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How To Name A Bike Business

Whether you are looking for a recreational ride around town with friends, a reliable commuter bike, or an adrenaline-filled mountain trail adventure—a bicycle business can provide the perfect combination of form and function.

Creating quality bikes is only part of running a successful bicycle business—you also need to find the perfect name.

If you need help coming up with a great name for your bike business, this guide will provide plenty of ideas to get started. From catchy phrases to clever puns, we have everything you need to come up with the perfect name for your bike business.

Bike Business Name Ideas

Bike business names can be modern, clever, catchy, or all of the above. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Modern Bike Business Name Ideas

Give your bike business a modern twist with one of these stylish names:

  • Urban Riders
  • Contemporary Cycles
  • Biker Boutique
  • Wheel Warriors
  • The Bike Broz. ​

Rustic Bike Business Name Ideas

For a rustic feel, add some outdoor inspiration to your bike shop name:

  1. Mountain Movers
  2. Trail Blazers
  3. The Bike Barn
  4. Outdoor Oasis
  5. Off-Road Adventures. ​

Funny Bike Business Name Ideas

A good laugh can be just as energizing as a ride in the park. Here are some funny business names to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Pedal Prose
  2. Bicycle Barons
  3. The Gear Guys
  4. Cycle Style. ​

Catchy Bike Business Name Ideas

Being remembered is half the battle in business. Use one of these catchy names to make sure everyone knows your shop:

  1. Wheel Wonders
  2. The Bike Bazaar
  3. Cycle Kings
  4. Saddle Shifters. ​

Unique Bike Business Name Ideas

One-of-a-kind business names are the perfect way to get edge on the competition. Here are some unique ideas to get you started:

  1. The Bicycle Brigade
  2. The Biker Network
  3. Pedal Pioneers
  4. Cruisin’ Cycles
  5. Wheel Wizards.

How to Name Different Types of Bike Businesses

Bike Parts Brand

Whether you’re selling aftermarket parts or accessories, words such as ‘Speed’, ‘Performance’, and ‘Power’ can help provide direction when naming your brand. Ideas like:

  1. SpeedXtreme
  2. PowerPedalz
  3. PerformanceParts Co.
  4. TurboTuneups
  5. QuickCycling Gear
  6. PowerRidez

Bike Repair Shop

When it comes to running a successful bike repair shop, words like ‘Fixx’, ‘Tuneup’ and ‘Service’ can come in handy. Some great names could be:

  1. FixxCentral
  2. TuneupProz
  3. ServiceBike
  4. CycleCare
  5. PedalTunez
  6. FixxCyclez

Bike Rental Shop

A bike rental shop should have an inviting and playful name. Words like ‘Ride’, ‘Cruise’ and ‘Fun’ are all good descriptors for this type of business. Possible names include:

  1. RideEazy
  2. CruiseZone
  3. FunWheelz Co.
  4. Rent-A-Bike Shack
  5. Wheelers Central
  6. Ride-N-Fun Co.

Custom Bike Builder

For a custom bike builder, words like ‘Unique’, ‘Custom’ and ‘Design’ are necessary. A few suggested names could be:

  1. UniqueWheelz
  2. CustomBike Co.
  3. DesignRidez
  4. UniqueCycles
  5. WheelzDesigns
  6. CycleArtisans.

Real-World Bike Business Names

Bikes have been around for centuries, and so have bike businesses. From mountain bikes to road cycles, these companies make sure our wheels keep on spinning.

In this list of six bike businesses, we’ve gathered companies both big and small to help you get inspired for your own business!

Giant Bicycles

This renowned brand has quickly become a household name and enjoys immediate recognition. Moreover, the literal meaning of their moniker—“giant”—reflects precisely what they offer to customers.

Trek Bicycle

This company’s name is descriptive, simple, and to the point – it describes exactly what they do: provide quality bicycles for trekking! It’s a great example of how you can keep your business name straightforward yet impactful.


With their creative and captivating name, this company is setting a new standard for providing top-quality bikes. Going beyond simply being unique, they are adding an extra spark of playfulness to the business’s identity that will undoubtedly attract more customers.

Critical Cycles

This business stands out with its clever name which speaks directly to cyclists looking for a reliable ride. The words “critical” and “cycles” come together perfectly to draw attention and showcase their specialized bikes.

Urban Cycling Solutions

The name of this company is both direct and impactful. It speaks to its target customer base – urban cyclists – and emphasizes the practicality of its products.


This business enjoys an intriguing name that perfectly captures the sensation of speed associated with cycling. The combination of two catchy numbers also adds an extra layer of memorability that will connect the viewer to their products.

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Tips for Naming Your Bike Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

When coming up with a name for your bike business, start by brainstorming keywords related to the type of business you’re running. Think about words like biking, cycling, speed, touring, and any other relevant words.

Keep it simple.

Simple names are easy to remember and catch people’s attention more than long or complex ones. Avoid long words or those that are hard to pronounce, as this could deter people from finding your business.

Be unique.

Think of a word or phrase that encapsulates the services you provide in a unique way.

Consider your target audience.

When naming your bike business, consider who you are targeting and how the name can have an impact on them. Is it something that is more casual or professional they’re looking for? Make sure the name reflects the type of bike services you offer and speaks to your target audience.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Once you’ve brainstormed a perfect name for your business, make sure the domain is still available. To do this, simply search for the desired URL on GoDaddy or any other hosting provider and check if it’s still up for grabs.

Choose Your Domain!

Registering your domain is simple. All you need to do is check the availability of the desired domain, purchase and register it with an available hosting provider or registrar, and you’re all set! In no time at all, your business website will be up and running.