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How To Name An Antiques Business

Antiques are timeless treasures that have been passed down through generations, each with its own unique story and history. Starting a vintage business is a great way to share these stories and connect people with the past.

When it comes to naming your antiques shop, you want to choose a name that reflects the beauty and history of the items you sell. It should be memorable, unique, and easy to pronounce.

This guide will provide you with helpful tips and inspiring antique business name ideas to help you find the perfect name for your business. With the right name, your antique business is sure to stand out and attract customers who appreciate the value of history.

Antique Business Name Ideas

Antique businesses are all about history and nostalgia. Your business name should reflect that. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Classic Antique Company Names

For a business that specializes in classic antiques, consider one of these timeless names:

  • Vintage Treasures
  • Antique Avenue
  • Timeless Finds
  • Classic Collectibles
  • Heritage House Antiques

Sophisticated Antique Brand Names

Antique businesses often evoke a sense of elegance and refinement, so a sophisticated name can help convey that image:

  1. The Gilded Age
  2. Timeless Treasures
  3. Antique Elegance
  4. Vintage Visions
  5. The Regal Collection
  6. Classic Curiosities.

Clever Antiques Brand Names

These clever antique business names are sure to catch the eye of any vintage enthusiast:

  1. Timeless Treasures
  2. Antique Avenue
  3. Retro Revival
  4. Vintage Visions
  5. The Antique Emporium
  6. Second Chance Antiques.

Catchy Antique Business Names

When it comes to antique names, you want to choose something that is both memorable and evocative of the past:

  1. Vintage Visions
  2. Timeless Treasures
  3. Antique Avenue
  4. Rustic Relics
  5. Old World Wonders
  6. Classic Collectibles.

Creative Vintage Store Names

An antiques company name should evoke a sense of history and nostalgia:

  1. Timeless Treasures
  2. Vintage Vault
  3. Antique Avenue
  4. Rustic Relics
  5. Heritage House.

Pretty Antiques Store Names

If you’re looking for a charming and vintage name for your vintage business, here are some ideas:

  1. Timeless Treasures
  2. Vintage Visions
  3. Antique Avenue
  4. Rustic Relics
  5. Classic Collectibles
  6. Nostalgic Finds.

How to Name Different Types of Antique Businesses

Auction House

Auction houses specialize in selling unique and valuable items to the highest bidder. Consider using words like ‘Bid’, ‘Hammer’, and ‘Gavel’ to create names for your auction house such as:

  1. BidMaster
  2. HammerHouse Auctions
  3. Gavel & Co.
  4. Elite Auctions
  5. The Auction Block.

Antiques Dealer

Antique dealers specialize in selling and buying old and rare items. Words like ‘Vintage’, ‘Rare’, ‘Treasure’, and ‘Antique’ can be used to create names for your antique dealer business such as:

  1. VintageVibes
  2. RareFinds
  3. TreasureTrove
  4. AntiqueAvenue
  5. The Old Curiosity Shop
  6. Timeless Treasures.

Antique Restoration

Antique restoration businesses restore and repair antique items. Words like ‘Restore’, ‘Revive’, and ‘Heritage’ can help you come up with classic names for your antique restoration business like:

  1. Heritage Restorations
  2. Revive Antiques
  3. Timeless Treasures Restoration
  4. Antique Artisans
  5. Restored Elegance
  6. Classic Revival.

Vintage Book Shop

Antique book shops provide rare and vintage books for collectors and enthusiasts. Words like ‘Vintage’ and ‘Rare’ can be used to generate names for your antique book shop such as:

  1. Vintage Pages
  2. Rare Reads
  3. Antique Book Co.
  4. Bookworm’s Delight
  5. The Book Collector
  6. Timeless Tomes.

Thrift Store

Thrift stores focus on selling second-hand items at affordable prices. Words like ‘Bargain’ and ‘Treasure’ can help create names for your thrift store such as:

  1. Second Chance Shop
  2. Thrifty Treasures
  3. Bargain Bazaar
  4. The Thrift Spot
  5. Reuseful Finds
  6. The Thrift Haven
  7. Affordable Antiques.

