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Purchasing the right domain name for your company is a huge first step. Having a solid understanding of the outcome of certain name styles will benefit you in your decision making process. Visit our brands page and use our brainstorming feature to help you narrow down your search. You will be surprised by the inspiration Brandroot will provide you. No name leaves here without a success story.

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Buying a domain name for your audience...

Naming Techniques...

A great name doesn't always come during a brainstorm. It most often comes to you unexpectedly. Take advantage of your subconscious by considering these techniques:

  1. Figure out what you stand for.
  2. What should people remember about you?
  3. Identify connections with your principles.
  4. Track every name that comes to mind.
  5. Be patient. Wait for the Eureka moment.
It's About You...

Your company name is what separates you from your competitors. It tells your audience that you have something else to offer. The name should in some way provide a glimpse into how you see your company. Your name should never describe what you do. People are not attracted to descriptions, they trust a name that stands for something, which perhaps they should learn about.

A Good Name Has Character...

The sound and style of your business name almost instantly translates your company's personality. Most people expect certain styles of names to be part of certain industries.

It's hard to see a health supplement named Simpisto. Most industry's stick to common characteristics found in their market. Glyex might sound like a more appropriate name for a supplement product.

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