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How To Name A Boba Business

With the rise of the boba tea trend, more entrepreneurs are entering this lucrative industry. Whether your specialty is bubble tea, smoothies or frozen yogurt, having a memorable business name that speaks to customers will help you stand out from the competition.

When naming your boba business, it’s important to choose something that reflects your commitment to quality beverages and creative flavors. A catchy name will draw in potential customers and keep them coming back for more. You want something unique but easy to remember, so think outside the box!

If you’re searching for inspiration on how to name your boba business, we have gathered some great ideas for you here. Take a look around—you may just find the perfect name your new venture.

Boba Business Name Ideas

Bubble tea is a hot trend around the world, so why not make it the star of your business name? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Catchy Boba Business Name Ideas

Like a bubble tea straw, your business name should draw customers in and leave a lasting impression. Here are some catchy ideas to try:

  • Boba Bliss
  • Tea-riffic Brews
  • Bubblelicious Cafe
  • Tasti Tapas & Teas
  • Bobalicious Barista. ​

Unique Boba Business Name Ideas

Create a unique name that perfectly captures your bubbly brand:

  1. Bubbletastic Brews
  2. BubbleTea Factory
  3. The Boba Parlor
  4. Tapioca Takeaway
  5. Bobalicious Delights.

Funny Boba Business Name Ideas

A sip of bubble tea is sure to bring a smile to customers’ faces. Make it even more fun with these funny business names:

  1. Brew Boomers
  2. Bubblelicious Empire
  3. Tea-rrific Treats & Teas
  4. The Bobaberry Cafe
  5. Tapiocontainment Zone. ​

Cool Boba Business Name Ideas

Be cool and creative with a name that’s as unique and delicious as your bubble tea:

  1. Brewtopia
  2. Boba Blvd.
  3. Bubble Tea Oasis
  4. The Tapioca Station
  5. Brewtastic Cafe. ​

Fantasy Boba Business Name Ideas

Invoke the flavors of fantasy with these whimsical business name ideas:

  1. Bobaberry Kingdom
  2. Tapioca Tropics
  3. Bubbletastic Dreamland
  4. Tea-rrific Tales & Teas

How to Name Different Types of Boba Businesses

Boba Tea Company

A Boba tea company specializes in creating unique tea blends that are sweetened with tapioca pearls. Words like ‘Tasty’, ‘Unique’, and ‘Flavored’ all capture the essence of a Boba tea company. Possible name ideas include:

TastyBrews, UniqueFeast, FlavorFiesta, SweetSips, BubbleMania.

Boba Tea Shop

Boba tea shops often offer a variety of flavors for customers to choose from. Words like ‘Flavor’, ‘Treats’ or ‘Brews’ can help you come up with names such as:

  1. FlavorFiesta
  2. TreatsToGo
  3. BubbleBrews
  4. SweetSips
  5. FlavorMania.

Boba Tea Cafe

Boba tea cafes are a great place to enjoy a delicious and refreshing beverage. Descriptors like ‘Relax’, ‘Refresh’ or ‘Sip’ can give you some ideas for brand names such as:

  1. RelaxBrews
  2. RefreshTreats
  3. SippingFiesta
  4. BubbleCafe
  5. SweetSips.

Boba Tea Delivery Service

A Boba tea delivery service allows you to enjoy your favorite beverages from the comfort of your own home. Names like ‘HomeBrew’, ‘DeliveryFiesta’ or ‘SipExpress’ can be great for a business of this type:

  1. HomeBrews
  2. DeliveryFiesta
  3. SipExpress
  4. BubbleDelivery
  5. SweetSips.

Boba Tea Trail

A Boba tea trail helps customers discover new flavors and explore different types of beverages. Descriptors such as ‘Exploration’, ‘Adventure’ or ‘Discover’ can help you come up with names such as:

  1. ExplorationBrews
  2. AdventureTreats
  3. DiscoverFiesta
  4. BubbleTrail
  5. SweetSips.

Real-World Boba Business Names

Boba is a popular beverage that is quickly gaining momentum in the food and drink industry. As such, businesses specializing in this product need to stand out from the competition with a unique and eye-catching business name. Here are six examples:

The Bubble Hut

This company has chosen an interesting play on words for their title that conveys the lighthearted atmosphere of a boba shop.


Featuring a clever pun that plays on “perks,” this name suggests delicious beverages and rewards all at once!

Tapioca Land

This humorous name paints an imaginative landscape of tapioca pearls floating across sugary syrup – perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Boba Lounge

This fanciful name evokes the cozy atmosphere of a boba cafe and is sure to draw in customers.

Bubble Tea Circus

Featuring another delightful pun, this title connotes fun and excitement – something that any boba business should strive for.

BoBaBerry Cafe

This catchy combination of words suggests a fresh take on boba drinks while maintaining a sweet, fruity tone. It’s the perfect name for an inviting boba shop!

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