Antique Appraisal

Antique appraisers provide valuation services for antique items. To come up with a name for your antique appraisal business, use words like ‘Vintage’ or ‘Heritage’

  1. Heritage Appraisals
  2. Vintage Valuations
  3. Antique Assessments
  4. Timeless Treasures Appraisal
  5. Classic Collectibles Valuation
  6. Nostalgia Appraisals.

Real-World Antique Company Names

The antiques industry is all about history, nostalgia, and unique finds. A great name for an antique brands should reflect these qualities and also be memorable and catchy.

Here are six real-world antique brand names that do just that. From puns to alliteration, these names show how creativity can make your business stand out in a crowded market. Use them as inspiration for your own antique business name.


Sotheby’s is a prestigious auction house founded in London in 1744. It specializes in the sale of fine art, jewelry, and other valuable collectibles. The name “Sotheby’s” is derived from the surname of the company’s founder, Samuel Baker, and his partner, George Leigh Sotheby. Today, Sotheby’s has locations around the world and is considered one of the most respected auction houses in the industry.


1stdibs is an online marketplace for luxury goods, including furniture, art, and jewelry. The name “1stdibs” refers to the idea of finding unique and rare items, as if browsing through a high-end antique store. The platform connects buyers with dealers and sellers from around the world, offering a curated selection of high-quality items.


eBay is an online marketplace where individuals and businesses can buy and sell a wide variety of goods. The name “eBay” is short for “electronic bay”, referencing the idea of an online marketplace or harbor where goods can be exchanged.


AbeBooks is an online marketplace for books, art, and collectibles. It was founded in 1995 and is now owned by Amazon. AbeBooks connects buyers and sellers from around the world, offering a vast selection of rare, out-of-print, and hard-to-find books.

The Antique Guild

The Antique Guild is a store that specializes in selling antique furniture, art, and other collectibles. The store’s name reflects their focus on preserving and showcasing the craftsmanship and beauty of items from the past, as a guild is an association of skilled craftsmen.


LiveAuctioneers is an online auction platform that allows users to bid on a wide range of items from around the world. The name “LiveAuctioneers” reflects the platform’s focus on live auctions, where users can bid in real-time against other bidders.

Use the Antique Business Name Generator

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Simply insert each keyword into the search bar and hit enter to view hundreds of related business names waiting to be used. Here is a list of keywords you could input to get vintage business names:

  1. vintage
  2. collectibles
  3. rare
  4. old
  5. historic
  6. unique
  7. classic
  8. retro

Tips for Naming Your Antiques Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your antiques store.

When brainstorming antique store name ideas, consider the types of antiques you specialize in, the era or style of antiques you focus on, any unique or rare items you have, and any historical or cultural significance behind your antiques.

Keep your antique business name simple.

When choosing a name for your own vintage store, simplicity is key. A short and memorable name can help customers easily recall your business and recommend it to others. Avoid using complicated or obscure words that may confuse potential customers or make it difficult for them to find you online. Keep it simple and straightforward to ensure your own vintage business shines above the market.

Be unique.

Your antiques shop name should reflect the unique and one-of-a-kind items you offer. Avoid using common words like “Antique Store” and instead, brainstorm names that showcase the history and rarity of your inventory. Be memorable and make a lasting impression on your customers.

Consider the target audience of your antique company

The target audience of your vintage shop may vary depending on the type of antiques you specialize in. Consider if you are targeting collectors, interior designers, or history enthusiasts. Your company name should reflect the type of antiques you offer and appeal to your target audience’s interests and preferences.

Make Sure The Domain is Available.

Before finalizing the name for your antique company, it’s essential to check the domain availability of the domain name. This will ensure that your business has a strong online presence and can be easily found by potential customers. You can use various domain name search tools to check the availability and secure the domain name for your business.

Purchase & Register Your Antique Inspired Domain!

Once you’ve found an available domain, complete the purchase and register it with a hosting provider or registrar. From there, you can begin building your antique business website and showcasing your unique products and services.