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How To Name An Airport

Flying off into the sunset – airports are iconic symbols of exploration, adventure and new beginnings. An airport name needs to reflect a sense of purpose and professionalism, while also encapsulating the spirit of the local community.

The process of naming an airport is complex, requiring extensive research into relevant stakeholders, industry trends and historical references. Additionally, there are many logistical considerations that need to be taken into account.

If you are in the process of naming an airport, this guide is filled with helpful tips and inspiring name ideas that will point you in the right direction. With a great name, your airport will soar to new heights!

Airport Name Ideas

Airports are often named after local cities and landmarks, so use these ideas to create a unique name for your airport:

Cool Airport Name Ideas

Choose a cool name that reflects the vibrancy of air travel:

  • Excel Airways
  • Destination Skies
  • Jetstream Junction
  • Stratosphere Station
  • Orbiter Outpost. ​

Vintage Airport Name Ideas

Give your airport a timeless feel with one of these vintage-inspired names:

  1. Time Flies Terminal
  2. Aviator Avenue
  3. Vintage Voyages Airport
  4. Historical Hubs Airport
  5. Golden Gateways Airport. ​

Modern Airport Name Ideas

Modern airports often use cutting-edge technology and sleek designs. Here are some ideas to give your airport a contemporary vibe:

  1. Interstellar Internationals
  2. High-Tech Horizons Airport
  3. Traveling Terminal
  4. Futuristic Flyways
  5. Digital Destinations. ​​​

Futuristic Airport Name Ideas

The possibilities of the future are endless. Give your airport a futuristic feel with one of these awesome names:

  1. Launchpad Outpost
  2. The Final Frontier Airport
  3. Starport Spaceway
  4. Cosmosphere Colonies
  5. Cyber Space Station. ​

​Adventurous Airport Name Ideas

Traveling is an adventure, so give your airport a daring and exciting name:

  1. Explorers’ Skyway
  2. Uncharted Horizons Airport
  3. Flight of Fancy Airport
  4. Destination Unknown Airport
  5. Grand Voyage Station. ​ ​

Creative Airport Name Ideas

Be creative with your business name and embrace the freedom of flight:

  1. Aeronautic Adventures
  2. Cloud Nine Airways
  3. Soaring Skies Airport
  4. Winged Wonders Airport
  5. Heaven’s Highways.

How to Name Different Types of Airport Businesses

Airport Security Business

The safety and security of travelers is paramount in any airport. Words like ‘Secure’, ‘Protect’ or ‘Safety’ all come to mind when naming an airport security business:

  1. SecureFlightz
  2. ProtectAirways
  3. SafetyExpress
  4. SecureTravels
  5. SafeGuardz.

Airport Restaurant Business

Long layovers can be made more enjoyable with great food and drinks. Descriptors such as ‘Delicious’, ‘Culinary’ or ‘Taste’ would be perfect for a name that caters to hungry travelers:

  1. DelightfulEats
  2. CulinaryPlaneTrip
  3. TastefulTakeOffs
  4. DeliciousAirport
  5. AirportFeast.

Airport Gift Shop Business

Travelers looking for a quick and easy souvenir or gift can find options in airport gift shops. Names like ‘Memory’, ‘Gift’ or ‘Souvenir’ convey the type of store they are:

  1. MemoryMakers
  2. GiftsFromAbove
  3. SouvenirHeaven
  4. MemoryVaultz
  5. SpecialGiftsOnTheGo.

Airport Luggage Service Business

Making sure luggage is safely stored and handled when traveling is essential for any traveler. Words such as ‘Carry’, ‘Load’ or ‘Bag’ would be fitting descriptors for an airport luggage service business:

  1. CarryOnTravels
  2. LoadItUpAirport
  3. AirportBagExperts
  4. CarryAlongServices
  5. LuggageLoaders.

Airport Shuttle Business

Getting to and from the airport is an important part of any trip Words like ‘Ride’, ‘Shuttle’ or ‘Fly’ can capture the concept behind an airport shuttle business:

  1. FlyAwayBus
  2. Ride2theAirport
  3. ShuttleExpress
  4. FlyRiders
  5. RideWithEase.

Real-World Airport Business Names

Airports are major points of entry for people and goods. As such, they require names that reflect this important role. Here are six examples of airport business names:

AeroSky Port

This name is perfect for any location that serves as a gateway to the sky. It implies power, sophistication, and reliability – all must-haves for an airport.

Gateway Airfield

The word “gateway” speaks to the importance of air travel in connecting people and places, while “airfield” reflects the airport’s capabilities as a transportation hub.

Wingspan Aerodrome

Not only does this name sound great, but it also captures the enormity of airports’ operations with its reference to the wingspan of an aircraft.

Skyline Intl Airport

This name is straightforward and to-the-point, yet still captures the grandeur of air travel with its reference to a skyline.

Aviation Harbor

This title reflects both the welcoming nature of an airport as well as its importance in providing safe passage for travelers.

Runway Plaza Airport

The word “runway” hints at speed and efficiency, while “plaza” suggests sophistication and modernity – two qualities that any successful airport should have.

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Tips for Naming Your Airport Business

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your airport business.

When brainstorming keywords for your airport business, consider the services and amenities you offer, the location of your airport, the types of airlines and destinations you serve, and any unique features or attractions that set your airport apart. Think of words or phrases that convey safety, convenience, comfort, and efficiency.

Keep your airport business name simple and easy to remember.

When choosing a name for your airport business, simplicity is key. A name that is easy to remember and pronounce will help customers find you quickly and easily. Avoid using acronyms or complicated words that may confuse potential customers. A simple and straightforward name will make it easier for people to recommend your business to others.

Be unique.

Your airport business name should be memorable and unique. Avoid using common words or phrases that are already associated with other businesses. Consider using a play on words or incorporating a local landmark or feature into your name to make it more memorable.

Consider the target audience of your airport company

Your airport company’s target audience may vary depending on the services you offer. If you specialize in luxury travel, your target audience may be high-end business travelers or vacationers. If you offer budget-friendly options, your target audience may be budget-conscious travelers. Consider the needs and preferences of your target audience when choosing a name for your airport company.

Make Sure The Domain is Available.

Before finalizing the name for your airport business, it’s essential to check the availability of the domain. This will ensure that your website has a unique and memorable domain name that customers can easily find and access. You can use various online tools to check the availability of the domain and register it if it’s available.

Purchase & Register Your Airport Inspired Domain!

Once you’ve selected a domain registrar, you can check the availability of your desired domain and complete the purchase. From there, you can begin building your website and creating content that appeals to aviation enthusiasts or travelers.