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How to Name a Car Company

Cars are more than a mode of transportation—they’re an integral part of our lives and often represent our personal style. Whether you drive a classic muscle car or the latest electric vehicle, cars evoke strong emotions in us all.

The kind of car business you’re starting will determine the kind of name you choose. Are you a dealer selling cars from different brands, or are you a manufacturer producing your own line of vehicles?

Whatever your specialty is, an awesome car company name can take your business to the next level. This guide contains helpful tips and inspiring ideas to help you find the perfect name for your car company. With these resources in hand, you’ll be able to create a memorable brand that customers won’t forget!

Car Company Name Ideas

When it comes to car companies, you need a name that embodies both speed and style. A great car company name should be unforgettable and evoke feelings of sleekness, power, and adventure. We’ve got some ideas for you:

Cool Car Company Name Ideas

Sleekness and style come to mind when naming a car company. Here are some ideas:

  • AutoGlow
  • StreetRide
  • Elite Motors
  • Flash Automotive
  • Chariot Cruisers
  • Midnight Rides
  • LuxMobility
  • RideTechs
  • HyperDrive Motorsports
  • CarSparkle.

Modern Car Company Names

The age of modern technology has opened up a world of possibilities. Here are some car company name ideas:

  1. Techtricity
  2. ElectricDrive Motors
  3. HighGear Automotive
  4. FuturCar
  5. TheMobility Company
  6. FuelBot Automotive
  7. AutomaZone
  8. Greentech Motorsports
  9. Revvolution Motors
  10. XtremeAuto.

Clever Car Company Names

Unleash your wit with these one-of-a-kind car company names:

  1. Speedster Engines
  2. InstaCars
  3. Road Rebels
  4. Streetcats Motors
  5. Turbo Thrills
  6. Revved Automotive
  7. HotRods Inc.
  8. BigWheels Co.
  9. BumperBounce Cars
  10. AutoAce.

Catchy Car Company Names

These company names are sure to make heads turn:

  1. CarTec
  2. Wheels Excellence
  3. Automaximus
  4. RoadRunners Motors
  5. Sleekness Autos
  6. RoyalGear Motorsports
  7. Supercar Solutions
  8. StreetRacer Cars
  9. DynamiDrive Car Co.
  10. TrailBlazers Auto.

How to Name Different Types of Car Companies

Auto Parts Store Names:

Auto parts stores should focus on words that evoke durability and reliability. Words like “Tough”, “Strong” and “Reliable” are great for an auto parts store name. Here are a few ideas:

  1. ToughParts
  2. StrongWheels
  3. ReliableCars
  4. CarCarePro
  5. AutoTech.

Car Dealership Names:

If you want to capture the excitement of car shopping, words like “Drive”, “Vroom” and “Speed” can create a great name for a car dealership. Here are some examples:

  1. DriveMotors
  2. VroomRide
  3. SpeedCars
  4. CarMaximus
  5. WheelsCity

Luxury Car Brand Names:

Sit back and relax with a luxury car brand name that conveys class and sophistication. Words like “Luxe”, “Elegant” and “Elite” are perfect. Here are some ideas:

  1. LuxeMotors
  2. ElegantWheels
  3. EliteCars
  4. LuxuryAuto and CarVogue
  5. 2EleganceAuto
  6. LuxeRides
  7. ClassicWheels
  8. SupremeVehicles
  9. HighEndMotors.

Mechanic Shop Names

A little elbow grease goes a long way when it comes to naming mechanic shops. Words like “Fix”, “Tune” and “Service” make for great names. Here are some examples:

  1. FixItNow
  2. TuneAuto
  3. ServiceRide
  4. CarMechanic
  5. VehicleRepair.

Car Wash Names:

Get your car sparkling clean with a name that evokes sparkle, shine and freshness. Words like “Gleam”, “Bright” and “Wash” make for great car wash names. Here are a few ideas:

  1. GleamClean
  2. BrightShine
  3. WashNGo
  4. SparkleMax
  5. QuickWash.

Tire Shop Names:

Wheeling in for a tire shop name? Words like “Tire”, “Wheel” and “Rubber” can make for great tire shop names. Here are some examples:

  1. TirePros
  2. WheelTech
  3. RubberStore
  4. CarTires
  5. TireCity.

Real-World Car Company Names

Naming your car company can be daunting, so we recommended doing a competitor analysis. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve compiled five of the most successful and innovative names from real-world businesses across several industries.

You’ll find major car company leaders in addition to niche businesses throughout our list; no matter what direction you choose for your own company, these businesses will provide useful insights!

Luxmoore Motors:

This Motor Company specializes in producing high-end luxury vehicles with modern design features. The name Luxmoore combines “luxury” and “more,” implying an abundance of quality for those who choose this brand.

Carrera Automobiles:

This vehicle manufacturer focuses on creating powerful race cars for avid motorsports enthusiasts. The name Carrera pays homage to the famous “La Carrera Panamericana” race as well as the company’s commitment to delivering thrilling speed and performance.

Interlock Automotive:

This manufacturer focuses on creating reliable electric cars that are designed for efficiency and sustainability. The name Interlock implies a seamless connection between the driver, the vehicle and its features, creating an effortless driving experience.

Kendall Motors:

This luxury car dealership offers customized vehicles from some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers. The name Kendall implies sophistication, elegance and style for a truly luxurious driving experience.

Lambda Motors:

This performance car company specializes in producing powerful vehicles with innovative design features. The name Lambda is derived from the Greek letter “λ” which stands for strength, power and unity – perfect for this brand!

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