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How To Name A Bar

A bar is a place of community, an area for friends and strangers to come together, and enjoy drinks, food, music, and conversation. It’s also the foundation of any great night out!

Atmosphere, décor, and drinks are all important aspects of a bar – but the name is often the first thing customers see. It needs to reflect the character of your establishment while also drawing people in.

If you’re looking for creative ideas that will capture the distinctive atmosphere and character of your business, this guide is here to help. We’ve put together a list of clever, memorable name ideas that will help you come up with the perfect moniker for your bar. With an awesome new name, you’ll be sure to attract customers and create lasting memories.

Bar Name Ideas

Whether you are craving a cold beer or a classic cocktail, bar name ideas should evoke a feeling of fun and adventure – here are some great examples:

Rustic Bar Name Ideas

Give your customers a name they can hang their hat on – these rustic bar name ideas are sure to leave a lasting impression:

  • The Lively Libations
  • The Saloon
  • Alehouse Ales
  • Tavern Treats and Whiskey Junction.

Funny Bar Name Ideas

A good laugh and a stiff drink – what more could your customers ask for? Here are some funny bar name ideas to consider:

  1. Boozy Business
  2. Thirsty Thursdays
  3. The Tipsy Tavern
  4. Pint Party Palace and Last Call Lounge.

Catchy Bar Name Ideas

The name of your bar should draw people in and make them want to stay – these catchy bar names will do the trick:

  1. Spirited Socials
  2. Cheers & Beers
  3. Bar Bites & Booze
  4. Frothy Flights and Nitecap Nosh.

Trendy Bar Name Ideas

Create an unforgettable bar experience with one of these trendy names:

  1. The Cocktail Club
  2. Tipple & Toast
  3. The Speakeasy Spot
  4. Martini Madness and Taproom Takeovers.

How to Name Different Types of Bars

Sports Bar

Sports bars are the perfect place for fans to enjoy watching the game together. Using ‘Sporty’ adjectives such as ‘Fan’, ‘Game’, and ‘Team’ can help you come up with a great name for your sports bar such as:

  1. FanZone
  2. GameClub
  3. TeamBar
  4. SportHaven
  5. SportsMania
  6. GamerGathering.


Whether hosting the hottest local DJs or throwing the most epic dance parties, nightclubs are popular places to let loose and have fun. Create an alluring nightlife spot by including words such as ‘Dance’, ‘Vibe’ or ‘Night’ in your nightclub’s name, like:

  1. DanceGroove
  2. NightVibes
  3. VibeClub
  4. DanceCrave
  5. PartyPlace
  6. VibezNights.

Pub & Brewery

Breweries are full of character and charm and oftentimes feature live performances and music. Make your pub & brewery unique and eye-catching with words such as ‘Brew’, ‘Beer’, and ‘Mug’, for example:

  1. BrewTown
  2. BeerCellar
  3. MugHouse
  4. BrewCrafts
  5. AleDen
  6. PubMug
  7. BrewClub
  8. AleTaps
  9. CraftyBrews.

Cocktail Bar

Cocktail bars are the perfect place to enjoy a crafted drink or two in a luxurious atmosphere. Aim for sophistication by utilizing words like ‘Lounge’, ‘Mixology’ or ‘Crafted Drinks’ to create names that exude classiness such as:

  1. LoungeBarz
  2. MixologyTonic
  3. CraftedCocktails
  4. CraftedVibes
  5. MixologyLounge
  6. TonicBar.

Wine Bar

Wine bars are places of relaxation and comfort, ideal for those seeking a laid-back atmosphere. When crafting the perfect name for your wine bar, look to words like ‘Vine’, ‘Wine’, and ‘Cellar’ to evoke an inviting atmosphere. For example:

  1. VineGarden
  2. WineLoft
  3. CellarBar
  4. VineSipz
  5. WineTastingRoom
  6. TheCellarHouse.

Real-World Bar Names

In all corners of the world, there are bars and pubs both famous and forgotten. Doing a deep dive into these real-world bar names can help you come up with a creative and memorable name for your own business, no matter the size.

From classic taverns to dive bars, our list of names will give you plenty of ideas for all types of establishments. Let’s take a look at how some of the world’s most iconic bars have named their businesses.

The Pig & Whistle

The Pig & Whistle is a classic British pub with a simple name that perfectly conveys the atmosphere they offer. It’s traditional yet still creative, making it easy to remember and stand out from other pubs in the area.

McGurk’s Irish Pub

This Irish pub’s name is unique yet familiar. It combines the owner’s last name with a common pub word to create something that stands out and is still easily recognizable.

The Abbey Bar

This bar name speaks for itself – it connotes a sense of elegance, creativity, and sophistication. With such a classy title, it’s no wonder why this establishment has become so popular!

Happy Daze Pub & Grill

Happy Daze Pub & Grill is an example of a clever play-on-words that creates a fun and memorable title. The words “happy” and “daze” together denote both joyousness and relaxation – two feelings associated with the perfect night out at the pub.

The Viking Tavern

The Viking Tavern takes a more direct approach with its name. By invoking the ancient Norse warriors, it hints at the robustness and hearty food you can expect to find in this pub. It’s an effective play on words that creates an exciting and adventurous atmosphere.

No Name Bar & Grill

No Name Bar & Grill is a great example of how one doesn’t need to be literal to come up with a memorable business name. Even without explicitly saying what they offer, it still conveys a sense of mystery and intrigue – perfect for any bar or restaurant!

Use the Bar Name Generator

Have you assembled up to five keywords that accurately reflect your company? It’s time to utilize the extraordinary Bar Name Generator!

Simply insert each keyword into the search bar and hit enter to view hundreds of related business names waiting to be used. Here is a list of keywords you could input to get business names:

Tips for Naming Your Bar

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your business.

When you’re looking for a name for your bar, think about the type of atmosphere and vibe you want to create. Bar-related words such as beer, alcohol, spirits or cocktails can be a great starting point when it comes to coming up with potential names. Also ,consider any unique elements like the style of the bar or specialty drinks that could set it apart from other establishments.

Keep it simple.

Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and spell so your customers can find you quickly and easily. Avoid overly long or complicated names that will be difficult for people to remember and search for.

Be unique.

The bar industry is competitive, so a generic name like “The Bar” won’t help you stand out. Instead, think of words or phrases that capture the essence of your establishment and make it unique from other bars in the area.

Consider your target audience.

When picking a name for your bar, consider who you are targeting and how the name can have an impact on them. Is it more creative or conventional they’re looking for? Ensure that the name captures and speaks to your target audience’s interests.

Make Sure the Domain is Available

Once you have a great idea for a bar name, it’s time to check if the domain is available. Head over to GoDaddy or similar website and search for the desired URL.

Choose Your Domain!

Once you have secured your domain, the next step is to purchase and register it with an available hosting provider or registrar – a simple process that will take just a few clicks of your mouse! With just a few steps, your bar website will be live and ready for customers.