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Dot-com is the most registered Internet extension in the world. In 2013 the number of registered .COM names exceeded 108 million. That’s over a third of the US population. The comparison of this number against other less-popular extensions… is staggering.


Tens of millions of these names, up to 30% of them, are not being used. The owners of these idle domains are typically called Domainers, often falsely referred to as “cybersquatters” or “domain squatters.” The difference? Domainers are speculators, or investors, practicing the buying and selling of domains in good faith. Cybersquaters, according to U.S. federal law, are those who register, traffic in, or use a domain confusingly similar to a trademark or personal name. One is a business opportunity, the other is illegal.

All of these inactive domains give rise to a few frustrating problems for domain-seeking entrepreneurs:

  1. 1. When a great company name comes to mind, the .com is usually unavailable and a lot of times not being used. It can become very difficult or even impossible to contact the owner and get a timely response.

  2. 2. If the new company is fortunate enough to reach the domain owner, the price is usually on a “make-offer” basis, which gives the owner immense leverage, since the owner now has a vulnerable customer wanting something he or she owns. It then becomes a price game of back and forth negotiation, which also takes up precious startup time.

  3. 3. The truly great brand-style names are scattered so thin that the entrepreneur would need to browse hundreds of domain-crowded registrars to locate these rare gems. The ideal name is a needle in a cyber-haystack.

The solution?

Brandroot seeks out the domainers, ignores the cybersquatters, and finds the valuable names before the entrepreneur has to. By refusing to settle for less popular extensions and refusing names that don’t meet the highest brand name standards, Brandroot has created a marketplace of quality brandable .com domain names. Each name also comes with a solid, reasonably appraised price tag, which means no more “make an offer” nonsense.

Brandroot has solved the buyer-owner communication gap, eliminated price gouging, and is constantly working to bring great brandable domain names under one roof, each one presented with a visual preview and organized so the entrepreneur can quickly find names that are relevant to his or her market.

Don’t be frustrated. Be inspired.


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