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How To Name A Blanket Business

Blankets are beloved items that provide warmth and comfort to those who own them. Blanket businesses make, sell, or design blankets for people of all ages and one of the most important steps on the road to success is picking a great business name. It should be creative, memorable, and accurately reflect what your blanket business offers.

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect name for your business, look no further! This guide has plenty of helpful tips and inspiring name ideas that will help make the process a breeze.

With a great name, you’ll be well on your way to building something special that customers can cozy up to!

Blanket Business Names Ideas

When it’s cold outside, nothing beats snuggling up in a cozy blanket. Think of words like ‘warmth’, ‘comfort’, and ‘luxury’ to come up with the perfect name for your business. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Catchy Blanket Business Names

Give customers a hint of the cuddly comfort that awaits them with a catchy business name:

  • Fur Fabrics
  • Wool Wonders
  • Cuddle Couture
  • Wrapped Warmth and Downy Dreams.

Cute Blanket Business Names

These cute blanket names will capture the feeling of warmth and comfort you want to bring to customers:

  1. Fuzzy Friends
  2. Fleece Frenzy
  3. Fluffy Fabrics
  4. Snuggle Spotters and Cuddly Cushions.

Funny Blanket Business Names

Spread some laughs along with the warmth with these funny blanket business names:

  1. The Fur Factory
  2. Wrap-tastic!
  3. The Wool Emporium
  4. Snug City and Blanket World.

Creative Blanket Business Names

Be creative with your blanket business name and make customers feel extra cozy:

  1. The Blanket Boutique
  2. Comfort Cove
  3. Fuzzy Flurries
  4. The Snuggle Station and Soft Embrace.

How to Name Different Types of Blanket Businesses

Blanket Brand

A great name for a blanket brand should be warm, inviting, and cozy. Try using words like ‘Comfort’, ‘Warmth’, and ‘Cozy’ to create a blanket business name like:

  1. ComfyWeave
  2. WarmthBlankets
  3. CozyFleece
  4. ComfortThreads
  5. FleecePalace
  6. SoftStyle.

Baby Blanket Business

A baby blanket business should have a warm and welcoming name that appeals to parents. Try using words like ‘Snuggly’, ‘Little’, and ‘Cuddles’ to create names such as:

  1. SnugglyBundles
  2. LittleLullaby
  3. CuddleMeSoft
  4. BabyFleece
  5. HuggyBlankets.

Outdoor Blanket Business

An outdoor blanket business should have a strong and durable name that conveys the sturdy materials used for its products. Words like ‘Sturdy’, ‘Tough’, and ‘Rugged’ make perfect starting points for an outdoor blanket business such as:

  1. SturdyWeave
  2. ToughTex
  3. RuggedWrap
  4. TrailReady
  5. OutdoorFleece.

Luxury Blanket Business

A luxury blanket business should have a luxurious sounding name that conveys the quality of its products. Utilize words like ‘Elegant’, ‘Exquisite’, and ‘Glamour’ to create an upscale name such as:

  1. ElegantThreads
  2. ExquisiteWeave
  3. GlamourBlankets
  4. LuxeFleece
  5. CozyCouture.

Novelty Blanket Business

A novelty blanket business should have a whimsical name that conveys the playful nature of its products. Words like ‘Fun’, ‘Funny’ and ‘Cheeky’ can help you name your business with humor such as:

  1. FunCuddle
  2. FunnyFleece
  3. CheekyWrap
  4. CuteCovers
  5. GiggleBundles.

Real-World Blanket Business Names

For as long as people have been around, blankets have kept them safe and warm. Blankets are an essential item in the home and businesses that specialize in blanket manufacturing provide warmth to many households.

In this compilation of six blanket businesses, we feature companies both big and small to give you a few ideas for your own business name.


This company chose a name that perfectly describes what they offer – snuggly and warm wool blankets! It’s an easy-to-remember name that speaks directly to their product.


This business has chosen a word that conveys the idea of comfort and warmth – downy fleece. It’s a great example of how you can use descriptive words to create a memorable business name.


This company stands out with its whimsical, yet accurate description of what they offer: cuddly clouds made from the finest materials! The added touch helps make this name unique and inviting.

QuiltCozy Co.

This business uses a combination of two words that instantly bring to mind warmth and comfort: quilt and cozy. It’s a clever way of creating an easily-understood name that speaks volumes about the product they offer.


This company chose a name that is both meaningful and memorable – warmly you! It conveys the idea of providing warmth and comfort, while also being unique enough to stand out in the marketplace.


This company stands out with its uplifting message – blanket blessings! This name captures what this business does in a positive manner, making it memorable for customers as well.

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Tips for Naming Your Blanket Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

Start off by writing down all the words related to your business, such as “blanket”, “comfy”, “softness”, etc. This can help you come up with a name that speaks to what you are offering and conveys the essence of your product.

Keep it simple.

A name should be easy to pronounce and remember so customers can easily find and recall it. Avoid long names or ones with difficult pronunciations – you want something that will catch their attention without requiring too much effort on their part.

Be unique.

Try to avoid generic names like “The Blanket Company” or “Blankets R Us”. Think about what makes your blankets special and incorporate this into the name in a creative way.

Consider your target audience.

Think about who you are trying to reach with your product and make sure the name speaks to them. Are they looking for luxury or something more affordable? Is it a practical item or a gift? Take all of this into consideration when coming up with a name for your business.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Once you’ve decided on a name, do a quick search to ensure that the domain is available. Open GoDaddy or another site of your choice and type in the URL – it’s that easy!

Choose Your Domain!

The next step is to register your domain and secure the name. All you need to do is purchase the domain from a hosting provider or registrar and checkout!