep it straightforward and easy to remember. Avoid long or complex names that could be difficult for customers to pronounce or find you with.

Be unique.

The cat business industry is competitive, so a generic name like “Cat Care” won’t help you stand out. Think of words that capture the essence of your work and can set you apart from other companies in the industry.

Consider your target audience.

When picking a name for your cat business, consider who you are targeting and how the name might impact them. Are you focusing on pet owners or veterinarians? Ensure that the name speaks to your target audiences’ interests, needs and preferences.

Make sure the domain is available.

Once you’ve decided on a perfect name for your website, it’s time to ensure the domain is available. To do so, simply navigate to GoDaddy or another site of your choice and search for the desired URL. It’s quick and straightforward!

Choose Your Domain!

Registering a domain name is a simple process – check the availability of the desired domain, purchase and register it with an available hosting provider or registrar, and you’re ready to go! With just a few clicks, your website will be live.